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Jess Reynolds

Jess Reynolds

No presentation of Jess yet...
Favorite Fantasy/Scifi Books
The classic horrors (Frankenstien- Marry Shelly, Dracula- Abraham Stoker, DR. Jeckle and Mr. Hyde-..., Wherewolf of Paris- Guy Endore) ...
Favorite Music
Ancient Rock & Roll, Blues, Recently Robert Johnson
Friends at Elfwood
Friends at Elfwood: C Luthien Mabbott(Source of inspiration) , C Luthien Mabbott(Friend) , Anna Moonfrost(Friend) , Giada Calo´(Friend) , Courtney "TrottingFox" Hicks(Friend) , Alan Todd(Friend) , Lynn Purple Dragoness Lilac Taylor(Friend) , Agatha Nicodin(Friend) , Daniela Elisabeth Kaminski(Friend) and Tom Draco Noir Taylor(Friend) .

Guestbook for Reyn

7 May 2009:-) Britta Noelle Amaranth
I’m doing well, you??
12 May 2009:-) Daniela Elisabeth Kaminski
well, with me it’s going fine. How about yourself?
12 May 2009:-) Tom Draco Noir Taylor
Howdy again Jess just read your profile, and wonder what the weather is like in your part of the Elf Wood (Canada) and tell you it’s hotter than dragon Fire here in the Sonoran Desert in Arizona. we live in a little tourist town , with a lot of winter visitors, and have several good friends from Canada, especially B. C. I have visited Toronto and Niagara Falls when I was younger, and just loved it there. It is 102 degrees F. (around 45 C. I think) here today, so Lynn is taking advantage of the Solar Clothes Dryer, A.K.A. the clothes line. And I am just here under the evaporative cooler literally chilling out! Hi also, Britta, our favorite Dragonette, and Aimee, and Daniella!
13 May 2009:-) Tom Draco Noir Taylor
Hey again Jess! yes, I am Lynn’s Dragon husband, though I am not actually Black in my human morph. But I sure do like R&B! In actual fact, I am part Cherokee and Blackfoot, and do have a tiny bit of African ancestry as well. But I look most like my Scottish side of the family. A Whiter Shade of Pale! Glad to know it’s not just us Jurassic age dudes that appreciate classic Rock. Most guys your age don’t have a clue about Robert Johnson, or John Lee Hooker. Hey, keep playing your guitar. I used a long spark plug socket for a steel slide. That works pretty well. A section of steel pipe works o.k. too, just don’t get your finger stuck.Also you might want to get a cheap harmonica and play around with it. I have a couple, you can get them in various keys and play along with your favorites. Sorry I didn’t get back with you sooner, Lynn is still teaching me a few finer points about contacting people here on Elf Wood, so try to be patient with me. We old Dragons slow down some! Sorry you cant download stuff from school, but I will try to find some good Blues to send you. Thanks for telling me about the Jeff Healy album! I will try to find it. You know, all the great Rockers of the 20th Century were well grounded in the Blues. Clapton, Stones, Beatles, The Who- all started by playing Blues. so stay with it, Jess. You might not ever want to play music for a living( I wanted to, but I am truthfully not that good) but it is a great hobby, and the more you learn to play , the more you will appreciate how talented some of those guys were.Write us anytime, very nice to meet you and thanks for the friend request.
13 May 2009:-) Daniela Elisabeth Kaminski
Hey Jess, my pics are finally published. Come and visit me at my gallery 1
15 May 2009:-) Britta Noelle Amaranth
I go to a Pentecostal church, oddly enough that is where i went to preschool, and when i left i never remembered going there, it wasn’t until about 2 months after i had reaccepted God as my one true savior, that my friend realized that i had used to go to preschool with her!!
so i believe that is my church, even though i wasn’t baptized into it, or even confirmed in it, it is my church ^-^
23 May 2009:-) Agatha Nicodin
Hi Jess! What’s up?1 Did you managed to scann your drawings?
Talk soon.1
22 Jun 2009:-) Tom Draco Noir Taylor
hey Jess! just thought i’d say hi if you checked this page.
6 Jul 2009:-) Brattysweetthing
Hey man, how have you been?
1 Oct 2009:-) Jeanette M Thomas
Jess, in Jin Chung’s gallery of Tarot cards transposed to playing cards, you asked "What is Tarot?" Briefly this may help. Regular used for gaming and fortune telling. Tarot used for meditation, prognostication and a game calle Taroq.
The Tarot deck doesn’t quite work out as in Jin Chung’s work. No one knows whether the playing deck and the Tarot may or may not predate each other, but they share certain things in common. Regular deck is composed of 4 suits, Spades, Clubs, Hearts & Diamonds, each numbered from Ace (1) to 10 and court cards Jack, Queen and King. Tarot has 78 cards total. 22 Major cards like Magician, Death and the World, and the minor cards, 4 suits of 14 cards each, Swords (Spades), Wands ( Clubs), Cups (Hearts), and Pentacles or discs (Diamonds) with one more court card - Page (or Princess), Knight (= to Jack), Queen & King. The cards there equate well to with the minor ones. The suits correspond well. But I can’t see how the artist relates the Major cards to the rest of the deck, such as Death to the King of Clubs, the Emperor to the Queen of Spades, and Temperance to the King of Diamonds. See Amazon.com for many good books on Tarot..
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Jess Reynolds

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