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Rory braconnier

"The Legend Of Shadow Step-Chapter 7" by Rory braconnier

SciFi/Fantasy text 10 out of 10 by Rory braconnier.      ←Previous - Next→
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Chapter 7

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Chapter 7: A new beginning


        Rizzet woke many days latter, delusional and in excruciating pain from the Mage"s magic. His breath came to him in exaggerated in hails, his cloths where blackened and ripped from the fire ball and his right shoulder was severely bruised and Black as a void.


      Rizzet said choking on his words, forcing them up.

“Hold on”

      A deep and deathly voice said. Rizzet faintly heard some glasses clinking together as the collided. The man rushed over to Rizzet, swift as wind, and placed a vile of potions up to his mouth.

“Drink this, it well help”

     He said in a cold and deadly voice. Trying to sound warm heartened . Rizzet took a big gulp hoping it would help faster. That made it worst. He nearly chocked.

“Whoa...Whoa not so fast you need to let you coat your throat. The fire ball from that mage seriously burned it.”

       The man took the vile away from his mouth and put it on the wooden night stand beside the old iron bed. He took out a small wooden box from his many pockets and opened it. In side was a cream specially made by him self to help heal burns from fire created magically from mage"s. He started to rub it on the patches of chard skin.


“I see your breathing is better, that"s good. Now try and talk.”

      His words seem to stab into rizzet like icy blades for some reason. Rizzet went to talk but the words would not come out. He coughed a couple of times to clear his throat.

“Ww...Who are you?”
     Rizzet said his voice raspy.

“I am the person that save your life. Why would you try to commit such a foolish act of suicide?”

       Rizzet glared at him. Irritated that the man ignored his question and called him foolish.

“Who are you?”

      Rizzet asked again a bit more forcefully. The man stop rubbing the ointment on Rizzet and looked over at him.

“I told you, I am the man who saved your life. And your my new apprentice.”

      A smile crossed his face. It seem like it did not belong on his face. His eyes always a deadly glare his face always set in stone. And always a presents of power. Rizzet was fearful of this man even tho he had saved his life from certain death and had treated him nicely. Rizzet did not want to get on his bad side.

“Apprentice?" what do you mean”

     Asking him what he meant and what he had apprenticed for and.

“You well find out quiet shortly. Soon as your well rested and healed.”

      Rizzet laid his head back into the white and incredibly soft pillow. He fell asleep soon afterwards into a deep and dark sleep.


      Rizzet woke days latter, from a much needed sleep, to the sound of metal being sharped. His eyes snapped opened to see the man beside him sharpening a vary deadly looking blade. His rapidly sat up and put his back to the wall throwing the blankets toward the man, They landed on top of him, covering him.

“Please don"t hurt me. I have done nothing to you.”

      Rizzet pleaded. The man just sat there under the blankets still sharpening the blade. He stoped. The mans hand came out of the blanket and grabbing the sheet and pulling it off. It fell lifeless to the stone floor.

“Was that truly necessary the man said.”

      His voice still vary deep and deadly. He sighed and put his blade back in to its sheath.

“I suppose that was my fault. I should not have been sharping my blade that close to you.”

      The man stood up and walked over to the kitchen area of the room.

“How are you feeling”

      He said over his shoulder. Rizzet did not respond right away he was still a little shocked from what had just happen.

“yes that was truly necessary! who sharpens a blade in the face of some one they just saved.”

      Rizzet said angrily at the mans backs. The man just ignored Rizzets burst of anger.

“How are you feeling?”

      He asked again. Though this time there was more bit to his words.

“I am feeling okay. Besides the heart attack i just had.”

      Rizzet said with some contempt as he reached up and rubbed his neck and looked at the chard skin. He sighed. The man came back over with some bread and a weird glass of swirling colours.

“What is that?

      Rizzet said pointing to the glass.

“That is a liquid. Though you would have known that"

     The man said with smirk. Rizzet did not find it funny and crossed is arms not wanting to except it. The man sighed.

