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Rhodri McCormack

"Mountain Warrior" by Rhodri McCormack

SciFi/Fantasy Picture 26 out of 41 by Rhodri McCormack.      ←Previous - Next→
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SciFi and Fantasy Art Mountain Warrior by Rhodri McCormack
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This is an illustration taken from a short story I wrote about one of my players characters. The story is about how the warrior giant Zara, a Belegformenar [mighty-north-one in Tolkien elvish] traveled across the mountains into the realms of man to see the race that should have been there pupil not their teacher. [2003, 40x50cm, Acrylic on paper]

4 Sep 200445 Anonymous
I love it. It's so professional-looking, I wouldn't know where to begin. I never could paint.

But ah... your argument is flawed. Read: http://encyclopedia.thefreedictionary.com/Zarathustra

He was a real man. Calling him a "myth" is like calling Jesus a myth. Of course there was a historical, living, breathing Jesus Christ, but as to whether or not he performed miracles, et-cetera, is based solely on your beliefs.

(And this from an atheist.) 10

:-) Rhodri McCormack replies: "Calling Zarathustra a myth is not like calling Jesus a myth at all, Jesus's existence was recored in serveral official Roman documents by people who acctually dealt with him at the time and these peaces of second hand evidence still exist to this day. Calling Zarathustra a myth is more like calling Odesius or Herculies a myth which you can well do because no one has left any evidence behind to prove his existance who accually new them -first hand- all third hand evidence ie. stories is by definition 'myth'.
I was suprised in the link you gave me though to find out that there accually is a religion based on him and it was once even so large that it was a state religion at that.
To tell the truth, I thought the first guy to jack up about the name was a crack-pot but now I find that he's only half a crack-pot.
I don't deni that Zarathustra existed but the shear quantity of events, powers, stories and deeds that have been attached to his many names basically mean that who ever he really was has been forgoten and the person is now mearly a 'character' and the stories being the product of a few thousand years of chinese wispers are by now 'fictional' so I feel justified in refering to him as a "fictional character".
Mad stuff anyway."
16 Sep 200445 Anonymous
Zarathustra... hmm. Its intriguing that no-one has mentioned the work of the 19th century german philosopher Friedrich Nietzsche, who also appropriated the name Zarathustra and used it to illustrate his own, anti-organized religion philosophy - Nietzsche saw the original Zarathustra as the cause of all of the problems associated with organized religion, and used the name for the 'prophet' in his book 'thus spoke Zarathustra' to attempt to bring an end to that same organized religion, which he viewed as a pervertion of nature. Perhaps your player was referring to this use and not the original prophet? Although I guess it could still be inteprated as being an offensive use, especially considering that Nietzsche went on to inspire the Nazis :/

also: great picture 14

:-) Rhodri McCormack replies: "Yep that was the version of Zarathustra that he was refering to. Look I don't know all about it, my player did and it was his intention to play the character in some way that had something to do with Nietzsche's writing.
It was his first seriouse go at roleplaying and perhaps he had greater plans than I could accomodate.

At the end of the day I simply don't care about the name, as far as I'm concerned it's irrelivent. I'm sick of every two cent throwing nit-picker going on about the name.

28 Sep 200445 Cheetah-fox-anthro
I want the hragose(horse-dragon-thingy)...

:-) Rhodri McCormack replies: "It's an Orodroc, and no your not allowd to have one without a council permit and no your not allowed to have a permit unless you are a Belegformenar and no simply being 'recognised by your comunity' as Belegformenar is insuficient, you need to provide birth certificates proving that you are at lease one full half Belegformenar to qualify for possible-maybe-could-happen-consideration for being allowed to sit the 'I would like a god damn orodroc permit some time this millenia test' that I might warn you is impossibly hard to pass and infact no one has because frankly the council is sick of picking up the damn hairy beasts droppings of the side walk... that and the usual head butting and trampleing to death of pedestrians."
28 Jan 2006:-) Shasta K. Phillips
I love the colors in this picture, and adore the creature in the foreground. Not so fond of the man's face in this one though; it's very unrealistic compared to the fantasy-realism of the rest of the picture. Though I imagine Bruce Campbell would envy that chin... ;P

:-) Rhodri McCormack replies: ""Bruce Campbell" who is that?
Yeah I hear ya and everyone else for that matter about the face. Ow well to late to go back and change it now *sighs*
Thanks for commenting anyway."
9 Mar 200645 Anonymous
5 Apr 200645 Kiwi
Firstly, let me say that you are a great artist, but I must state my mind.

Frankly, I am disgusted in the way that you have insulted the parsis (Zoroastrians) of the world. It has been around longer than any other monotheistic religion (including Judaism, which greatly influenced Christianity ).

There are other records of Zarathustra's life and Zoroastrianism was the most widespread religion during the Persian empire, until they were taken over by Alexander the Accursed (the Terrible/the Great) and eventually enslaved and slaughtered by some of the others in the region. There is much historical information on this.

I really do like your picture, and I admire the style of everything you have done. I read the replies you have left on the other comments, however, and they are very insulting.

I would be disappointed if you delete this without commenting, but it would be enough that you read it. I don't mind a good bit of humor, but this is just excessively rude.

