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Erin Nicole Ruiz

"Marionette: Report 3" by Erin Nicole Ruiz

SciFi/Fantasy text 10 out of 13 by Erin Nicole Ruiz.      ←Previous - Next→
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Chapter 3 of the Marionette series where things become confusing and nothing really gets answered, but there is some shounen ai hinting.
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By Erin Ruiz

Five years had past and I lived in happiness with Doctor Simon. He taught me how to read again and how to write and taught me things of the outside world. The world of humans. But even so, I was not allowed off the compound. I could go anywhere on the base I wanted, basically, but outside of its barbed wire gates...

We lived together as father and son. Doctor Simon, my father, was the only family I could really ever know. Our pet was the dog he gave me when I was only three days old. I named him Sammy. And, as I said, we were happy. I was slowly becoming human in my own way, not needing to have human flesh and human blood to make me such. I had a heart and a soul. These things made me human, I believed.

Unfortunately, all that happiness would soon be taken away...


Sirens sounded loudly as peopled rushed this way and that, crazed and made mad by the sound. I’d never seen a site like this, nor heard such a terrible sound in my life. I searched frantically for Doctor Simon.

Suddenly from behind me, a voice yelled my name. “ZAPHKIEL!!”

I turned briskly around. “Doctor Simon!” I yelled. “Where are you?!”

Then I saw him swimming through the sea of frantic people. He came to me and said, “I’ve been looking for you, Zaphkiel.”

“Why have you been looking for me? What’s going on?” I asked.

“No time! We’ve gotta go!” he said, grabbing my wrist and taking me to a part of the building I had never been before.

We entered a lift at the end of the strangely lit hallway. I looked to Doctor Simon. “Doctor Simon, where are we going?” I asked, holding Sammy close to my breast.

“You’ll see.”

When we arrived to the bottom floor and exited the lift I knew exactly where I was. “A fallout shelter...” I breathed.

Simon nodded to me, then hurried me along to a far corner of the shelter. “Yes, it is a fallout shelter,” he said, sitting down on a bed.

I sat down, too. “Does this mean that we’re under attack?”

“Yes... and not only that... but the atomic bomb that this base has been housing for many years has been set to detonate...”


He sighed. “We think that someone on the base was an enemy spy. He somehow got clearance to enter the place where the bomb was being kept and turned it on, as it were. The most unfortunate thing, however, is that we’re not even sure if this shelter will save us if it does go off...”

My eyes grew large at this bit of bad news. Doctor Simon saw the fear in my eyes and hugged me reassuringly. “Don’t worry. Remember what I told you. You will never die. Even if the rest of us around you are dead, you will not die...”

“But... I don’t want to live if you die... What purpose would I have to live if you died? I love you...!”

He held me closer, whispering strange things to me. Things in another language it seemed.

After the strange whispers, he pushed me back a little to look me in the eyes. “Zaphkiel, I’ve got something to tell you.” He looked sad as he said this. “Zaphkiel, I knew a long time ago that I would die young. I didn’t know I would die now, but I knew I would. When I die, I want you to know that I will always love you, even as my soul leaves this world to make its home in the next. I will always love you...” He turned his gaze away a moment and took something from his pocket. “Give me your hand...” I did, and he placed a curious feeling object into my hand. I opened my hand to see what this little thing could be...

“A computer disk?” I asked.

He nodded in a distant way. “This disk holds the answers to all your questions. All I ask is that you look at the information after I’m gone. To access the information on the disk you must have the correct password--.”

“Which is?” I interrupted.

“Which is something you’ll have to find out for yourself, I’m afraid.”

“Oh...” I said, playing with the disk in my hands a bit before pocketing it.

We sat in silence a moment before I asked, “How do you know that you will die this time? How do you know that you won’t survive?”

He sighed. “Because it is my destiny to live not one day longer...” he said, then looked up at the ceiling, his face emotionless.

“But you can’t die...” I whispered. “If you must die... then I must die, too!” I cried.

He held me close and whispered, “No, Zaphkiel. It’s not your time. You must live on. When everyone here is gone, you must survive...”

“But why?” I said, my voice cracking.

