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Emma Carolina Wahrenberg

"The Witch and the Cursed Sword Chapter 3" by Emma Carolina Wahrenberg

SciFi/Fantasy text 13 out of 14 by Emma Carolina Wahrenberg.      ←Previous - Next→
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The third Chapter of The Witch and the Cursed Sword :)

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←- The Witch and the Cursed Sword: Chapter 2 | The Witch and The Cursed sword: Prologue -→




Chapter 3:



Esmereld stared at the boy, who stared back with innocence written all over his face. So he was going to keep it? What the hell was he thinking? Didn"t he know what she could do to him? Didn"t he know that she was one of the most powerful and wise witches of this time? Didn"t he know what a dangerous game he played? No, probably not. He had no idea. He was just a  little human boy who didn"t know anything.


Too bad, Esmereld. Looks like you will have to take the sword from him with force and make him cry. Or worse – kill him, Walter said like he didn"t care as long as they got the sword. And he actually didn"t care. He had never cared about the human race, according to him, humans without magical ability, were a waste of space in the world.


Give it to me, or I will force you,” Esmereld said to Ben and reached out a hand.


Why? What does it mean to you, anyway?” he made such a stubborn face she almost laughed again. But she could not forget the seriousness of this moment. That was another thing the stupid boy didn"t understand, so he just turned around and began to walk away. She immediately reached out a hand to grab his shoulder and make him stop, but as she touched him, she felt a sudden, sharp pain shooting from her fingertips all the way up her arm and into the middle of her heart, where it stayed and made her fall to her knees, gasping for breath. It was like a lightning had struck the inside of her, and as suddenly the pain came she realised the swords actual powers.

The boy looked at her in surprise, unaware of what had just happened, unaware of what that blade could do.


Maybe getting it won"t be as easy as we first though, Esmereld. I can"t believe we forgot it"s true powers. It"s ability to want something and get it.


Damn. Walter was absolutely right. The sword had answered to this boy, or more correctly, forced his soul to answer without him realising it, and made him it"s host. Through him, through any stupid and weak human, it could become so powerful it would be a match even for her, even for all the world"s witches together. And as long as Ben had the sword, it would protect him from her very touch. Who knew what could happen if she attacked him now? The sword could make the spell backfire, or just kill her on the spot.


I"m sorry,” Ben said, ”I don"t really think I"m aware of what all this is about. I"m going to go now, and leave you alone.” He made an attempt to walk away again, but suddenly stopped. ”Wait. I think I"ve changed my mind. If I go back to the village and tell them you"re not the cause of all the bad things happening, that it"s only the nature, then they"ll just think I pretended to come here because I was afraid, and they"ll send someone else, and I"ll be humiliated and treated like a coward for life. So it would be better if you came with me. Then you could tell them yourself, and they will understand and then everyone will get what they want.”


No, Esmereld though, I won"t get what I want. I want the sword. But she nodded anyway. It couldn"t really hurt to go with him, anyway, and besides, she didn"t want to loose sight of the sword that hang in the belt around his waist.


I"m going with you,” she said, ”maybe we could become friends or something. It"s really good to be friends with a powerful witch, you know.” She smiled at him, and he smiled back. Friendship was the first step to get closer to him, and also the first step to make him give her the sword.


Then come. The sooner we get there, the better.”



You know, all the years I"ve lived in my lovely little cottage, and I"ve never been to the village, I"ve never even seen it,” the witch Esmereld said as they walked through the little forest, that was getting darker and darker as it got closer to night time.

Ben nodded, but stayed silent. He was deep in his own thoughts. He just couldn"t stop thinking about the blade at his waist, it made him feel... good... to have it there, it made him feel strong and sure of himself, and the knew that was kind of strange – it was only a sword! - but at the same time, he didn"t care. He just wanted to keep it. That"s all he wanted. But he couldn"t understand why the witch wanted it, too. Sure, it was something special about it, but nothing more than that. It didn"t even look very beautiful, only pretty in all it"s simpleness. So what could she want it for?


But why should I care, anyway? He though, she"ll never get it. It"s mine.


So, here we are,” he said after a while, but immediately went silent when he saw the people standing in front on the village"s first houses. Every single one of them stood there and waited for him to return, and in front of them all stood the priest, leaned on his white painted stick, which he called the Staff of The Gods.