“This well heal you and give you more strength Rizzet. I need you strong. And the bread? Well that"s just something i thought you might like.”

       The man not waiting for Rizzet to take the plate placed it down on the wooden night stand beside the bed and then walked off down a un-known hallway. Rizzet looker over at the plate,mostly at the weird coloured liquid.

“Hah, i am not going to drink that weird stuff or eat the bread. There is just no way!”

       Rizzets stomach did not agree. He grabbed at it . And moaned.

“Aaaag, Feels like i have not eaten in ages!”

      He bent over the pain was so eminence like something was devouring him. He looked over at the plate.


      He said through clenched teeth, in last attempted to disobey him, But the pain was just to strong and he reached up and grabbed the drink and swallowed all its contents in one massive gulp ,never thought possible, then grabbed the bread viciously ripped off a piece and swallowed it not even stopping to chew. Almost instantly the pain went away. Rizzet laid back down in the bed hoping that would help settle his stomach and also to get some shut eye. He was still quiet tiered.


      Rizzet woke a couple hours latter, though he had no idea what time it was, he got out of bed and stretched. He looked around and noticed that the man was not in the room. He wondered if he was still down that hallway. Rizzet slowly started to walk towards the blacken hallway. Sneaking up on it as if it was a enemy of some sorts. He peaked in said and could just see the flicker of a torch far down the tunnel and around what appeared to be a corner. Rizzet silently started to walk down the stone hallway his left hand gliding on the smoothness of the stone. Rizzet before he realized it had come around the corner ,although it did not seem like it, but he now saw the torch and a stone wall. “A stone wall?” Rizzet asked him self quiet confused.

“Where is the door?”

       He silently asked a loud. Rizzet walked up to the wall and put his ear against the stone, it was icy cold, and he heard no sounds. Rizzet turned around looking to see if he missed a door or maybe a slightly concealed entrance. Nothing. Rizzet was starting to get frustrated.

“A man can not just evaporate into thine air!”

      He said quiet loudly. Rizzet walked towards the torch to see if maybe there was a switch of some sorts that opened a door. Then the thought finally hit him like yet again a stone wall.

“Hah, smart.”

      Rizzet said with a smile and grabbed the torch and pulled down. “ Crash” The torch hit the ground sparks flying every which way and stinging at Rizzets legs and partly blinding him.


      Rizzet said angrily now that he could not figure out what happened to the man.

“Excuse me, But why are your breaking my torches?”

      The voice said cold and wispy and stung at Rizzets back, Rizzet jumped backed and turned around to see a shadowy figure off to the right side of him, it was the man.

“Ww...Where do you come from”

     Rizzet said stuttering and then regaining his confidence. The man stepped into the light and for the first time Rizzet studdyed the man. His face scared but many wounds his eyes an almost tint of orange and his hair was a fade orange as well, Rizzet thought his hair and eye must have been once such a vribrent orange. The man reached behind his back and pulled his hood over head concealing his face. Rizzet never saw it again.

“From every where any any where.”

     The man said with a snicker. Answering Rizzets question.

“Now, why are you out of bed? You are supposed to be resting.”


“I am fine. Now who are you?”

     Rizzet shot back with just as much venom. The mans face hardened.

“You would be careful to use such a tone with me...Kid!”

     The man said so coldly that rizzet could have sworn that the temperature changed. The man walked passed Rizzet towards the dead end.

“Come with me”

     He said there was no room for questioning. Rizzet did not. He walked up to the and turned round putting his back to the wall. The took five exaggerated steps back the way he came turned right and took three more exaggerated to the other wall. He placed his hand, which was wrapped in a black fabricate, softly on the wall, then he gingerly touched certain ones, as if counting them, He stopped on one of them and pushed in with his palm. The wall that Rizzet thought to be a a solid wall all of a sudden moved a bit then slide to the right as if being eaten by the other stone wall. There was now a entrance. The man walked in and disappeared in to the shadows of the now new corridor.

“Are you coming?”

