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Mike R. Harrison

SciFi & Fantasy Artwork by Mike R. Harrison

Mike is an insane man with an ink pen!! RUNN! FOR THE LOVE OF GOD RUN!

Book of Darrel part 2!
Demon knight
Demonic fallen angel
dwarven assasin
Ethereal Assasin
Eye of the Penguin Lord Part I
Eye of the Penguin Lord Part II
Eye of the Penguin Lord Part III
Eye of the Penguin Lord Part IV
Hail to the Spork part 1 lineart
I'll get ya!
Imperial Steve Ch1 pg 2
Imperial Steve Ch1 pg 3
Kevin the engineer
monster smash!
Necromancer UNLEASHED!
oh noes!
Saucy Demon Attack
Senior Pepe
Tattoo design
Yardivich: ORC OF DOOM
Yet again, malace

15 Jan 2005:-) James P. Brady
Wow man nice, u got a dev account wtg. Nice drawings man nice ink, u got a nice style eh and nice gallery stop by my page at Deviantart man for sure peace.!
24 Jan 2005:-) Amy McKenna
great style! I love the four comics you've got up and the detail in all of your other work is amazing. keep up the good work!

:-) Mike R. Harrison replies: "thank you very much, i got some more comics on my deviant art page, non fantasy related go check'em out if you have some spare time 1Well off to your gallerryyy WEEEEEEEEE!!"
7 Feb 2005:-) James P. Brady
Oh sorry man my account is jamesbrady.deviantart.Com
Easy ttyl.
1 Jul 200545 Soulraver676
Dude your very funny!!!!

:-) Mike R. Harrison replies: "I think the word your looking for is insane...lolthanx 1"
18 Jul 2005:-) Tarbuckc
Glffp!--I've just been on your deviant account...I know I'm not allowed to swear on elfwood...so I'll just say WOAH. Teehee. Bye now.

:-) Mike R. Harrison replies: "hehe i just noticed you commented on here lolthanx!!"
2 Aug 2005:-) Caroline Gates
Hey wassup!! I'd like to make it a point to you how impressed I am with your work. It seems that every single one of these pictures/comics took loads of time and effort. Especially when all of them I believe are ink! Now that's commitment! These are very cool and wonderfully detailed!! I've probably said that for most of them but it's true. Your commitment and time in these drawings show that you truely have the patience to start up a career in cartooning/drawing comics/ect. Excellent work Mike! Now that I have showered you in praise to your work, I'd appreciate if you stopped by my gallery. I don't have my good stuff in yet but I havn't been getting very many comments. I plan on going into animation if you care. I really had fun surfin your gallery! You have a wonderful talent. TWO THUMBS UP! 1

18 Mike R. Harrison replies: "lol first thanx for starting my day off on a high note lol I appreciate all of your comments a butt load! You may be sad to lear alot of these pics didnt take that long, the comics take between 15-30 mins(if i have a somewhat of a plot written out in my head lol even though i make most of them up on the fly hehehe). A few (drawings)took an hour or so but most didnt take more than 30 mins.And yes I will go take a peek at your gallery! After I anwser all your comments lol Animation is hard hehe I'm trying to get flash so I can sadly attempt to make a cartoon of some sort. THANK AGAIN!! You rock!"
3 Aug 2005:-) Caroline Gates
Hey me again. Yah I was a little shocked by the fact those pics didn't take you long, but anyway I saw your Deviant art stuff. Pretty impressive man! I like how you colored the "Necromancer Unleashed" it looks very nice! And how come you didn't say anything about me saying Johnnen Vasquez name wrong...Oh well. Thanks for commenting on my gallery! I'm trying to get my other stuff in and I'll give you a heads up! And again awesome work!

:-) Mike R. Harrison replies: "It's an easy one to screw up, although it does bug jhonen alot lol I'd never have it right If I didnt start reading his comics!"
13 Aug 2005:-) J. Anette Jallow
How can I say "no" to that lovely bio pic of yours ^___^

:-) Mike R. Harrison replies: "Hehe, thanx for stoppin by and feeding the comment monster!"
8 Nov 2005:-) Keith D. Brooks Jr.
Yes sir! Reporting as ordered sir!! Sorry, bio pic made me have flashbacks of when I was in the military. Anyway, I love your art style, and you have a singular wit to your humor you use in some of the artwork. Very well done! May I go now , sir? lol 2

41 Mike R. Harrison replies: "you are dismissed! lolthanx for stoppin by!"
9 Nov 200545 Ajder Andrei
hmm... interesting pictures ( and ink, to my knowledge, is not a very easy medium... but then again, I guess no medium is "easy" )anyway, the one single souggestion for you I have at this time is that you could work just a little bit more on your backgrounds... that's about it... anywyas, If you could give me some CC on my works, I would apreciate it...

41 Mike R. Harrison replies: "thanx! And i have been working on them...i hate drawing them lol but yes if you go on over to my deviant art gallery you can see some newer stuff there http://seed2003.deviantart.com. Welp off to your gallery 1"
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