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Shanna Schopmeyer

"Demon World" by Shanna Schopmeyer

SciFi/Fantasy text 8 out of 14 by Shanna Schopmeyer.      ←Previous - Next→
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A story set on the planet 'New Terra' a dark shadow world of earth, overrun with demons and other evil beings. The story of my character CyberHawk.
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Demon World




The woman known as Celestial creeped through the forest. She was shadowing her mentor and love, Red Talon. Her hear pounded in her chest, the blood in her veins felt like ice.

‘They were being followed’ she thought with dread. Her normally graceful and airy step seemed loud in the unnaturally quiet forest.

Talon reached back, as though sensing her uneasy thoughts, and gripped her small, dainty hand, in his large one. The dark gloves covering her hands seemed to melt into shadows as she passed under them. Her wide set blue-gray eyes widened slightly. Usually Talon didn’t offer comfort.

“We are being followed.” He speaks, voice pitched very soft. She simply nodded; it was all she could do to get that much out.

Her aged black cloak swirled around her slim shoulders in the slight breeze. As the fog cloaked the from another persons vision, it also magnified every little sound. Her breathing seemed like roaring to her own ears. Celestial’s thoughts were swirling around the predicament they were in.

New Terra. A planet filled with demons and other inherently evil beings that liked to roam around at night.

‘And what am I doing? Running around in the dead of night like a fool.’ Celestial thought with disgust.

A white-hot blaze of pain shot up her leg. She gasped and sank to the ground, biting her lip to stop herself from screaming.

Talon lowed himself down beside her to look at the wound. When she looked down, angry, dripping slashes winding themselves around her ankle, met her stricken, slightly cloudy gaze. Almost as though something had grabbed her. She hadn’t felt anything, till she was past it.

Talon helped her to her feet; she swayed into his warm shoulder, the blood rushing from her head and leaving her faint.

“We must keep moving.” He said, helping her to take each agonizing step, pain becoming a constant part of her movements. Blazing its way up her legs, and into her abdomen and making her miserable. With her wound their shadow company felt better in revealing glimpses of itself.

An inky, scaly dark spot would appear here and there, a malevolent green eye winked in and out from the miserable fog. Celestial felt like crying.

Celestial felt a sinking in her stomach, and felt dizzy with delayed reaction and blood loss. A fear began to shadow her mind, an unexplained dread countering the shock, making her stronger, finding the energy to push onward, to just keep moving.

Talon stopped and set Celestial on the ground gently. She stifled the urge to cling to his pant leg like a three year old and beg him to stay, and she had a feeling that somehow, this truly would be the last time she saw him alive. A building pressure in her chest, threatened to release a storm of tears as she watched him disappear into the mist.

A horrific shriek sounded, driving Celestial to her feet, the pain forgotten in the rush of adrenalin, the rough bark of the tree scraped her palms as she clung to the tree.

“Run!” screamed Talon, yet unlike Talon.

She lifted the skirts of her sodden skirt, and started running, leaping and dodging a forest that seemed to have come alive. Her feet picked their own path, as the tangy taste of blood and fear mingled in her mouth. Her clothes shredded at the hands of the branches and bushes reaching out at her.

Small dancing lights appeared in the distance in front of her, she veered away; this was no time to charm the will-o-the-wisps to do her bidding.

Her arms bled from a hundred tiny cuts and her ankle felt like it was on fire. She spit blood out of her mouth, the taste lingering. Her lungs burned, and each breath felt as though it was ripped from her.

She ran faster as she heard the deadly whispers behind her, she was being hunted. Her feet slid out from under her, the ground rushed up to meet her. She hit the ground hard; the wind flew from her body, leaving her breathless and wracked with pain.

Rough, familiar hands hauled her to her knees by her hair. Something warm dripped onto her nose. Her eyes looked up into a gaping red maw that could have once been a person’s neck. She would have screamed, if she had not dared open her mouth. She swallowed the poisonous tasting bile the had climbed up her throat. She raised her gaze higher, and looked into the dull, sightless eyes of what was once Talon.

