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Sara ´TheVoicesInside´ Pockrus

Sara 'TheVoicesInside' Pockrus

Sara is that nagging voice in your head that is constantly bickering with the ghost banana...
Hi. I got bored with my old bio, so I'm making a new one. Here we go...
Age: Eighteen(As of April 2002)
Gender: Female (As if the name wasn't a dead give away)
Misc.: I draw when the mood strikes me. I draw when it doesn't. I sleep a whole lot. I read a lot. I hate the sun. I love the night. My favorite author thus far is Anne Rice. One of these days I hope to be as good an artist as Boris Vallejo. I know you've seen his art, but if you haven't, you should check him out. Let's see...um...I'm major into photorealism. That's usually what I do. On occasion I will do furry art and anime/manga. Um...Some people that I like here at Elfwood are (in no particular order): Norma A. Peters, Mike Burley, Richard Thomas Lankes aka 'Dirty da Vinci'', Steven Strang, and many more, but I can't think of them right now. My CafePress store is under the 'Private Gallery' link to the right ::points to the right:: there...see? Go check it out...::coughs and mumbles something about buying stuff:: I will do art for commissions...and maybe pro-bono if you're really nice to me. My Personal Website is to the right also ::points to the right again:: But I know you're really not here to listen to me rambling...so check out my art below ::points down:: I think I could make a good flight attendant with all the pointing I do...except I don't like flying. Um...Oh yeah! Leave comments...lots of them...I like them...and don't be afraid to critisize me...I can take it...I promise I won't cry. But if you put something offensive up, I will send my orangutan and the ghost bananas after you, then I'll delete the message.

OH! and by the way: If you steal my art, or anything like that, I'll have to track you down and eat your face. All of my art is (c) ME, unless otherwise specified. If you would like to use it on your website, or print it out and hang it on your wall or anything, let me know. I just may be more than willing to oblige to your request. Also, If you want a drawing or something, let me know. Thanks for reading this, even though I know you didn't really want to. Now go look at my art...go...quit reading...GO!

Guestbook for Sarapockrus

8 Dec 200245 Anonymous
Sarah, Just cruising and find there is a talented Pockrus.
My talent is putting all the Pockrus family in the USA together in hopes of finding the earliest ancestor. If you would be willling to share your info with me I can probably give you information on your ggggrand parents.
Contact me please at the above e-mail address.

:-) Sara 'TheVoicesInside' Pockrus replies: "Hi Helene,
You already know me. My father and mother are John and Cynthia. I've met you at family reunions. Thanks for commenting on my art though. My better and newer art is at http://thevoicesinside.devaintart.com/thumbnails 2~TVI (Sarah)"
19 Jun 200345 Angel of death
WOW. for a newbie, ur artwork is really good.
i especially like 'a little something' something so plain and simple hits me just right. keep up the good work. my e-mail is i_got_issues23@hotmail.com if u wanna keep in touch

:-) Sara 'TheVoicesInside' Pockrus replies: "Thanks for commenting...I didn't think I was that much of a newbie...I've been drawing for as long as I can remember. If you want to keep in touch, just e-mail me, I don't have net access at home so i have to use my parents computer occassionally."
25 Jun 2003:-) Norma Peters
It's nice to see new work in your gallery since the last time I visited, such a long time ago. I've been renewing old aquaintances for the last few days. 2 As always your faces are memorable, with a classic, exquisite beauty all their own.

:-) Sara 'TheVoicesInside' Pockrus replies: "Thanks again, Norma, for your wonderful praise. You're such an inspiration to me. 2"
6 Aug 2003:-) Caitlin C. Teasdale
niiice drawings. I was wondering: my friend needs an evil jester pic for her role play character profile, and I was wondering if I could send her your "Evil Jester Man" pic?

:-) Sara 'TheVoicesInside' Pockrus replies: "I need to know exactly what it will be used for before I can grant permission. All of my artwork is copywrited to me so if it is used any anyway unknown to me, it is illegal. I would just like to know exactly what it will be used for and I would like an address to this RPG so I can check and make sure that it is only used for that reason"
21 Jun 2004:-) Saskia H. Suurling
Ooh it's beautiful! You draw faces so well!!
20 Feb 200845 Zoey Kay
you are so good, no, your so great at what you do...its amazing how you capture the realism in every picture, the fury, the rage, the emotions, and the way you make us wonder what was running through your head when you drew the picture...keep it up
4 Oct 200845 MARTIN
4 Nov 200845 Anon.
Hi Sara Beth. It’s DeAnn. I just found this site by accident. Wow! You’re even better than your mother. You should bring some of your art work to Thanksgiving dinner to show off. You need to be working on an Art degree. Love you. See you soon.
4 May 2009:-) MT Starkey
Cool pics.
17 Nov 201345 Cam
I lover your joker drawing, can it be purchased? Email me
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Sara 'TheVoicesInside' Pockrus

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