     The man said over his shoulder. Rizzet ran to catch up with the mans longs strides and his absolute swiftness.

“Where are we going?”

       Rizzet asked as he entered the blackness of the corridor, the man ignored him, he caught up to the man just as he stopped. The door behind the closed with a deafening “THUD” that echoed all through the corridor. Or what Rizzet thought to be a corridor. The man standing beside him clapped four times. A couple of minutes latter hundreds of tourchs light up that lined the wall and went up to the roof. Rizzet looked around and saw that its was a doomed room, and massively huge, he had no idea where all the room came from. But as he thought about he it had no idea where he was. For all he new he could be inside a mountain. Rizzet continued to look around and noticed that the floor was dirt except where he was standing which was stone. Rizzet Also noticed some sort of wooden structures all along the walls and the ceiling.

“Where are we?”

      Rizzet asked with all confusion.

“We young Rizzet are in my favourite room. This is where you well spend most of your time. This is the training room.”

     Rizzet did not like the sound of that idea as he looked up at the man, who was only about five inches taller then him and Rizzet was only about five foot three. The man walked further into the room and Rizzet followed. They walked to the other end of the room, which to Rizzet seemed to take for ever and then some, they reached a door and entered in side where the man reached over light one of the torches in the room and then continued lighting more. As soon as he finished lighting all the torches Rizzet saw a lot of wooden cabinets that lined the wall of the room. The man turned around and Rizzet saw part of a smile that was not fully hidden from the shadow of his hood. Rizzet new he must be happy.

“This is the best part of all”

     The man said excited.

“This is wear you become your profession. So chose carefully Rizzet.”


“And what exactly would my profession be?”

     Rizzet question him. The man just smiled at him.

“You well all learn quiet shorty, Yes. Vary soon.”

      Rizzet was not to happy with he answer but he accepted it. The man walked over tot he cabinets and opened them all. Rizzets mouth dropped. There was hundreds of weapons of all different shapes, sizes and colour. There where swords, maces, daggers, bows, axes, pole-arms and so many others he did not even know what they where.

“You may pick what ever weapon or weapons you want. If you want to knwo what i like i can show you?”

      The man asked Rizzet. Rizzet managed to tare his eyes away from the weapons and look at the man. He nodded.

      The man reached inside his cloak and around his shoulders and look out weapons that Rizzet had not even known he had. The man pulled out six throwing knives from there concealed hiding spots on his shoulders. A long sword and a short sword from his hips. And two daggers that he carried in his boots.

“I prefer, as you can see, the weapons that are carried by almost all people. I find them the best but i have known people that have used quiet different and unusual ones. Some of which are in the cabinets.”

      The man said spreading his hands around the room showing off all the weapons.


     He said and handed his sword to Rizzet.

“Feel it and notice its weight and balanced. Its like nothing you well ever find. I smith all my own weapons to achieve satisfaction and perfect quality.”

     Rizzet held the sword in his hand gingerly and swung it around few times. He noticed that the sword was incredibly light for how heavy it looked and was in prefect harmony with its self. Prefect balanced.

“Now go ahead and pick yours young Rizzet.”

      Rizzet returned the sword back tot he man and walked over looking at all the weapons. There was so many he had no idea how he was going to decide. The man walked over to the door.

“I ave a feeling this well be awhile so i well be in the kitchen. I am sure you can find your way back?”

      Rizzet did not even hear him he was to busy studding all the beautiful weapons. The man sighed.

“Don" t take to long though. I have more for you.”

     With that the man walked out and left Rizzet to his own. A few weapons caught Rizzets eyes, two swords that where long and quiet slender. They had a sorta of majestic blue tint on there blades and curve up a bit on the end of the blade. He took both of them along with there plain black leather scabbards and strapped then across his back forming an X. He then went over two where he found some vary nice black handled throwing daggers. He picked on up and tested it out. He really liked them they where so prefect. He grabbed six throwing knives along with there holders and placed them around his hip. Rizzet satisfied with his new equipment closed the cabinet door with a big smile on his face and walk out to find the man.


