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Corrine Hunsher

"Fairy Crossing Chapter Three" by Corrine Hunsher

SciFi/Fantasy text 3 out of 13 by Corrine Hunsher.      ←Previous - Next→
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Chapter Three! Again!
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←- Distant Memory- One | Fairy Crossing Chapter Four -→
Chapter Three

I awoke to the smell of meat cooking outside, mixed with the dull
smell of lilacs, from inside the carriage I was in. I sat up, slowly
this time, and looked about to see nothing but the beautiful satin
tapestry that protected me from the outside world. I pulled back one
of the curtains to see four separate fires burning, all of them
surrounded by Prince Ito’s men. Among them was the Prince himself.
After I’d had a better whiff of the cooking meat, I forgot about the
wave of sleepiness that had threatened to overcome me once again and
was now only hearing the rumble of my stomach for the first time.

As if he had heard my stomach’s desperate plea for some nourishment,
the Prince’s gaze wandered into my direction. Unfortunately, so did the
gaze of the red-haired soldier. The looks on their faces both made me
a bit nervous and amused. The Prince’s expression was that of surprise,
happiness, and of guilt, while the soldier’s was more of a surprised
scowl. (In other words, it didn’t seem like he was too happy to see me

“Riane! I’m glad to see you are awake. Come, sit with us. Eat,
drink! After all, you must be very hungry after eating nothing for
three days,” he motioned for me to sit beside him as he ordered his
men to fill my plate with the meat I had smelled earlier. I took a
bite of it, savoring the delicious juices in my mouth for as long as
I could before letting it slide down my throat.

“Three days? Have I been asleep for that long?” I asked him,
greedily gulping down the delicious, red substance that had just
been poured into a cup for me. It burned my throat a bit, but I didn’t
care. The red-haired soldier looked appalled by my table manners, but
said nothing. Realizing the Prince looked at me in the same type of
manner, as well as everyone else sitting in range of my mouth, I felt
heat start to rise into my cheeks and slowed down, just a bit, on my
intake of food.

“Well, yes. You wound has almost completely closed up and is just
starting to heal itself. Though I still insist you come with us so that
my specialists can make a thorough examination of your wound. After all,
we don’t want you getting an infection,” The Prince chuckled a bit and
gave me a smile that could melt the polar ice caps.

Well, it’s not like I really have a choice in the matter, I thought
to myself. Besides, if I try going back alone, who knows what might
happen to me! At least with the prince I’ll be safe. I cleared my
throat and smiled.

“All right then, I’ll go with you,” I agreed. His face lit up like
the fireflies on a summer’s night, making him look even more handsome
then he already was.
“But, only if you promise to take me back to my grandmother’s
house when I am fully healed, agreed?” I said sternly. The happiness
dancing in his eyes seemed to falter a bit as the glow seemed to fade
from his face, if only by a small amount. He pondered for a moment and
gave a somewhat of a reluctant nod in return.

“Alright, then when I feel that you are well enough to return on
your own, I shall have one of my men escort you back,” He seemed a bit
depressed just by saying so. I looked at him a bit confused. As if
noticing my look, He immediately cheered up and gave me another
heart-melting smile. He then got up to address his men.

“Alright, men. We shall be heading out in about an hour. I suggest
you finish your meals and pack up your belongings as soon as you are
able,” He turned back to me and held out his hand. I stared at it for a
moment, as if uncertain if I should take it. Then making my decision, I
took his hand gratefully, adding a smile for good measure.

Well, there’s no turning back now, I sighed inwardly as I
let the prince guide me back to the carriage.

Though Prince Ito had given his men an hour to be ready, everyone was
packed up and full in a matter of twenty minutes. In moments, we were
once again headed out on our way to Breena, the kingdom in which the
Prince and his followers resided.

“You are going to love it there, Riane! It is the most beautiful
thing you will ever see in your lifetime. The whole castle is made up
of the most spectacular of crystal, and when the sun hits it just right
over the horizon… it‘s simply breath taking,” He sighed happily at the
remembrance of his beloved home, and I couldn’t help but smile.

“Oh and the food is amazing! Just imagine you most favorite dish.
Go ahead and close your eyes, there you go. Now, just hold that thought
there for a moment, and think of that dish only ten times more delicious.
And there you have a good idea of what our food tastes like. Well, it
could just be our cook, but,” The Prince chuckled a bit at his own
little joke. I thought for a moment and smiled.

“Sounds delicious, Your Majesty,” I smiled. Prince Ito wagged his
finger and tsked me.

“Now, now, stop with all this ‘Your Majesty’ stuff. You shall only
address me as Ito,” he smiled again, making my stomach do back flips.