She stifled a ragged sob of mingled horror and sadness. ‘Surely this is all but a nightmare, this thing, for surely this night had not happened, this had not happened to her Talon.’ She thought brokenly.

She increased her struggle; more droplets of still warm blood dripping onto her already stained blue dress. The thing she would never call Talon again held her fast, in the way that only the dead, and uncaring can.

A deep silence descended over the clearing where she had fallen. Her breath constricted in her throat as the same unerring dread flooded her being again. A large thing landed in the clearing. It looked as though is was a human crossed with a bat and a goat. Almost 12 feet tall, and the color of a moonless night. Her heart hammered in her chest as it walked towards her, staring into her eyes dispassionately.

Dawning horror spread over her and bathed her in waves of fear. Two demon beasts the size of horses slinked into the clearing, they resembled some bizarre mixture of snake and greyhound, eyes glowing a reptilian yellow.

The mist had recoiled back as though not even it wanted to be contaminated with the demon’s touch. Talon’s sword was still strapped to his waist. She only hoped that she would have the chance to use it.

“Release.” The demon spoke, and gestured.

She crashed back to the ground, her cheekbone encountering a rock. She laid in the mossy dirt, her fingers curling into the loose soil, she stood slowly. Her entire body ached and burned with a dull constant glow. She stumbled backwards into the zombie; she leaped forward as though it had burned her. She looked at it, swallowing her revulsion; she forced herself to touch its forehead. She had to know.

Her mind blanked out, a dull, echoing scream sounded in the darkness. She stumbled back, breaking the contact, and tripped over a root. Sprawled on the ground she started up in horror at the live puppet. The demon hounds circled her, their rancid breath bathing her in its scent of decaying meat and death. She got back to her feet a minute later, standing in the circle of hounds.

The demon was petting his thing; she didn’t know what to call it. Suddenly, the demon shoved the thing towards her, spraying her with blood and gore. She almost whimpered. The demon was chortling, in what she hoped passed for it’s laugh.

I will not be sick!’ she screamed at herself.

The puppet thing had shambled towards her, she snapped forward and grabbed the sword. Her foot threatened to go out from under her; she bit her lip and broke the newly formed scab open. She ran with a single-minded determinedness at the demon, her one thought was to try and kill it or die trying.

She was flung backwards, the sword sticking out of its flesh like a toothpick. She lay on the ground, she held her chest, the blood pouring out and staining her arms and hands red. Her eyesight glimmered in and out. The smell of rich, tangy blood assailed her senses. The pain invaded on her euphoria, she moaned in pain, no longer having the breath to scream. Her lungs were nearly collapsed and her entire chest was nearly ripped off. She looked down, her spinal cord shone wetly in the moonlight.

Her mouth worked but nothing came out. Her vision dimmed, and finally gave out to soft warm darkness. She waited to die, she floated in that warm comforting darkness, and instead of moving on she was going back. She cried out in dismay, reaching out for that darkness as she was flung back into her dying body.

She gasped, a breath of air rushing into her newly formed lungs, her clothes shredded and ripped completely as a huge set of inky dark bat wings unfurled from her shoulder blades. Her senses became incredibly sharp, her eyesight seemed to see right through things, her legs lengthened, and grew slimmer, more muscular, her entire body tightened, her hands tingled and she saw claws forming on her fingertips, her canine teeth became faintly pointed, and her hair had bled to darkness.

She stood up all pale glimmering marble in the moonlight. In one lithe movement she stooped down and picked up the familiar sword. Draping her wings around her shoulders instinctively hiding herself, she closed her eyes and concentrated on Talon, bringing the shreds of his sword knowledge to her. She felt the balance and power of the sword and slitted open her eyes. She glared malevolently at the other demon who seemed shocked.