“That I can’t tell you, but it is very important that you live on. Please,” he pleaded, ”you must live on...”

I nodded slightly and he let go, looking me straight in the eyes. “Zaphkiel, I love you, and I will always. Remember that.” He returned to looking at the ceiling, a placid expression on his face, waiting calmly for death.

I held Sammy close to me as I watched him, quietly observing this side of Doctor Simon that I had never seen before.


The explosion was tremendous, even from underground. But the explosion was not the worst part. A very important-looking man came from the farthest corner from where Doctor Simon and I were and stood in the middle of the shelter.

“Please do not panic, everyone, but we would like to inform you all that there is a crack in one of the armor plates surrounding this shelter and nuclear gas is leaking into the shelter as I speak.” Many gasps and mumbled chatter came up at this news. “Quiet please! I’m afraid that there is little time before we all die from exposure. I’m sorry...” After this rousing speech, he sat down. Everyone in the shelter was buzzing with frightened chatter.

“Everyone will die...” I whispered. “Everyone but me...”

I took only a matter of minutes before people started to come down ill and slowly die. I gasped as these poor people fell into such tragedy. I turned to Doctor Simon. He still looked up at the ceiling, only now he was praying softly. A song of prayer, beautiful and soft was lifted up to the ceiling.

A tear ran down my cheek as I closed my eyes to block out the terrible sites and sounds of the dying around me.

When my eyes opened again they were all dead. I held Sammy tightly, close to my body. My mind was completely void of thought. I was helpless. Or so I thought, until something strange came over me. My conscious mind then turned itself off and I was in a trance that felt more like sleep than anything else.


When I awoke again, I was above ground, staring at hundreds upon thousands of dead bodies. All of them were enemy soldiers. My gaze went down to my hands, both of which where stained with fresh human blood, red and putrid. I gasped at the site.

I then turned around to see behind me. Ally soldiers, bloody from battle and stunned, stared at me with disdain and fear.

I walked toward them and tripped a little. I looked down to see what tripped me. “Sammy...?!” I gasped. He was unharmed, thankfully, but a little dirty.

The soldiers shifted slightly.

I picked up Sammy and looked at them a while, not sure of anything that had happened.

Finally, after many long moments of standing, I walked toward them.

“Be careful, men,” said there leader. “If he can wipe out all those men in such a quick amount of time, then he can do the same to us...”

I cocked my head sideways, giving a cute questioning look, hugging Sammy tightly.

“But, sir, he seems so innocent now,” one of the soldiers protested.

“That’s exactly what he wants us to think, soldier!”

I was weak, and I could feel it tremendously well now. I fell to my knees, unable to stand. Did I really wipe out all those people? I thought. If I did, then that would explain why I’m so weak. But how could I kill all of these people? My thoughts soon stopped and I fell unconscious.

I love you, Doctor Simon... I’ll miss you so much...


←- Marionette: Report 2 | Marionette: Report 4 -→

9 Dec 200245 Shai
*First comment dance!* Okay, um... What can I say? Um... I really, really like it? No, not enough. Really, Really LOVE it? That's much better. This is an awesome story so far. This is way better than a lot of published stories I've read. Um... I let Galen Darkmor take over commenting, he's better...(my favourite character from my writings.)
GALEN: *Stares, reads up to here, stares some more.* This is really cool Erin, speaking from someone who reads a lot despite my non-literary backround. (Thieves aren't educated well you know.) Wow...Ain't it amazing how Japanese rock music can spawn stories? I'm glad you like my story so much. I'm almost done with the fourth chapter, so stay tuned! ^_^
15 Feb 200345 Anonafyre
More please? 2 2
2 Apr 200345 Hannah
woah. i think ive caught up now. and i need more. its amazing.
Han x
2 Apr 200345 Peregrine
Good... I like it!
Must... find... more...
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'Marionette: Report 3':
 • Created by: :-) Erin Nicole Ruiz
 • Copyright: ©Erin Nicole Ruiz. All rights reserved!

 • Keywords: Ai, Android, Boy, Cyber, Cyborg, Doll, Fiction, Science, Shounen, Yaoi
 • Views: 323

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