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H. Lynn Rummel

"Tale of 2 Kitties (THE END!!!)" by H. Lynn Rummel

SciFi/Fantasy text 11 out of 17 by H. Lynn Rummel.      ←Previous - Next→
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Okay, is everyone sitting down? Do any of you have heart problems? Okay, listen to this 'I ACTUALLY FINISHED SOMETHING!!!' ***Everyone who knows me falls dead of shock***

All joking aside, this is the grand ending of the 'Tale of 2 Kitties' series. Hope everyone likes it!
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←- Tale of 2 Kitties (part 4) | ***NEW*** The Greatest Heroes -→

            “Max, you are insane!” I whispered at him, not for the first time as we crept along the far side of Pier A. He moved quietly beside me, working hard to stay in the deepest shadows. It wasn’t easy for him, being so light colored. I was black as midnight, so blending in wasn’t a concern for me. “And I still don’t see why we had to bring them!”

            I turned back to look at the cause of my annoyance. Lady and Mala were following us, Lady looking determined and anxious, Mala looking about ready to bolt and run for it. The dogs heard me, of course, and this only deepened the scowl that seemed permanently fixed on Lady’s lips. Mala trembled from nose to tail.

            Max slowed his hurried crawl, and turned to me. “I’ve already told you, we need the muscle and the distraction. Otherwise, we’ll never pull this off. Now, do you want to save your owner or not?”

            I bit my tongue. I was starting to hate how superior Max was acting. After all, I’m four years old! I’m not some blind newborn fumbling in the dark. I opened my mouth to tell him so, but closed it again when I saw the look on his face. Max was scared. Really scared. He was facing his worst fear, and he was doing it for me. It was so romantic! (Why are the scariest times in your life the most romantic when there’s a guy there with you? That is so bizarre!)

            We were fast approaching Pier 97, and there were starting to be butterflies in my stomach as well. This whole plan was stupid verging on suicidal. For all Max’s big talk on feline intelligence as compared to the already affirmed stupidity of humans, this was STUPID! We are supposed to be small, but smart, overcoming human strength with our brains. Instead, we were rushing in like cowboys in the Old West movies. If humans were smart, they would shoot each other with their guns when the other guy isn’t looking, not waiting until both guys can see the other, then trying to shoot. The only advantage we had was surprise, and to be perfectly honest, I really didn’t think that would be enough.

            But we made good use of it, sneaking up to the warehouse without so much as a peep. I told the dogs to stay, and then Max and I slipping in through a cracked window above the dumpster. (I must say, those smelly things are rather convenient to have around.) We laid on our bellies and looked down. My heart leapt instantly. Jackie was in the middle of the huge room, tied up around a pillar. That was the good news.

            The bad news was the seven big human men scattered around the warehouse, and two or three were carrying some type of gun.

            “I don’t think this will work, Max,” I whispered in his ear. “We need the cops.”

            “If you can think of a way . . .” He began, but was cut off as a huge heavyweight smashed onto his back, howling and spitting. “Kitten, run!” Max yelled, tangled in a ball of yellow and red fur.

            I ran all right: down the wall and to Jackie. The men, attracted to the sound of the catfight, moved away from her. I slipped un-noticed to her side.

            She had a huge bruise on her forehead, but looked okay. She was gagged, but looked at me with huge black eyes widened in surprise. I moved to look at Jackie’s wrists, but they were bound with handcuffs. If I knew how to swear as humans do, I would have. Then I saw my hope. The inept ransom-seeking bandit had left he handcuff keys on the table a few dozen feet away.

            I looked to Max, worried for him. He was holding his own, but I know he couldn’t last much longer. Time to call the cavalry . . . “Lady, Mala! Help! Jackie’s hurt!” I screamed, and was rewarded instantly. The dogs burst into the scene, biting everything within reach. Mala, who I had never seen in action, was consumed in fury. Apparently, one of them had spilt beer all down his front in the commotion, and Lady was having a ball ripping his shirt to shreds. The thugs had no idea what was going on, and as I reached for the keys, I had a glimmer of inspiration. Next to the keys was a speakerphone. And it was on. I pressed 9-1-1 and started to scream into the mouthpiece. The operator on the other end of the line was talking, but I just kept howling, doing my very best to sound plaintive and hurt. Only problem, this attracted the attention of the nearest thug, who pointed his gun at me. I froze, terrified, unable to budge.

