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Sasha ´Sushi´ Kansons

SciFi & Fantasy Artwork by Sasha ´Sushi´ Kansons

Sasha loves to write or draw what she sees in her mind's eye.

A Forbidden Love
Adochi With Staff
Ashainmi and Niang
Atumi and Tew Lounging
Autumn Korat
Bleeding Tears
Everybody's Favorite Korat
It's Always Raining...
Jasal's Kill
Kosu, Nature Demon
Maharon - Fire Wraith
Random Naii
Rioso and Falashio
Sachi, White Wolf
Sanla, Tiger Demon
Three Furred Serpents
We Are One
Wish For Wings
Yoshi! ...the Korat
You Gave Me Wings
Zrego and Jysulehn

27 Jan 2003:-) Erika 'Elley' Lake
I haven't commented on your fabulous pictures? Me? El? No comment? Eeek! MUST FIX THAT!!! Sush, your stuff is super. I love it. I need to see more of it. I don't care if you DO think my females have fish lips, the guys dig the extra padding on the kissers. 10

Anyway, very nice shtuff. My RPing is again taking a back seat to that old demon riding my back, College Life. I haven't disappeared. I wuv and hugs you all, my characters are NOT dead, they're sleeping. Zoo Life likes to take me for a spin every once in awhile too, so if the RPing Bug could just avoid those two, I'd be back. YES, I'm drawing Korats. YES I'll put them up so you can ridicule them.
Erika the ELFWOOD ARTIST who draws Fishlips. You know, I might make that my nickname!

:-) Sasha 'Sushi' Kansons replies: "Hey look, s'the Fishlips Artist! XD! PUT UP KORATS! YISH! XDXD! *coughs* I'm calm, honest. ~_^ S'anka for commenting mri'fao. Fwahaha. Y'got a link in my bio now. Ain't you speshal. XD!"
19 May 2003:-) Jessica 'Vestaka' Douglas
Hey cool! Weird beast things! like it very much! (can't do weird beast things, tried, ended up with something resembling a demented scottish terrier oh well)

12 Sasha 'Sushi' Kansons replies: "Weird beast things are mah specialty... of course you've noticed this. XD! Demented scotties are good too. =~_^= T'anka for the comment!"
13 Aug 200345 Kay... again
For cryin' out loud, Sushi-san. I haven't been here in ages and I can tell. Your drawing has improved greatly, lemme tell ya! 12 I'm in love with your Korats and your Masi piccies! *drools* I've gotta say that from what I've seen of your bipeds, the Masi are my favorite! *gushes* Seleth ROCKS! Dude! I think I'm falling in love with Canises 10

As I said... you're getting better every time I re-visit 10 Your anatomy on all quadrupeds has improved... last time I looked their hind legs looked like they could be used as stilts (don't mind me pointing out things you've gotten better on, mm?). Now they look muchles better, nod.

Aaaaaah... keep up the good work, mri'fao. If I had a scanner (or a decent digital camera, anyway) I'd be sure an' show you some of the work I've been doing lately 2

And please don't eat me (or sic Redwood on me) for leaving during the time Terole needed me worst. I feel terribly crappy about falling inactive like I did... I do deserve a good mauling. *sigh* Mrrfle. Anyway... if ever you have a place for TFD... lemme know, eh? She's effing bored! =P

Take care now! =P

1 Sasha 'Sushi' Kansons replies: "Why sanku Kay-chan! XD. It's great to hear from you again, and I'm glad you've noticed the vast improvements (from horrible to decently mediocre) in my art. ~_^ Masi are fun, though I haven't drawn any in the last... six months, if not longer. (Btsa, I've only really done two pictures since April/Mayish! Bad Sushi. BAD.) And you are required to love Korats, young lady, or I WILL sic Redwood on yeh. XD. And Caniseseses RAWK; they're one of my favorite of Kitty's species. Although I abhore drawing feathered wings. ^_^;; And don't worry about Terole... it was bound to fall sooner or later. It's better that the timing worked out plot-wise as well as players-wise, y'know? Anyways, glad to see y'around, mri'fao. Bwahaha. XD."
7 Oct 200345 Kelly 'Dragonia' Hernandez
I just love your creatures! They're very creative and absolutely amazing! P.S. That's a very beautiful snake you have!

3 Sasha 'Sushi' Kansons replies: "Thank you! =^_^= Yes, the snake is absolutely gorgeous -- I wish he was mine. I got the picture taken at our annual Buckwheat Festival. ^_^ Anyways, 'nough snake-talk... thank you for the compliment! I'm glad you like my creatures. =^_^="
16 Jan 200445 Anonymous
Hello. Good to finally find you. I was a member of Terole, and was sad to see it's downfall. Must've been hard. ..Not to dwell on the past. Now it's the future that's important. I'm looking forward to viewing more of your work. Keep up the wonderful job!
16 Jan 200445 Lei <macaroneenchei
Hrmm.. yes. ^_^ I always love looking at your pics, and when I came here for the first time in what, six months or so? (probably more, but it was a long time anway. x_x) I was glad to see you still had at least two pictures that I remembered up. (I think I used to talk with you as a roleplayer, except I totally forget my name now. I think my 'out of character' name then was Kaboom or something...?) Anyway, love how you're art's doin'. Only one thought: You ever do any creatures flying?
7 Apr 200445 Zakusa
Your imagination is working good, and there is talent being wrapped up with that snake, just try to change your perspectives and subjects.

Zakusa Bigo
Program Manager
12 Jul 2004:-) Fanny Olménius
Your art is amazing! You really got a talent!! ^_^
I really really really liked the Morolla and the animal (or thingie) on D something something... D'J... He/she/it with all the different patterns and stuff. REALLY liked it!
And of course the Forbidden Love! ^_^
Keep up the great work! *thumbs up* Wish to see more!! ^_~
21 Jul 200445 Rob Shipley
omg this art sucks! you are the worst artist in the world......

hahahaha J/K babe, Ive loved your art since I seen it in real life.....I keep thinking these could be covanent creatures on halo....that would be soooooooo cool!

I love you babe
Rob Shipley....I hope you know me still hahaha
kusani! kusani! hwwaaaaa!
10 Oct 2004:-) Tanos
Pretty gallery you have. =) I would like to see more right-facing critters (notice that most of them are facing left? seems to be a common problem with right-handed artists *G*), more non-profile faces and more dynamic poses. Keep up the great work, I enjoyed looking through here. Well done.
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