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Rebecca Kay Swanson

"Hackerette" by Rebecca Kay Swanson

SciFi/Fantasy Picture 23 out of 41 by Rebecca Kay Swanson.      ←Previous - Next→
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SciFi and Fantasy Art Hackerette by Rebecca Kay Swanson
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Okay, this is the updated version of Hackerette. Blended (hush, Amanda!), and inked (again, hush, Aamanda). Not drastically different, but I figured I may as well....

27 Jul 2002:-) Rodewald
Hey, the head looks really good. Very powerful! And the pose is great, too. The pose alone says: "It's good to fear me... otherwise you may get to close - and I had to tear you into little pieces"! 12

:-) Rebecca Kay Swanson replies: "Yay! A new visitor!!! Thanks for the support. I like this one a lot; in fact, I think it's one of my favorites!!! I'm glad she sets the right mood, too!!"
1 Aug 2002:-) Andrew david rowling
This is really good. I really like the way you've done the teeth and the curve of the neck,and the fur on the wings as well. The wings sorta just look like they're sprouting from the animl's shoulders, however. Would it be possible to move them down the body a bit (give them there own place on the rib-cage), and devellop the connective muscles a little more? That would improve the image, methinks.
At least the wings are nice and big, if a little skinny looking. Remember the POWER needed to create the downward thrust is enormous, so draw the muscles in the wings appropriately. At least they're big, though, which is better than what some people do.
Shading is also good, although use of a greater variety of reds, oranges and yellows would also be an improvement. I like the twisted expression though. Very lion-like, although the head obviously isn't a lions. Very cool. I do like this one better than the other. The black background defines it really well too.


:-) Rebecca Kay Swanson replies: "I did this one a while ago, too, and before I kne how to blend colors, otherwise I would have...about the wings, I DON'T KNOW HOW TO DRAW MUSCLES, OKAY?!!!! So if someone could explain how they LAY, and SHOW from beneath the coat it would be FAR more helpful than "you need to show muscle"! ......*stops panting and calms the hair on her neck* I rather liked the thin attatchment, and I MEANT to have the win sprouting from above the shoulder (like a lot of my recent ones). On the contrary, I love her expression, too, and I do think she looks rather lion-like! I also think that the black background contrasts the reds and orangey-reds very nicely to make her stand out even more!"
7 Aug 2002:-) Andrew david rowling
I'm back (and I know you're SO happy to hear that).
Anyways, with that wing thing that I wrote about in my last comment, especially concerning where it meets the torso, well, I think that's just a difference of our preferences in our dragons. I try to keep mine looking like they COULD exist, and work properly, hence I think about the skeleton nderneath the scales, and where it'll all fit together. I'm not trying to be cruel, but I don't think a dragon's wings or front legs would work very well so close together, as the muscles and bones of one would interfere with the muscles and bones of the other. That's why I reccomended you move it down, so it would look real, or like it could be real. But don't worry. If your going for a certain look, then this is still good. Many professional artists draw there dragons this way, including some that I admire (I don't admire them for their fantastic use of anatomy, however). As a good example of an artist that knows how to (realistically) inlude wings AND front legs on dragons, check out Michael Whelan, especially the dragons he drew for the covers of the Dragon Prince series of books. They're quite original too, as he puts the wings BEFORE the arms, rather than the usual otehr way around.
Aso, if you want to know how to draw muscles, then look at REALITY!! Look at pitures of bodybuilders, in anatomy books, anywhere you can. I'm only in my first year of anatomy at uni, and already I've got the basic idea of the positions of muscles in the human body, which with a bit of creativity can be applied to other creatures as well.
I guess that's why I'm so adament about it as well. Because I've studied it a bit, I know when something looks "wrong" as soon as I see it. I've probably got a bit of a passion for it as well.
Ayway, keep drawing, and don't let me get you agitated. Just remember I'm probably thousands of kilometres away, and that these messages can always be deleted. But I hope you take my advice and whip out some anatomy books, as well as get your hands on pics of other revealing pictures or diagrams. You don't need to study it, but you could use it as a reference, and compare your images to it. It would certainly make it easire for people such as myself to see a possible reality in your pictures that's a little more than skin deep.


