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Jay scorpgem21 Lan

Jay scorpgem21 Lan

Jay is always ready for the next adventure... I'm much more of a wordsmith than ar-tist (at least for now in the fantasy/sci-fi realm) but still like to observe and comment on the plethora of other arts...


a plethora of arts, teaching, science, sci-fi/fantasy adventures, traveling, sport, etc... in effect, almost anything related to new, interesting experiences to garner the most adventure/exploration/understanding out of life but not related to actively participating in the growth of plant life... Let this be a warning to plant life everywhere... We can amicably exchange my carbon dioxide for your oxygen, but let's keep our distance... (hehehe...) hey, there's always photography & other arts to inspire me from such plant-life (just not the "actively growing" part)...
Favorite Fantasy/Scifi Movies and TV Shows
Matrix(2), LOTR, SW, ST, Sliders, Law & Order (oops not in genre but still an interesting show)...
Favorite Fantasy/Scifi Books
LOTR, Riftwar Saga, Icewind Dale Trilogy, The Odyssey, The Divine Comedy, etc....
Favorite Music
Smashing Pumpkins, Pearl Jam, Loreena McKennitt, Enigma, A Perfect Circle, Placebo, Absyrtus, Finntroll, Primus, Deftones, The Cure, Green Day, and too many more to mention here...

Guestbook for Scorpgem21

31 May 2008:-) Bianca Lucrecia Ramirez
Oh and sure Ill cross my fingers for ya 12 Goodluck!! ^_^
1 Jun 2008:-) Bianca Lucrecia Ramirez
Hey I never played Final Fantasy 4, I have never been enterested for giving it a try, that’s awsome, I know It seems that my friend back in those days was busy with the game and never let me continue through it, I almost forgoten about the original old shool final fantasy 7...and now I whant to get back into it hehe (how could I forget lol). Oh and storyboarding is alot of work all day everyday drawing can be a pain, but when you see the final result they turn out sometimes better then the original movie. Well there are a veriaty that I like. I like Comedy films, Sci-fi, anime, action, thriller, some true stories like memoirs of a geisha, or the God father, they’re both pretty cool, and motion pictures like shrek. What about you?, what films do you like?