            Then I heard Max shout, “Move!” The human fired the gun, and I jumped from the table just in time, the keys dangling from my mouth. I ran to Jackie, but the thug was right behind me, and all I had time to do was drop the keys into her hands, and run under the nearest stack of pallets. The thug lost interest, and I heard several more gunshots. My blood was as cold as ice, and I scurried out from under the pallets, looking for my dogs and Max.

            One of the thugs, the leader, was shouting at the others, telling them to stop shooting. Lady and Mala were backed into a corner, snarling and snapping at the men. But I couldn’t see Max anywhere. Then, crumpled in a heap by the wall, I saw him. He wasn’t moving.

            “Max!” I shouted, but there were a line of cats between us.

            I heard a sinister laugh, and turned to see Joe, grinning wildly at me. “I warned him. You’ve killed him now, you ugly broad.”

            I glared at him, and . . .


            You know, this part of the story is kinda long, intense, and not very interesting, so here’s the cliff-notes:


1.      I attacked Joe.

2.      Joe and his gooneys beat me up.

3.      Jackie unlocked her handcuffs.

4.      Jackie got a gun and scared the men.

5.      The cops came and arrested the kidnapping humans.


Okay, everybody caught up? So, anyway, this is the good part:


I hurried over to Max, but he hadn’t moved yet. I didn’t want to believe that Joe was right, but to be completely honest, I thought he was . . . well . . . dead. I laid down beside him, and licked his cheek, tears welling up in my eyes. I think I said something like, “Max, you can’t be dead. I need you.” Kinda sappy, huh? Well, I wasn’t exactly on a bed of roses myself, so give me a little credit.

Anyway, Jackie was standing next to me a few minutes later, and she scooped us both up and we all rode to the Emergency Room together in an ambulance. (You know the sirens are ten times more annoying in the thing making the noise?) Jackie took Max to the Animal Hospital, and then stayed with me the whole time Max was in the operating room.

Jackie’s great, you know? The docs took one look at Max and said no way, but Jackie . . ? She wouldn’t let them give up, and turned out, Max was okay. He had to get a lot of stitches, but that was really all.

So we were all okay, and now live happily ever after and whatnot. Jackie adopted Max, so he lives with us now, although we still spend most of our time out on the town. (I’m expecting, by the way. Next April!)

There was only one that really bothered me with the whole affair. The media got hold of the story, of course, and guess what was printed across 12 different newspapers?




Humans are stupid.

←- Tale of 2 Kitties (part 4) | ***NEW*** The Greatest Heroes -→

12 Nov 200245 Ruth Schley
***first comment dance****
Very Good sissy! I love it, especially the little cliff notes part. YOU NEED TO SEND THIS TO SCHOLASTIC TO GET IT PUBLISHED!!!!

:-) H. Lynn Rummel replies: "Yeah, dad thinks so too! Except he wants me o write a sequal. THe cliff notes were a result of bordom on my part, and I figured if I was bored writing it, people would definatley be bored reading it!!!"
16 Nov 200245 Sammi 'Jello' Murphy
LOL!!!!!!! nice last words!! love it and the dogs!!! good job and great ending!!!! i promise i will update someday!!!!! nice work write more about aminals!!!

:-) H. Lynn Rummel replies: "hey, thanks! I will! you need to update! the idea I have for the sequal is the Kitties go to Australia and meet Max's criminal family. "
27 May 200345 Sami Rajabi The King of Rain
Hey! Wonderful! Loved those meaningful last words!

:-) H. Lynn Rummel replies: "Thanks! I'd have to admit that that is probably my cat's opinion of me. I'm glad you liked it!"
13 Nov 2006:-) Heidi Hecht
What, the brave cats didn't get the credit?


Anyway, I'm a sucker for anything involving cats, so I really liked this story.
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'Tale of 2 Kitties (THE END!!!)':
 • Created by: :-) H. Lynn Rummel
 • Copyright: ©H. Lynn Rummel. All rights reserved!

 • Keywords: 2kitties, Cats, Dogs, Kitties, Nyc
 • Views: 356

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