“You.. You are the CyberHawk.” He nearly stuttered

“Why do I care what I am? I am nothing and no one. And I am not your Cyberhawk.” She snarled.

It stepped back and glared, raising inch long knives that served as his claws. She held the sword loosely and they began a dance of slash and bash, she bringing the sword down hard enough to dent the soft iron on the demon beasts’ claws, he snarled and jabbed and slashed at her. Eventually she got her opening.

She jammed the iron sword into the demons chest and felt it scrape along its keel bone. She smiled cruelly at the sickening crunch of bones shattering. Her shoulders burned in pain where the demon’s claws had nearly shredded her shoulders. She drew the sword out and brought it over her head just in time to meet the oncoming rush of the demons claws. The force of the blow drove her to her knees.

The demon sank slowly backward, a bellow of rage echoing through the forest. It collapsed forward and lay there barely breathing. The walked over to it, and laid the sword on it’s neck, raised it and then brought it crashing down. The head bounced off into the brush. The sword clanked on the ground, her fingers seemed nerveless and aching at the same time.

When she came back to herself, tears had made itchy tracks on her cheeks, and she noticed that she was all bloody. Her hands were sticky with dried blood, and her mouth felt bitter. She let out a wobbly weep as she realized what she was, what she had done. The puppet thing came over and tried to offer comfort, her power drew it. She slammed it away, unable to deal with it. When she looked at it sitting brokenly at the base of the tree where it had landed, shadows of remembered pain danced through the dead eyes.

She got up, her wings safely covering her body, and wobbled her way over to where the puppet lay like a forgotten child’s toy. She laid a hand across its eyes and concentrated, she then let the spirit, the tortured and now tattered spirit of her love wing itself away. To beyond, where she should have gone. Tears silently trailed down her cheeks as she looked at the truly dead Talon.

The magic holding the body alive trickled into her, the magic froze her heart and tears, closing off the pain. Her skin lost it’s color, her eyes turned red. She turned her attention to the less frightening hounds. They were really just demon pups, changed by evil magic. Walking over she lay a gently hand on each of their muzzles and pulled the magic that had changed them back out, returning them to their former shapes.

Looking at the two medium sized ghostly gray hounds with glowing blue eyes; they had oversized feathered wings folded to their sides. She gave them their release, told them to go wordlessly. They gave a small yip and danced off into the night. She walked back over to Talon’s body and tore a small strip of crimson from his shirt. Braiding her now long hair she tied it off with the strip.

She looked down at him and smiled, a smile filled with regret, sorrow, and a tiny bit of happiness. One single tear fell onto the body. She turned and walked into the mist, her last words echoing behind her.

“Good bye. I cannot mourn you, for the person I was died, but I remember what you meant to her. Good Bye.”

And it was true, while the demon CyberHawk was born from the girl Celestial, she is truly dead, none of her nature really exists in Cyberhawk anymore. She had changed in ways beyond human imagining, gained powers not meant to be comprehended by a human mind.

‘I hope where ever they are they are happy together.’ Cyberhawk thought to herself.


Chapter One

←- Daemon's Revenge | Frog Princess -→

9 Feb 200145 Justin
This is a great story, Shanna, I hope that you'll continue it!

:-) Shanna Schopmeyer replies: "Thanks"
1 May 2002:-) Lisac3
That was fabulous. The atmosphere was so tense and terrifying.

:-) Shanna Schopmeyer replies: "Thank you!! She's my favorite character and probably will always be that, so I have high hopes for this story. You're praise means tons."
25 Jul 200245 Angelica
your story is great I hope you keep writing on it.

:-) Shanna Schopmeyer replies: "Thanks!"
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'Demon World':
 • Created by: :-) Shanna Schopmeyer
 • Copyright: ©Shanna Schopmeyer. All rights reserved!

 • Keywords: Character, Demon, Magic, Planet, Sorcery, Sword, Vampire, Wizardry
 • Categories: Magic and Sorcery, Spells, etc.
 • Views: 437

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