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Alice "Missing Enigma" Raven

SciFi & Fantasy Fiction and Stories by Alice "Missing Enigma" Raven

Alice ...Now there's an enigma wrapped inside a conundrum...

A Meeting
Cat on the doorstep
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Down by the Sea
Elemental's Dance
El Diablo
Golden Tides
Last of the dynasty
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The Sickness
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Fates still loved

13 Aug 2006:-) Ray Valen
i carefully venture forward to say "Welcome Back"
I'm careful because you never seem to actually be here when you say you are.

Oh well, you're lucky you can travel so much! What do you get up to in all these countries anyway?

You're nineteen? Just a couple of months older than me too... Wow, I always thought you were a few ahead. My bad! I suppose it's just that I thought the amount of talent you have took time to develop! Be careful, be very carrreful...
I walk, and walk, and walk these countries, seeing the culture, learning a bit of the language, meeting people from all over the world in the hostels I stay in and going out to get very drunk with them.
Hostelling is the best fun you can have - even if I was a millionaire I'd still stay in a 10 quid pn hostel ^^
Hehe, everyone who *sees* me thinks I'm my real age, everyone who talks to me (depending on my mood) thinks I'm 4 or 25. Go fig!Nice to talk again ^^ *glomps*
17 Sep 2006:-) Ray Valen
Sounds so totally awesome. I wish I were a millionair so I could go stay in a 10 "quid" hostel. Though that's probably 100 odd Rand here...

Damn, I'd love to travel but I'm just too damn attached to my life! It's not something I can do alone though... And I'm inexperianced, never been out the country, so I dunno if I'd be able to cope.

So I'm gonna do it! Maybe... hehehe Your life doesn't have to stop just because you travel. And it leads to other things too - I started backpacking with Kosta, my boyfriend, and he taught me most of the handy things I know. I wouldn't say my life suffered because of it, that said, I started it in a gapyear, and my life has branched off into a totally different direction now.
Whether that's a good thing or not, I'll let you know. But most people I know have had an amazingly positive impact on their lives through travelling. Chance it.
Very worth it. You don't have to be experienced or otherwise, just read up on backpacking and talk to those who've done it.P.S 10 "quid" or UK pounds is 13.65 rand at the current exchange rate ^^
12 Oct 200645 Ray ~Byuukagon~ Krisman
Okay... Once I finish university I'll see...
It's definatly one of the things I definatly want to do in my life. I also wanna do scuba diving, and maybe try sky diving sometime or another.

So far the most "extreme" sport or whatever that I've done is paintballing. It's not exactly extreme. Barely hurts. Still waiting for the bruises to disapear.

And the exchange rate is usually between 10 and 16 rand to a single pound.
I think that zero is extra on your "quid" ^_~
24 Nov 200645 Book worm
you should know, that when metal is folded, (like you keep saying in your stories) it makes it weak, because the air gets caught between layers and has a sponge-like affect, so wile yes it would be pretty, it would also make it weak, sorry I just thought you would like to know about that! Other than that you stories are awesome!!! Haha, my bad!? I always heard that metal blades used a folding technique for extra strength...I should do more research 1Thanks for the comment hun!
23 Aug 2007:-) Ray Valen
Wow, been nearly a year since I commented... Guess it's like vising a grave or memorial site now that you've kinda abandoned this place.

But, you do know you still owe me a story, right? I should write that thing, yes...=) I'll get on it
2 Oct 2007:-) Frances Monro
I agree about visiting the grave comment. Or a shrine or memorial.. but to what?

Che To the memory of my infinite laziness in updating and being around. That work? Hope you're still as impossibly talented as you always were. I manage a cafe now, so my writing just doesn't happen...and nor, really does my elfwooding. I'm so sorry guys! *cringe*Oh and *glomp* For the years-break in comments!
6 Oct 2007:-) Frances Monro
Hey hey hey. *hugs* It's not that bad. We just miss you is all. I think the new changes to the Elfwood software to make it more like Facebook or Myspace will bring a few people back. If only to flirt with one another...

So how about a new photo of you in you cafe wearing an apron, huh? 2

Che Flirting, eh? As long as this place doesn't become any closer to Myspace...scary...And I'm a barista, so I don't get a frilly white apron, just a boring black one, I'm 'fraid. Plus I work for a guy who is very "women=inferior" so I have to keep fairly covered up! Much fun. ^^ Oh, and I hope that spaghetti sauce doesn't choke yeh, tis full of plotholes and grammar mistakes ^^
10 Oct 2007:-) Ray Valen
I severely dislike the chainges... 8
9 Mar 200845 Unknown
These Stories are good. I really like the Irony and Blood series. Will there be a part 4?
4 Oct 2009:-) Ray Valen
Yay ur account’s not deleted 2
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