:-) Rebecca Kay Swanson replies: "You know what? I talked to some of my art teachers about it, and FINALLY think I have something going a little better, and I can sorta see your point about the wingbones vs. arm /shoulder bones, but knowing me, I'm going through a huge phase that won't last TOO much longer, seeing as within the next few weeks I'll already be starting with completely different art teachers, and be getting lots of different advice and ideas, anyway. I'm familiar with Michael Whelan, so I think I know what you mean. Ummm, I WOULD look at anatomy books, if I HAD them, and if there were actually a book on an existing creature called a dragon and how its wing muscles attatch to the body, but as my art teacher was saying, you literally have to make it up, since no creature quite is built like a dragon (at least the way I draw them), so...yeah. Any more references you could give would be helpful, otherwise just know that I'm working on it, and can't really go back and change this picture...'spose I could redraw it, but oh, well. Thanks for commenting! Oh, and even if it IS a little personal, or harder to receive the constructive critisism with the compliments, I'm convinced now, more than ever that I need it to keep me HUMBLE!!! I'm trying to keep that in mind, too. Again, thanx for the comment, I always appreciate them!"
21 Aug 2002:-) Marjan J. Grinwis
I like the way she seems to BE fire, as in, made out of fire. Very cool picture and great work on the colouring! Personally, I don't think you should blend it, but then again, I just prefer it when it doesn't look computermade.

:-) Rebecca Kay Swanson replies: "Actually, since I made this one I have blended it, but it looks...well, hardly different, so I may not put it up in my next post, but all that's different is that I went over the lines in pen, and the white specks of paper showing through have been softened, so it looks like it's MORE solid color, but FAAAAR from computer coloring (which I don't often appreciate, seeing as I don't have that option adn envy those who do. Besides, That may take skill, too, but I wonder which takes more...computer, or by hand?)"
28 Aug 2002:-) Kate 'Kategod' Larsen
I think this pic is fine as far as physical structure goes. Why couldn't a dragon's wings be like this, attached the way they are? I think it could work given some redesign of the shoulder structure of a real animal. Besides, it's really annoying when people decide to point out what they think is "wrong" with a pic in that mannor. Bad toning. I think this turned out rather well. If you wanted to move the wing next time you drew something then power to you. Otherwise, good color usage. Oranges are happy.

:-) Rebecca Kay Swanson replies: "Thank you for the support! Sometimes I need a little constructive critisism, though...I give out so incredibly much! People must really despise me for that, then, huh? *sighs* Oh, well. Already this is starting to seem old...that means one of two things. Either I look at it waaaay too much, or I'm really improving quickly, and that would be a good thing! My art teacher says I learn so fast it scares him! Tee hee!"
16 Sep 2002:-) Holly Winter Kennedy
I like this pic....Sorry if i'm not as long winded as some other commenters....I wish i had that much to say....Meow....But you were right...You said that i would find something that i liked and so i have.....

:-) Rebecca Kay Swanson replies: "Ha! You said that before! A while ago, though...You really MUST like this!!! Thank you, anyway. You don't always need more words to send a strong message, though!"
1 Feb 200345 Anonymous
I love this! Really good! keep it up! I love the way you did the wings!

:-) Rebecca Kay Swanson replies: "Thanks! I will draw more, once I find the time and ideas for them!"
15 Jun 200345 Lora E. Mitchell
o.O Wow.....This is excellent! I hate to ask, but...I'm so horrible at drawing dragons with their mouths open....Umm...this pic would really help if you don't mind my looking off it....and if not, um...any advice of any sort would be more than welcome. Grazzi! 2

12 Rebecca Kay Swanson replies: "I'd be happy to give both! Go ahead and use this (though I'd rather draw you a better version than this.....), also, if you've got a scanned copy of what it is you need help with, I'm better at correcting things than advising them....."
24 Jun 200345 Lora E. Mitchell
Hmmm...I'll have to work on the scanning thing...my scanner decided it doesn't like me anymore....but thanx!!!

12 Rebecca Kay Swanson replies: "Any time!"
19 Jul 2003:-) Susan Wright
The muscle tone is great! Very much so! And the little earring, yes, very god-like indeed!

2 Rebecca Kay Swanson replies: "Thanks."
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 • Created by: :-) Rebecca Kay Swanson
 • Copyright: ©Rebecca Kay Swanson. All rights reserved!

 • Keywords: Dragon, Furry, Queen
 • Categories: Dragons, Drakes, Wyverns, etc
 • Techniques: Pencil/Graphite Pen, Coloured Pencils, Ballpoint Pen, Erasers
 • Inspirations: Other Artist
 • Views: 426
 • Resolution: 508x700

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