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RM Haskell

RM Haskell

RM is a computer science student with an elf obsession.

(03/01/08) Has it really been so long? I've uploaded a few new things, all pencilled, inked, but not colored (yet). I'm waiting for my Cintiq. Ha!

Drawing has taken a different turn for me lately; I've got a good grasp on some things, but there are a few others that I have to 'fake', and I'm a bit tired of not being able to draw what is in my head. My weak spots are (among many):

* Men ... I'm hard pressed to draw a man who looks like a man rather than an unattractive woman.

* Figure drawing ... I understand alot about anatomy, what and where the muscles and bones are, which side of the ankle is higher than the other and the angle at which the legs attach to the pelvis. BUT.. I can't seem to put all of that together and draw the natural action of the human body without a physical reference. This is what keeps me from expressing my imagination the most. Live models are expensive!

* Hands ... A part of anatomy that I have a half grasp of. I'm able to make good hands sometimes, and usually (for whatever bizarre reason) only when the middle and ring finger are touching. But drawing the hand in action is a different matter, and one that I religiously avoid.

* Faces ... I can draw an excellent face if that is the purpose of my drawing. If it's an action scene or a full-body shot rather than a portrait, however, suddenly all of my skills go by the wayside. You can see this lack in all of my inked pieces.

* Perspective ... This is the one that terrifies me the most. Something about my artistic brain shrinks away from what is essentially a mathematical concept, even if one doesn't need to add numbers together. It's about measuring and straight lines, and I've really never done well with either of those things. I cook by pinch and dash, and prefer curls over crisp lines. But I will be endlessly resigned to the abstract photoshop-brush-background unless I learn to fabricate a context for the people that I draw.

Somewhere along the way I passed some point, and I stopped learning organically the way I have before. Art has always just come to me, I have never had to chase it. Now I look back at the last several years and realize that I am in some sort of stasis artistically, and it's going to require som actual work to get me out of it.

Well, the above isn't entirely true. The only reason I can 'half draw' hands rather than put in little blobby, uncertain circles is because one night I sat down with a book, some paper, and a pencil, and drew the hand references over, and over, and over, and over, and over... about four or five hours of overs. At the end of those hours, I'd gotten halfway over that hump. I didn't bother going the rest of the way.

I need to do some more overs. So, I set up the drawing table my husband gifted to me a few years ago but I never actually used for drawing. I resupplied, and took out all of the anatomy/figure drawing books I'd collected over the years and looked through but never really studied. Then I proceeded to draw male figures (two birds in one stone!) over, and over, and over... I'm filling up an entire book at them in different poses, and learning how the body works together and what movements are natural for it. The other day I drew a picture of a man running, in a fairly complicated pose. It's got alot of flaws, and I'm definitely not at my mark, but only a few overs before I wouldn't have known where to start.

First the figure drawing, then the hands. I've decided that I need to get off my butt and start learning. Even if it means getting out a t-bar.


(05/31/04) A few more things, mostly WIPs since I haven't really 'finished' much lately. I've got alot of things in the works, but I only uploaded the few I thought were close enough to finished to share.. let me know what you think!

(04/07/04) Two updates in less than a month?? Unheard of! I finally got back into a drawing kick. It's been a while. I uploaded a couple of older things, and some brand new things, one of which I finished just tonight. Alot of Shadowrun art. Trying to fill the void ;) Hope you like it!

(03/10/04) A few more things.. another Shadowrun drawing I did today.. a couple of works in progress that have been lying around in my sketchbook. Hope you like!

(02/21/04) I scrounged a little something up for you in this last update.. older stuff, mostly, that I've finally gotten around to coloring. Haven't had alot of time for drawing new things since I had my baby (on Sept 5th, a girl, Julia!)

Guestbook for Rhaskell

14 Mar 2004:-) Quinn Reid Aboudara
Cool Beans Bek, sorry don't have much time to leave more of a comment, but I did look over your updates, and I enjoyed what I saw, as always.
9 Apr 2004:-) Claire *BlackSummer* Hassell
I love your gallery, you are very creative and very talented with colours. An error I often noticed is tahtyou sem to have trouble with heads. You place them right, but they sometimes seema little small, and your do not leave enough room at the back of their heads for a brain. other than that this gallery is virtually perfect, well done!
10 Apr 2004:-) Katlyn M. Phillips
I love your art work! It's all so realistic... and the coloring, it makes me jealous. I feel almost too intimidated to ask you to come see my... art.
28 May 2004:-) Quinn Reid Aboudara
*Dances about like he's got a wombat in his trousers* Yeah...ok so a wombat in Alaska is unrealistic...but we can pretend right. ANYWAYS... Just thought I'd pop in...and what do I see? UPDATES! Whoohoo, so I stuffed a wombat down my trousers and did a lil shimmy shake for happiness. Gonna go poke around a bit more, might leave a few more comments, if you're nice that is.

Still want pics of the family...you have my email addy, you can do it... I have faith in you. * Grin*

Also wanted to let you know I may be in Seattle in the next couple of months, attending Art School, Hip Hip Hoorah for me eh... oh yeah...and I updated my gallery, not much mind you, but there's one on there that I think you might like. *shrugs*

Anyways...still want pics...you said you would some time ago...still waiting. Much Love and encouragement.
2 Jul 2004:-) Slavin
Superb! Great artwork and some memorable characters!
9 Jun 2005:-) Quinn Reid Aboudara
Hey there chica, just wanting to give you a quick update. Joined the Marine Corp, probably going to Okinawa in about a month for my first duty station, that'll be cool and all. Plan on updating my gallery as soon as I can find a scanner. Anyways, take care, talk to you later, hasta
29 Aug 2005:-) Peter Enström
Great artwork!!
4 Nov 2006:-) M. Hynninen
I'm an eye fanatic, so I really liked your eye-tour. 2 I love to draw eyes.
12 Apr 2008:-) Quinn Reid Aboudara
So yeah, apparently Art school wasn’t the thing for me eh... Hehe, and neither was Okinawa, instead I get sent to an infantry unit and am deployed half the year! Anyways, just thought I’d stop in and give a shout, still waiting for pics of the fam...
10 Oct 2009:-) Quinn Reid Aboudara
Hey Bek, I know it’s been a while but I figured I’d drop you a line. Lookin at all my previous posts... Last one was apparently something like a year ago. Anyways, once again you’ve updated, I’ve updated, we’ve all updated YEAH! Gimme a shout and everything some time. Oh and of course the usual self advertising, come see my new stuff when it gets published and such.
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RM Haskell

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