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Ruth ´Cookie Monster´ Browne

"Appendix/Glossary" by Ruth ´Cookie Monster´ Browne

SciFi/Fantasy text 5 out of 12 by Ruth ´Cookie Monster´ Browne.      ←Previous - Next→
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This is a glossary of terms and an appendix of various places and people that will be updated regularly so that translations won't be necessary in the actual text or story descriptions. It also helps to clarify certain aspects of the story. Please note that this is not a chapter! ^^
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←- Jude Ch. 4 | Jude Ch. 10 -→

Glossary of Terms

Well, it seems as though a glossary will simplify things greatly, so here it is. It isn't exactly a glossary, I guess, more sort of an appendix or whatever... anyway. I'm going to leave some translations in my story descriptions anyway until the mods realize that I have a glossary. P.S. These notes will be added to now and then, as much for my sake as for yours. :)

Sret: Sret is, in Jude's world, the god of the underworld. He's a dark god, the practical equivalent of Hades or Osiris. People tend not to worship him directly as they might worship a goddess such as Isis-Anyn, but he is well-respected. Any sacrifices brought to him must be offered as burnt offerings, but this practice is rapidly falling out of favour in the Northlands.

"Sret" is used as a swearword, like "damn", but please remember that it's quite a bit stronger than it sounds. The god Sret is a very real being to the people of Jude's world, and using his name in vain gives the swearword rather more potency than it would have otherwise.

Isis-Anyn: Isis-Anyn is the bloody goddess worshipped by many Cyrasians, the majority of whom are often trying to curry favour with their king, Sarista Aranim (see further down), who is a fervent believer. This goddess demands fighting and bloodshed as her worship, and this takes place at festivals that happen four or five times a year in Cyarus' great arena. The festivals include the Festival of Beasts, so named for the strange and terrible creatures brought to fight for Isis-Anyn's glory (these animals are made by the process of species-blending, a magic that can make monsters of various combinations of animals, forbidden in the north), the Harvest Festival, the Moon Festival, the Sun Festival and, once every four years, the Quarter Festival. The Quarter Festival is held on the extra day added to every fourth year; the Cyrasians measure their years very accurately.

Northlands: While I can't think of a more original name for these lands yet, there are various countries within its borders. They don't have names yet either, which is another inescapable sign of my laziness. However, please note that yes, there are elves in my story, and they live in the eastern wilderness of the Northlands. More about them later. Cities and towns mentioned in the text (Rinth, Lokau, Pouyo) have found their way into the story because events need places to happen, but their locations on the hypothetical "map" aren't fixed. Excuse me, I'm still working on this.

Southlands (adj. Belshammonni): Also known as Belshammon (meaning "Throne of Empires"), this is Rek's homeland. Three warring countries, Kush-Rakkad, Sohanon and Amonaram, are found within its boundaries. The Northlands and the Southlands are separated by the Lirshon Desert, a vast wasteland that has kept the kingdoms from outright war for centuries. This is not to say that the two very distinct and proud peoples do not hate each other; they do. But traders from Belshammon, and occasionally from the Northlands, cross Lirshon to buy and sell goods.

Jude: My main character, my hero, if you like. You can find a physical description of him in Chapter 1. I'll probably put more about him here later, when I know more about him myself. ^^

Rek: Wealthy son of a Belshammonni noble.

Milliaria: Street-rat (female) living in the trading city, Pouyo, on the edge of Lirshon.

Weston: A mage.

Poke: Inevitable annoying little boy. Perhaps I should kill him for his overwhelming lack of originality... *grin* :D Nah, I'll just give his personality some interesting twists. If and when I can think of any.

Misao ri'Sarenga Oriko: A female werewolf. Her wolf form has pure white fur, and she has bright orange eyes.

Luther ri'Sabatku Oriko: Misao's mate. It is not common practice for werewolves to take mates for life, although it is not forbidden. Instead, males bond with females for a year or perhaps more, and during this time the male takes the last name of the female. Luther and Misao have been voluntarily bonded for years.

ri: All werwolves receive the ri when they come of age. The ri is a tattoo of a black fang; werewolves can choose where they would like to have it tattooed, but all members of a were-clan must have the tattoo as a matter of tradition. Along with the ri, young werewolves newly come into adulthood receive their ri-name, which can be loosely translated as their "true-name". So Misao's ri-name is (ri')Sarenga and Luther's ri-name is Sabatku.