He felt uncomfortable talking in front of so many people, but he thought he had to say something, so he cleared his troath and began with:


Hi. I"m back.”


They didn"t seem to be happy with those words, though, because they kept standing there, staring at him, waiting for him to tell them more. The silence hung heavy in the air, the only sound came from the howling wind, some animals moving on the ground and in the trees and the sound of an approaching thunderstorm.


Well, I"m back,” he said again, ”and I think I should begin with telling you all that the witch is not the cause of all the misfortunes that has struck this village. I suppose it"s just of natural causes and I think that everything will turn better soon.”


Yeah?” someone in the crown said, ”and why should we believe you? Maybe you didn"t even go to the witch"s house because you were too afraid?”


He cleared his troath again. ”Actually, she"s with me,” he said. All the time while they had talked, Esmereld had stood in the shadows behind him, so they hadn"t noticed her, but now she stepped forward.


I am the witch you"re all talking about,” she said with a strong and clear voice that he could only envy her, ”and my name is Esmereld. I have no idea why you think I"m the cause of everything.I"ve just lived a peaceful life in my cottage all these years, bothering no one. That stupid priest there blames all bad things on everything he sees as something unholy or whatever. But he"s stupid, so you should"t listen to him.”


That made the priest turn all red in the face, and he grabbed the stick hard and pointed at her with it, full of fury.


Don"t listen to her!” he roared, ”she"s telling you lies! She"s a witch and all witches are made of is lies and evilness!”


Yeah!” someone in the crowd agreed., and Ben could feel his heart sink in his chest like a heavy, cold stone.


And!” The priest continued, ”he must have stepped over to her side and joined her! They must both be captured and killed!”


Hands of horror ripped into his chest and grabbed the stone that was his heart, and he suddenly felt ice cold all over. Me? He thought, what have I done? He saw their angry faces, looked into their angry eyes, and he was too afraid to move even when they started to run towards him and Esmereld.


Oh no, he thought, no, no, no! And then he felt the hilt of the sword under his hand, and he grabbed it and begand to draw the sword, suddenly filled with the strenght he needed...


No, Ben, don"t! They"re only people!”


He turned to the witch in surprise. ”But they"re - ”


No, run!”


She picked him up like he weighed less than a kitten and ran away from the villagers, through the forest, faster than any human could ever move. He could se the trees flash by, and the colors of green, brown, and the blue sky mixed together in a whirwind that made his head go all dizzy. And the next second she stopped and put him down in front of the cottage.


Hurry, get in!” she said, and he did as she told. He stepped into the little house, where everything was a mess for some reason, and she followed him and locked the door. Then she said a few words with her palm against the wooden door.


There. They won"t get trough that in the first place.” She turned and walked to the fire that was lit in a corner of the room, and then she turned over an upside-down turned chair and sat down on it it with a sigh.


Ehm...” he said, ”what"s going to happen now?”


I don"t know. We can stay here for a while, but evetually, the spell will breake and they"ll get it, so we will soon have to move.”


Um... okay... nice home, by the way.”


Stop trying to be ... I know the place is a mess.”


Eh... okay...” he scratched his head and began to feel really uncomfortable with all this, when he remebered she had actually saved him out there.”Oh... and thanks for helping me, by the way,” he said.


No problem. I"m just glad the sword let me touch you now when you were in danger.”




Nothing, I"ll explain later. You should rest now before we have to go. I hope you know you can"t stay in this village anymore. I"m sorry it turned out like this.”


No, it"s okay, I didn"t really want to stay here anyway...” he couldn"t think of anything else to say, so he also turned over a chair and sat down on it. He suddenly became aware of how tired he actually was, and he really couldn"t help it when his head fell to his chest and he entered a dream world.



←- The Witch and the Cursed Sword: Chapter 2 | The Witch and The Cursed sword: Prologue -→

8 Aug 2012:-) Murph M Beb

:-) Emma Carolina Wahrenberg replies: "Oh! xD Thanks for pointing that out, I really didn’t notice, haha. Well, I belive his name is supposed to be Ben, so i will change that right away. Anyway, thanks for reading and commenting my stuff. ^^"
16 Apr 201445 Anon.
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'The Witch and the Cursed Sword Chapter 3':
 • Created by: :-) Emma Carolina Wahrenberg
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