“Just Ito?”

“Just Ito,” he repeated. I felt a bit uncomfortable having the
Prince insist I only call him by his first name. After all, we’d just
met only a few days ago, and I was asleep for most of that short time.
It felt strange to be so informal with royalty.

“Alright then, err, Ito. How much longer will it be until we reach
Breena?” I asked, risking a glance into his crystallized eyes.

Before the Prince could answer, however, we both heard shouting and
what sounded like metal on metal. Ito put a hand up to hush me as he
peered out of the satin curtains.

“My Liege! Please, you must stay inside!” called the red-haired
soldier as he turned to skewer his unnamed enemy. I didn’t get much
of a look from where I was, but the Prince looked pale with anger.
He gabbed my hands and said in a distraught, yet soft voice,

“Riane, please stay in here, and no matter what you her do not get
out. Do you understand me?” His beautiful eyes seemed distressed and
full of hatred, but none for me.

“Please, tell me what’s happening! What’s going on?” I pleaded,
scared by the look in his pale eyes. I didn’t know Ito very well, but
anything that could put that look of hatred into the eyes of such a
man as he must not be very pleasant. He didn’t answer me, but instead
picked up his sword, that I had just noticed was sitting by him, and
leaped out of the safety of the golden carriage. I heard him, or what
I could hear through all the other noises around him, shouting orders
to his men to surround the carriage I was in and to leave none of
“them” standing. But who were “them”?

After what seemed like hours of waiting in worry inside my
hiding place, the noises outside seemed to finally cease.
Instinctively, I reached for the curtains, but then I hesitated,
remembering the Prince’s words. It was then I noticed that everything
was absolutely quiet, and not a good type to quiet. Nothing seemed to
move or make a sound, as if everything was holding its breath, waiting
for something, anything to happen.

Ten things seemed to happen at once. A loud, booming noise seemed
to erupt from everywhere at once, which startled me terribly. A shadow
appeared in front of the satin curtains, and, already being startled by
the booming noise, I screamed and grabbed the closest thing to me
(which ended up being a round, blue pillow since the whole carriage was
filled with them) and readied myself to aim it at whatever was coming
in there to get me. As I raised my arm, the curtains were pulled back,
and a startled, but seemingly happy, Prince Ito stood in their place.

“Riane, are you alright? I’m sorry if I scared you. You can come
out now,” He informed me, offering his hand in place of the pillow.
It was then I realized that the booming noise must have been the
cheering of the men, in the victory of their battle well fought.
Going a bit pink in the face, I took his hand as he gracefully helped
me out of the carriage.

I won’t write here what the scene I came upon as I looked about was
like, for it was too horrid for words. What I can tell you, though, is
of what was of the enemies. They were ghastly things, only reaching
about four feet in size at the most. They wore steel breastplates,
which seemed a bit too big for them. Their skin was that of tree bark
or leather, and they had beady little eyes that seemed to rest upon
crooked thick tree branches that represented their noses. From what
I could see they had pointy little teeth and claws to match. They also
had the foulest stench of rotted flesh. I crinkled up my nose in disgust.

“Ugh! What are those things?” I asked horrified, not knowing if
I’d be sicker from the sight or the smell of the little beasties.

“Goblins, foot soldiers by the looks of them,” the Prince replied.
In front of us, a goblin with a sword producing from its stomach
twitched and couched up what looked to be black goop.

“One of them is still moving! Oh the poor thing,” I leaned down
to help it, but the Prince stopped me.

“Don’t touch it,” he warned and kneeled down next to it. I noticed
the same look in his eyes that he’d had before the fighting began.
He grabbed hold of the goblin by its breastplate
(and rather, more roughly than need be in my opinion.) and lifted
it up so that their noses just barely touched.

“Who sent you?” the prince asked in a low voice. The goblin only
sputtered and gurgled, but you just tell it was laughing.

“An’ why should I be telling you anything, aye?” it asked in a
hoarse whisper. “You ’ave no power o’er me, fairy. I only serve ’Is
Majesty, King Moragar,” it gave a defiant, wicked smile.

“What did you just say?” he asked, threateningly to the goblin.
It was then the goblin notice me for the first time. It’s eyes grew
wilder and its grin spread to both corners of its face so now I could
see a whole row of sharp, pointy teeth. It pointed a shaky claw at my
direction, making me jump back a bit.

“You see ’er then, aye? You see ’er? She’s the start of the
prophecy, she is! She’s the one! She’s the one that’ll ’elp ’Is
Majesty get ’is rightful place as King o’er all a Breena! She’s the
one, she is!” it choked on more of its black goop coming out of the
corners of its mouth as it said this. Ito’s expression turned into a
hateful grimace.