Circ: Antagonist (translation for n00bs: bad guy). Very little I can say about him without giving away bits of the plot. Ah, yes, he is male. This is one fact you can be very sure of. Beyond that? Go read the story.

K'shak (adj. k'shakkor): Think the f-word. OK, don't, but think a reasonably nasty alternative. Anyways, k'shak is a swearword. This is fairly obvious. It originated in Belshammon, but its use has spread to the Northlands via the trading routes.

Yrewi: There's a description of these creatures in Chapter 4's story description, but I'll repeat (and enlarge upon) it here. Yrewi are winged, dark spirits who burrow into the stone at the summits of high mountains and sheer cliff-faces. They like to throw boulders at people who try to scale their cliffs. Otherwise, most of them are relatively harmless and cowardly, preferring to spend their days deep in their caves, living off insects and rock lichen and moss. They have been known to feed on corpses, although their aim is bad, so they don't often get this opportunity. The yrewi Circ gathered are a bolder kind; they are able to fly much further than their weaker cousins, and they have developed a taste for blood and flesh. While they are far from physically powerful, they make excellent spies for Circ's army.

Cyarus: My soon-to-be-put-up Chapter 11 contains a detailed description of Cyarus, including its guilds, religions and people. It's a thriving trade-city on the border of Lirshon, just like Pouyo, except that Pouyo lies on Lirshon's eastern boundary while Cyarus lies to the west. Cyarus is wealthier than Pouyo because Cyarus is closer to the great sea port of Winterbound, which is the largest harbour on the Tipherath Ocean (Western Sea). Sea merchants leave from Winterbound to ship goods across the sea to distant countries which will, hopefully, be named, numbered and noticed in the near future.

The River Cy flows past Cyarus. This is a shaky manipulation of ancient Cyrasian languages, but "arus" means "city", which makes Cyarus the "city of Cy" or "Cy-city". (A bit of geographical trivia.)

Sarista Aranim: Sarista is the ruler of Cyarus. In Cyarus' earlier history, the kings' power was absolute, and Sarista is a ruler of the old school. This is clearly demonstrated by the way he treats his harem in Chapter 9. It is also evidenced by the fact that he has a harem. His violent, high-handed way of ruling is not popular amongst his subjects, however, and assassins have twice been sent against him.

The guilds of Cyarus have gained a great deal of power, and their interference in Sarista's affairs has greatly reduced his power. In fact, Sarista's character and morals are long out of date, and his manner of ruling will not last past his death. His encouragement of the bloody worship of Isis-Anyn (Re-Isis) is not seen as unlawful by his subjects - after all, the participants fight and risk their lives voluntarily - but many people, especially the guilds, are dissatisfied with Sarista's disregard of the laws against species-blending (see above). Many nobles and aristocrats are also complaining about the violence and bloodshed involved in Re-Isis, and the blatant way Sarista holds his blood-festivals in the great arena more often used for sports and gatherings (e.g. for public executions). In short, while Re-Isis seems to be gaining a fair amount of converts, in Cyarus it is a dying religion. Only Sarista's enormous strength of character and belief are retaining Re-Isis' dominance within the walls of Cyarus.

A physical description of Sarista can also be found in Chapter 9. Please take note that he is not a stupid man; he can be a shrewd businessman, he knows how to rule effectively and he is intelligent. However, his fanatical worship of Isis-Anyn often clouds his judgement, and his method of ruling (as mentioned above) would only have been effective several centuries ago. He also has a tendency to lose his temper easily, and he holds and nutures grudges as though they were his children. He has a deep and unquenchable hatred for werewolves.

←- Jude Ch. 4 | Jude Ch. 10 -→

23 Dec 200545 James 'Jimbo Fett ' Inwood
You certainly do have a talent that I never had at your age - ok I did but I could never have the paitence and skill to convey all the ideas to paper. Kudos to the level of detail your world is developing.

One thing I must warn you about: "f-word" I can report you to the ERB for "improperly edited swear words" since the rules clearly state that all "big three" swear words must be fully edited out. I talk from experience as my mods choice almost got taken down because I wrote "-ing" so I'm not just saying this I know this.

Just a friendly warning.

3 Ruth 'Cookie Monster' Browne replies: "Many thanks for the warning... good thing the mods didn't reject it for that. I'm glad you appreciate the level of detail I'm going into here ^_^"
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 • Created by: :-) Ruth ´Cookie Monster´ Browne
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