“Ah, there you are Rizzet. I was hoping you would come back soon. I have acquired some stuff for you.”


      The man said turning around to the sound of Rizzets foot steps on the grey stone floor, Rizzet stop in mid step, his Jaw wide open.

“How did you know i was coming?”

      Rizzet said shocked.

“How could i not? You where making as much sound as an dragon.”


“ Now lets see what you have.”

      The man walked over to Rizzet and inspected Rizzets new acquirement"s.

“Ah, good choice, The daggers are some of the best i have ever crafted. The falchion rapier now that"s an interesting choice especial two. There are both well-crafted and vary good. But why two?”

      Rizzet thought about it. He really did not know why he picked two except that it just felt right.

“I don"t know. It just felt right.”

     The man put his hand on Rizzets shoulder. Rizzet saw the slightest smile form underneath the shadow of his hood.


“Now! On to more important matters. Here come over here to see if these fit you.”

     The man said. Rizzet and walking over to the bed where he had some cloths laid out.

“What all this?”

      Rizzet asked waling to stand next tot he man examining the items.. The man turned his head to face the boy.

“This? These are your new cloths. Your new life.”

“Me new life? And what would that be?”

      Rizzet questioned him.

“Haven"t i told you?

       The man asked him. Rizzet got vary irritated and snapped back a responded.

“No! You have not told me!. You have not told me anything. Not where we are, who you are and what this is all about!”

       The man stepped back a bit surprised by the anger in Rizzets voice.

“Well then i am just going to have to tell you.”

      Rizzet finally felt relieved that he was going to find out why he was here.

“You Rizzet are here because i have seen lots of aspects of what i do. Some of which usually take people years to perfect.”


“And what exactly is that?”

      Rizzet asked before the man could continue. The man sighed.

“Well....if you let me talk you well find you.”



      Rizzet said and lowered his head.

“Now...where was I....Oh yes! I am in a creed of assassins and every so often which is maybe once every 10 years or so we acquire apprentices to take over the new generation. You could say are the guardians of the common people.”

      The man snickered a bit.

“We protect them from the evils of magic by eliminating all magically blessed creatures. We are stationed all over Eternia in different city"s and town. There are only fifty assassins in the entire creed.”

      The man stopped talking to see if Rizzet was absorbing all this.

“Eternia? What is that?”

     Rizzet asked a bit confused

“You don"t know what Eternia is?”

     The man said.


      Rizzet answered.

“Well then i well ave to go into greater detail about all that some other time. But Eternia is the country we live in. One of the most powerful countries but of lately there has been a lot of inner turmoil because the old king Kamiol died and now there is a struggle between his brother and other royal members in the family to take control. Even people that are not of royal blood are trying to take over. It is just a mess. And quiet dangerous there are rumours of some of the surrounding countries invading.”

     The man sighed again.

“So why do you need me? I am just a orphan boy i am no hero.


“I am not expecting you to be a hero. I need you cause i have seen your skill and you would be a good tribute tot he creed.”


     Rizzet crooked his head tot he side.

“I thought you said there can only be fifty members in the creed?”


“Ah, so you where listening. Yes there can only be fifty but like i said there has been a lot of turmoil and rumours of war. This means there are a lot of mages and wizards out there among other people trying to size the power. A few of are comrades have died. So we need new to train new assassins.”


“So you are going to train me? And then send me off to some sector to kill people?”

     Rizzet said with lack enthusiasm. He did not like the sound of that idea to much.

“Yes that"s pretty much it. But it shall take some time to teach you and by then this may all be settled. Not that there wont be anything to do. There are always magically people out there to eliminate.”

     The man paused and then started to speak again.

“But i must ask you if this what you want to do. You can leave right now and return your old life of the streets or you can join me and my brother-in.”