Thank you for reading,
An aspiring artist and writer (and, trust me, I've done my research, not just taken other people's word for it)


:-) Rhodri McCormack replies: "


Ok here we go again...
Look dude, You said you read the previouse coments so I shouldn't have to do this. But I will. I will repeat myself:
A friend of mine named the character as such because he was intending to use the character in a way that reflected the mind set of Neechy's (no I can't spell that) Zarathustra. I have no feelings either way about the name.
I will not however apologise for using the name because you are offended for religiouse reasons and to my mind your objection does not count. Don't post on my page your want to retard my liberties, no god gives you that right. Your offended because I have incorrectly used the name of your glorified imaginary friend.
Dude, your alone, there is no higher power looking out for you or that you can appease to make life less scarry. Time to face facts, you are the master of a predetermind fate. If I can cope with it, you can too.

Anyway thanks for the complements, and I supose I should be flattered that you took the time to try and educate me. There is some good in the world after all. "
5 Sep 200645 Anonymous
Imaginary friend, huh? You're right though, religion is a stupid thing to base your life on. It's almost as stupid as constructing a fictional world with elves and "orodocs" to live in. It's fine to have your own beliefs, but belittling those of others is ignorant. I really love how you say religious people are scared to face the truth, despite the fact that you don't even live in the same world as them. Get a life and then maybe you'll learn to respect people whose beliefs are not your own.

:-) Rhodri McCormack replies: "Lack of knowledge is ignorant, that is the words meaning. Your missing something: I know the difference between whats real and whats not, I don't believe in fiction. And your right, I don't live in the same world as religiouse people, why? because their's is FANTASY, if I want fantasy, I'll read it, watch it, play it or make it up but I won't live it, I don't believe in it."
8 Sep 200645 Anonymous
The fact that you don't believe in it makes it false? can you prove that there is no higher power?

:-) Rhodri McCormack replies: "No I can't prove their is no higher power or that indeed there is and neither can anyone else, so weather one choses to believe in one is entirely up to them, the believer has chosen the option that best suites their emotional needs.
I can't prove that dragons exist so I don't believe in them."
18 Oct 200645 Jack
Well, there certainly does seem to be a lot of animosity about such a beautifully rendered piece of art. It's a travesty that you all have sullied this page with your wanton rantings and ramblings, some educated, others not. So what if someone used Zarathustra as a character's name? Herman Hesse wrote a piece of fiction with a character named Siddhartha ( http://www.online-literature.com/hesse/siddhartha/ ), and the buddhists aren't condemning him. Hell, Dostoevsky used Jesus Christ as a character of fiction in The Brothers Karamazov ( http://www.online-literature.com/dostoevsky/brothers_karamazov/ ). I believe, though I could be wrong, that is was Walt Whitman who said that there is no moral art or immoral art. There is only good art and bad art.

This is good art, Rhodri. Don't let anyone tell you otherwise.

P.S. Bruce Campbell is an actor with big-ass chin ( http://www.bruce-campbell.com/ ), and he probably would want Zarathustra's.

P.P.S. I hate to disent, but can you prove to me that happiness or love exists? If not, do you believe in either of them?

:-) Rhodri McCormack replies: "Happiness and love are 'feelings' and outside of conciouse control, I don't believe in dragons because there is no good evidence for their existence, I also don't 'feel' their existence.
Although, I have 'felt' what I might call happiness and love and I'm not sure exactly what those feelings are and if they are the same for everybody. Science has found that the brain produces a number of chemicals that govern such things but I'm not ready to take it all as truth as the science is still to new.
Jack, in the end I am prepared to be uncertain of things, and to be uncertain is not to believe, but I've found one doesn't need to 'believe', it's better to take things on merrit. That way you can't be wrong or right but you can have a good guess.

I really appreciate your support about the naming but the more time goes by, the more I want to change the name. I think perhaps I should change the name not because it 'disrespects' anothers religion but because it could misinform people about an important mythological figure (this place is loaded with children and information should be accuratly presented). I guess If I named him Zeus, people would be rightfully critical regardless of those who may still believed in him. "
6 Feb 200745 Anonymous
OMG the comment history is hilarious!!

:-) Rhodri McCormack replies: "Glad you think so, it just makes me tired."
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'Mountain Warrior':
 • Created by: :-) Rhodri McCormack
 • Copyright: ©Rhodri McCormack. All rights reserved!

 • Keywords: Acrylic, Adventure, Armor, Barbarian, Beast, Big, Cape, Cloud, Cold, Conqueror, Creature, Fighter, Giant, Gold, Grim, Hairy, Hoofed, Huge, Ice, Illustration, Journey, Large, Leather, Mercenary, Mission, Monster, Mount, Mountain, Muscle, Muscular, Orodroc, Paint, Plate, Quest, Rogue, Shield, Snow, Soldier, Spear, Steel, Sword, Swordsman, Traveler, Trek, Tuff, Tusk, Warrior, Weapons, Wind
 • Categories: Head or Facial Study, Landscape, Nature, Panoramic, Man, Men, Mythical Creatures & Assorted Monsters, Warrior, Fighter, Mercenary, Knights, Paladins, Weapons, Bows, Swords, Blades, Rapiers...
 • Techniques: Pencil/Graphite Pen, Black Ink, Acrylics, Other Computer Paint Program, Erasers
 • Inspirations: JRR Tolkien, Robert E Howard, Robert Jordan
 • Submitted: 2003-07-20 18:47:41
 • Views: 7637
 • Resolution: 600x420

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