:-) Jay scorpgem21 Lan replies: "FF4 has a classic storyline (star wars-like --- many sw references) & some interesting diversions (you do actually get to go to the moon & explore the lunar surface & caverns if you make it far enough)... FF7 is my other favorite (although I like each one, 1-9, to some degree)... FF7 has a really fun spell called Bahamut Zero (which is the third progression of an earlier spell called Bahamut & Neo Bahamut). It’s hard to get but fun to watch... I also like the idea of equipping materia & the way that FF7 continously changes your perspective... Just when you think you know the FF7 universe, they throw a wrench into the plans & show you a different way to view the FF7 universe (ex. just when you think the city & Shinra is the only thing in the universe, then you breach the city’s outer wall & discover a whole new world, with many continents... storyboarding does sound interesting but I’m sure that after awhile anything can get boring... As for films, it is difficult to have only one area of interest. I like classic (Great Expectations, Time Machine, Beowulf, Twelfth Night, Much Ado About Nothing, Shakespeare In Love, Les Miserables, & Don Quixote), drama (Dances with Wolves, Apollo 13, Braveheart, Shawshank Redemption, Crouching Tiger Hidden Dragon, The English Patient), historical (Patton, 300, Hildago, Troy, & Moulin Rouge), Spy/Action (Bourne trilogy, Mission Impossible, & Catch Me If You Can), comedy (Office Space, Hot Mikado), animation (Animaniacs, Shrek, Ninja Scroll, & Samaurai Jack), sci-fi/fantasy (Star Wars, Matrix trilogy, X-men, LOTR, Sliders, & Quantum Leap), and European (Swimming Pool, Match Point, & Jean de Florette / Manon des Sources)... Wow, this is quite a thread... Well, have fun storyboarding (or not)... 12"
3 Jun 2008:-) Bianca Lucrecia Ramirez
yeah well, Im already quiet bored of it lol, but its one of the only few things that I know how to work so well at, soon enough I would learn graphic illustrations web designing and other careers that might help me, but first comes one then the other. It can get frustrating because you have to sit down all day drawing frames and sketches, however I have improved so much right now, but all my new work has been taken from these productions and my old work wich has been used for college still exists here wich is the ugly old work lol. anyhow, well Im not only sticking with storyboarding, Im doing illustrations (sketches), for set designs and quick character sketching they could need.
3 Jun 2008:-) Bianca Lucrecia Ramirez
And for the other subject (wich seems you’re so into...ofcourse who wouldnt be... its final fantasy lol 1) , bahamut is my most favourite aeon to use in 10 especially anima, when it causes oblivion which is 16455 per hit is amazing, also oblivion which causes the same damage as pain of 999,999 hit points...you may go over that hit limit too but it takes ages to power up. and with bahamut I dont remember much about it but hes awsome, the dark bahamut aeon wich is in the celestial palace ( i think it was called), each hit he does is over the 999 999 hit limit and turns you into stone..well you shatter after that and totally die......totally lol. apart from 10 number ten-2 you don’t summon any aeons..which is stupid and boring and its quiet girlish...but its alright. You just power up yuna as you progress through the game and her other girly friends. Yeah FF7 Ive heard so many good comments about, I just wish I could finish the whole thing, I never could continue through the game because here...it can get quiet hard to get one hehe. But the movie itself is really good!! this is why Im so into final fantasy too (as you have noticed)...
3 Jun 2008:-) Bianca Lucrecia Ramirez
WOOOOW you have so many favourites, well I have many favourite movies too....but its a huge line so...I wouldn’t want to cover you’re whole page here hehehe. Oh and have you seen kiss of the dragon, its pretty cool and crouching tiger hidden dragon is awsome ^^.
anyway, yeah thanks!, don’t worry- to do good with a job I’ll have to find it fun...hehehe17
3 Jul 2008:-) Bianca Lucrecia Ramirez
WOW! since when I didnt reply to you’re comment!, infact I havent replied to many comments, I havent had the net for quiet a while Im really sorry!. Anyway, yeah Im glad the kid is ok at least hes still alive, its good that you know all the first aid a skill like that can save many people ^^. Yeah the almighty final fantasy series!, yeah I have died many times against Odin, just because of that blade move, so its pretty hard especially when you run out of time, you’ll have to start from all over the begining it quiet bothered me. Oh you know what puzzeled me about number 8, is that I always seemed to pass this island with my ship, It had a cactuar popping in different spots, I think that was a secret aeon ey?, thing is, I ave no Idea how to get a hold if it. Apart from that, ofcourse I would assume that Yojimbo is equivalent to the old school aeon Odin, its reminde me alot about him.
3 Jul 2008:-) Bianca Lucrecia Ramirez
Hm but anyway, Ill follow you’re idea, and give it a try, well...thats until my friend lends me the game once again lol!, I think he wouldnt be bothere to help me at that point, shes too busy at the moment.
3 Jul 2008:-) Bianca Lucrecia Ramirez
* okay, well, time to go... I guess this is where I insert my final witty comment... okay here goes: "the sun never sets on the British Empire" -- I guess we’re both just a few liberated British colonists (from a certain perspective)... Well, I suppose you’d have to go back in time a few years for us to be colonists, in a time machine --*, thats from a movie hmm It doesnt familiarise me.....nope I havent seen it but Samuarai Jack I have heard of it, have you seen samurai champloo or afro samurai, theyre both full of action and gore...awsome lol. My brother has played Chrono cross but I havent, he loved it ofcourse. Its not shocking, I payed many other games other than FF series, Im playing assasins creed right now, and its kick ass, after that Ill play ninja gaiden, the after that Ill play Final fnatasy 13 and then vs 13 lol!. I like to pay all sorts of games, also halo, metal gear solid, well I have only played number 3 in my life, but it was good ^^!, so I cant wait for nub 4. Anyway James.guru of films!! sorry once more for the late reply, and hope to hear you sooner then later...guru of games Bianca.

:-) Jay scorpgem21 Lan replies: "Wow, I guess it’s been awhile since I’ve written... I suppose all of this talk about final fantasy & I just had to give it another go... So, I went back and beat FF7 & FF8 during my free time over the past 2 months... It’s always fun to have Odin on your side (yeah, time [running & haste] is the key to getting Odin)... Cactuar is a secret GF that you can get... you have to land there on that island & run into the green speck when it randomly appears... I just finished defeating Sorceress Ultimecia, who is very tough to beat, by the way... It took several tries, but I figured out the strategy -- loved the music, too... What’s next? I’m deciding whether to repeat FF9 or FF4 (a classic), or possibly trying chrono cross (I’ve played CC before but never finished -- just barely started it, actually)... Metal Gear Solid is an excellent game (Solid Snake)... another game with awesome music... halo is okay as well... I might also try Worms (a silly game of warfare between worms or Jet Moto (an awesome water bike game with a hard rock soundtrack)... I’d like to try 10-13 in the FF series but I don’t have the newest system for that... Maybe someday, but there are so many adventures to try... Alright, well, so long for now... -J
10 Aug 2008:-) Lena V. Bazhenova
Thank you kindly for the nice comment 2

:-) Jay scorpgem21 Lan replies: "sure thing... keep creating your unique style of art..."
21 Jun 2010:-) Marika Viklund
Thank you for the tags! 1
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