      Rizzet thought about it for along time. He wanted to go back to his old life. But was there any point? Both his beloved friends where dead and even then when he had them it was not the most glamourous life. Rizzet reach his hand up tot he blade and felt it. Felt the energy pulsing through him almost telling him to stay. Telling him the it needs him that it wants him. Rizzet snapped out of thought.


“Yes I well stay.”

      Rizzet said with a smile.

“Good then you well need these. The man handed him the cloths that where on his bed. Put them on in the back room just over there to the left and come back out i well have more for you.”

       Rizzet took the cloths and went off tot he room and stripped down to his bareness and started to put the cloths on. They where really soft almost silk. Rizzet found them quiet interesting. The first thing Rizzet put on was the a black short sleeve shirt. Then the off white pants that where a form fitting and had various straps on them. Next he put on a pair of black leather gloves that had a bit of off white to accent the pants. The came up just past his wrist and only covered up to the first knuckle on all his fingers. The had a few short spikes on them where the knuckles would be on the hand. The next and final thing he put on was a massive black cloak that was shredded at the end to the effect of displacing the body. The inside of the cloak was off white to again accent the other other white. The cloak fit nicely on his shoulders. There were to leather straps on the cloak that where by his neck. He took the one on the left and clipped it to the brass buckle on the right side and the same for the on on the right to form an X on his chest. He then flipped the hood up that covered just enough his head where he could see people but people could not see him from the shadow it made. Rizzet picked up his cloths and weapons and walked out the room to find the man waiting for him with yet again more stuff on the bed bu this stuff looked bigger and a lot heavier It was armour.

“Ah, how doe sit all fit?

     The man asked Rizzet.

“It fits perfect!”

     Rizzet said smiling. The he pointed at the armour on the bed.

“Is that for me to wear.”

      The man nodded.

“Don"t worry its not too heavy. It is all customize to be light and durable. You can put them on right here. And ill show you how to put some of it on. It can be a pain some times.”

      The man laughed a bit. Rizzet smiled and got handed the first piece of armour, black leather boots with three steel plates on them. One right where the toes were, one on the shine, and one that was on the top part of the boot and past to cover thigh. The next piece was a black leather chest armour. With black leather straps on the side for his throwing knives.

“How does that fit?”

      The man asked Rizzet.

“A bit snug”

      Rizzet answered. The man fiddled with some straps on the back and loosened it a bit.

“How about now?”


“That"s good. Thanks.”

     The man nodded and placed black leather shoulder-pads on Rizzet. They where round like half a ball and fit nice and snug on Rizzet.

“And that is everything!”

       The man said a bit cheerfully but still with a hit of deadliness Rizzet put his newly acquired throwing daggers in there appropriate place around his hip and then replaced his swords on his back . With a bit of help form the man.

“Now. Its time to get some rest. And then tomorrow its Time to start training. ”

      The man said in all seriousness and then walked down one of the corridors that led, Rizzet guessed, to his bed. Rizzet walked over to his own bed and laid down for some much needed sleep and to take in everything he learned and saw today.

“My new life”

         Rizzet said silently to him self then drifted off into the black void. There was no smile on Rizzets face.


←- The Legend of ShadowStep-chapter 1 | The Leagend Of Shadow Step-Chapter 10 -→

20 Nov 2010:-) Emma May Richardson
Awesome, it’s good to finally know a bit more about that man, and why he was interested in helping Rizzet. Well done 1

:-) Rory braconnier replies: "thank you. chapter nine it quiet short but it hought i was important cause it give insight on Marki"
24 Nov 2010:-) Jamie Kelm
Finally it all comes together! I was wondering what the heck was with that guy! I like the shortness of the last chapter- it didn’t feel rushed. Very nice!!2

:-) Rory braconnier replies: "yes it all has come togeather...or well sorta. not everything is explained like his name and as you can tell a bit more! you well find out soon tho!"
12 Dec 2010:-) Carey John Williams
Now were making sense of some stuff, hehe.
Time for rizzet’s revenge? 10

:-) Rory braconnier replies: "possiable! wont be for a while you well find out tho!"
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