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Dani M. Rothe

Dani M. Rothe

Dani is a college senior, majoring in computer science with a minor in music. She is an avid fantasy reader, and loves the free spirit that the fantasy genre has to offer. Her influences and the focus of her art style lie mainly in japanese style animation.

Me in a few phrases: computer geek, band nerd, hockey fan, extreme sports nut. I'm a fairly active average young woman, who enjoys having fun and spending time with the people I love. Most of my art is born out of boredom during bad lectures and in between classes. I believe in the beauty of life, and I take my inspirations from emotions and my reactions to my every day experiences. I have a wonderful husband who loves and supports me in everything I do, and I don't know what I would do without him. Currently, I'm a senior at Bloomsburg University in Pennsylvania, and I hope to move on to a successful career in software development and engineering. It wouldn't hurt if I could gain enough skill as an artist to make a few extra bucks there someday ;) but I'm expecting it to be more of a life long companion and hobby. Music is also a large inspiration to me, and I've been playing the flute for 12 years now. On the weekends I can either be found hitting the slopes in the winter time, out blading with my husband, clubbing with my friends, or sharing a blissful moment of silence with my soul mate in the warm solitude of our home. :)

Also, any practiced artists, or just perceptive people, pleeeeeeeaaaaaaase feel free to criticize my work. I'm a self taught artist, who can't seem to get into any art courses before they're closed at the university. So the only feedback I've ever gotten is my own perfectionism and whatever comments I get from my geek friends. Thanks! and enjoy!!!

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Guestbook for Rothe

19 Jan 200345 Joshua M. Potter
Hey great stuff i really enjoyed your fairy works.

:-) Dani M. Rothe replies: "Thanks much for checkin through my gallery 1 I've got another piece I've taken quite a bit of time on that I'm ALMOST ready to upload.. hopefully I'll stop being so lazy and start workin on some more. "
21 Jan 2003:-) Brandon Lee
*bows to you in humbles thanks for a feast of images that would cause me to shiver at the sight of pure beauty* *3 thumbs up*

:-) Dani M. Rothe replies: "It's always nice to hear from new people. Thanks so much for stopping by. 2 I'll run over to your place after class. *runs out the door w/ a bagle in her mouth*"
27 Jan 2003:-) Brandon Lee
Cute description beside my link =P.. thanks anyways =]

:-) Dani M. Rothe replies: "hehee... you can't say it's not accurate 12"
17 Feb 2003:-) Sarah LouiseThistlethwaite
Ooooo the Flute, very good. Do you play for any orchestras or wind Ensembles? I play in one of both, with a French horn. And a Brass band with my tenor Horn! I love it, i'm sure you'd agree. Anywayz, bak to your art. It's fab!!! ^___^

:-) Dani M. Rothe replies: "Oh wow!!! fellow musicians rawk 1 I play in the local university band, and I've been playing in the student recital every year. I used to play with a local folk music group, but they started rehearsing on sundays while I'm busy. 8 Kind of a shame. Thanks TONS for surfing by 2 And I'll start updating here more as soon as I get my sci fi gallery up and running. Feel free to drop me a line whenever!! 12"
13 Mar 2003:-) Brandon Lee
Hahaa yeah sarah is a nice person to boot around =D
erm dun tell her i said that she might just come boot me too =P

and someone been lazy havent we =]

:-) Dani M. Rothe replies: "lazy?! me?! *gasp* NEVER!!!! errr.. aight.. so maybe I have been a tad... I've been spending most of my time on my sci fi stuff lately (seen it?), and a dopey lil comic strip that doesn't really fit on elfwood. I'll try to update more soon. "
3 Apr 2003:-) Dani M. Rothe
Aight guys. I apologize for not having uploaded anything in ENTIRELY too long. I AM working on another piece... it's just taking me a lot longer than I'd originally expected.

It's my first attempt at coloring/shading and everything in the GIMP, and if you're really interested, you can track the progress at www.sanctuary.org/~dani/images/pixiepool.jpg

I upload it just about every time I save it, so you can kinda see what I'm workin on if you're really desperate for something to stare at. 2 thanks for visiting my gallery as always!
25 Jun 200345 Luke J. Hunter
Very nice art work here! You have a very soft style and you put lots of creativity into your work....you have really good ideas, they just haven't evolved into what they could really be, I see it as that your ideas have out done your ability to draw them.......but with more practice you could really flourish!

:-) Dani M. Rothe replies: "Thank you very much for the kind words. It means a lot when someone with actual talent can offer useful complements 2 I'll definately keep working at it."
30 Aug 2003:-) Sharon Kelly Adams
you have some super great artness here. keep up the good work and let me know when you next update Please? ~hands you a big goodie basket~

:-) Dani M. Rothe replies: "hehe. Thanks much chickie! and I'll try to remember to send ya a heads up when I get around to doodling again. I've gotten in a bit of a slump methinks... "
24 Dec 2005:-) Brandon Lee
Merry Christmas 2005 =]

:-) Dani M. Rothe replies: "hehe.. same to you man. 1 I know it's entirely too late so um.. Happy Valentines day? I'm workin on another pic. (first one in forever that I'm actually finishing) I'll upload it as soon as it's done!"
1 Mar 200645 Jessica Alexandria Ramirez
omg. its been forever since ive been on elfwood!! how are you?! OMG!!
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Dani M. Rothe

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