“Don’t you ever speak like that of her you vermin!” He
whispered menacingly, pushing the sword into the little beast a
bit farther, making it scream in agony. Despite the pain, it kept
on laughing. This time he chanted louder,

“The day will come when sky ’l go black and the last prince ’l
fall by mortal ’ands, and ’E will rule in darkness for a thousand
years!” I covered my ears to try and block out his horrible chanting,
but to no avail.

“The portal ’l open an’ wit’ the Lady of Fire both realms ’l
become one!” The prince’s face went paler as his eyes blazed with

“The light ’l fade,” It looked at the prince as it said this,
madness in it’s beady eyes, “An’ there nothing you can do to stop it,”
It then gave out the most bone-chilling cackle that could send your
skin crawling.

“Enough!” came the Prince’s voice like a thunderclap as he
silenced the little brute forever. He turned and walked passed me
without a word. I held my breath, almost afraid as if he’d strike me
down as well. I didn’t like this side of the Prince, not at all.

“Riane,” I flinched when I heard him say my name. Even though
his voice was soft again, I still felt a bit of fear of him within
my heart. I thought he’d gone back since I didn’t hear him for awhile,
but then his voice came, softly and full of sadness.

“Please, don’t let what that thing say get to you,” He sounded
tired. Even though his back was to me, I could imagine his face looking
very haggard, making him look older then he was.

“Please, you Majesty, who is this King Moragar? And me, why
did it say I was to help him? What did it mean by you dying by
human hands?” I asked when I got the courage to speak. I held my
breath as an uncomfortable pause went through us for what seemed
like hours. (In reality it was only a couple minutes.)

“It’s nothing to worry over, just some stupid myth that’s been in
the goblin’s minds since as long as I can remember. As for Moragar,
well, he’s matter to deal with another time, after we’ve arrived at my
palace. Now let us return to our carriage. I am tired, and we still
have a long ways off until we reach home,” His last statement was so
softly spoken I had almost missed it. I wasn’t at all satisfied with
his answers, for something seemed to bother me in the back of my mind.
My heart went cold.

“Am I supposed to-”

“I said that’s enough!” I recoiled in utter terror, for the
Prince had turned around with his hand raised, as it he had the means
to strike me. He did not, however. Instead he looked at me with the
eyes of a madman, blinded in his rage. He then turned sharply and
skulked back to where his men stood waiting for us.

I stayed there for awhile longer in a daze. My pounding
heart had finally started to calm itself, and my breathing
returned to normal. I took one last, long gaze at the goblin’s
grotesque, misshapen form. I shuddered as I turned and headed
back to where Ito’s men awaited me. Inside, I dreaded every step
I took towards them. For it was now, more then ever, that I feared
for my life; not by the creatures that lurked in these woods,
like the goblins, but of the man that I had first thought to be
very kind.

What if this wasn’t the first time the Prince has acted to rashly,
so violently? Am I truly any safer traveling with them then I was
facing this place by myself?
I felt doubt start to creep into my
mind. It occurred to me, right then and there, that I was not only
riding with a prince, but with a murderer… and I might be his next

←- Distant Memory- One | Fairy Crossing Chapter Four -→

22 May 2007:-) Sarah-amy haley
Don't trust him Riane, don't trust him!!!

Yay, it's up. I like this story, it keeps getting better and better. I liked the goblins accent too. The only thing I noticed was that you changed 'person' for a few sentences in the middle, I think. Other than that interesting. Bring on the next bit!


43 Corrine Hunsher replies: "Why thank you! Ys, I noticed that as well, but luckly my corrections should show up soon."
17 Jun 2007:-) Désirée Dippenaar
Ooooooh... suspense!! I'm curious about the trustworthiness of the prince now! And also about that prophecy Riane appears to be involved in... interesting! I really like the storyline so far, and I hope you'll update soon! ^^

:-) Corrine Hunsher replies: "Oh yes, I just need to start getting my crative juices flowing again..it's strange but when I woke up this morning I already had the sequal all worke out in my head! ^^"
17 Oct 200745 Tabs
this is sooo good I'm craving more. your stories are so detailed. i can't get over how awesome you write. i might consider joining Elfwood!

:-) Corrine Hunsher replies: "Ah you should. It's so much fun! I encourage it completely! ^^"
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'Fairy Crossing Chapter Three':
 • Created by: :-) Corrine Hunsher
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 • Keywords: Battle, Fairy, Prince
 • Categories: Faery, Fay, Faeries, Royalty, Kings, Princes, Princesses, etc
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