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Shelz Keast

"Final Fantasy Tribute II-B" by Shelz Keast

SciFi/Fantasy Picture 15 out of 35 by Shelz Keast.      ←Previous - Next→
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SciFi and Fantasy Art Final Fantasy Tribute II-B by Shelz Keast
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To the moderators of Elfwood, especially the Fanquarter mods, I thank you for your patience with both this picture and previous ones with mamoth character lists. I am also sorry for the duplicate descriptions and 'hidden' character lists.

Thanks also go to the Final Fantasy Wiki as my primary source for references and Video Game Sprites.net for their great collection of named sprites from the NES and SNES FFs.


Spread over 6 A3 sheet of paper, encompasing over 400 characters and producing a digital file 20,000px by 4,000px large over a period of nearly 3 months this is the largest picture I have ever done. This is a 'fare thee well' for FF fan art. I'm not doing any more, at least not for a long time. Each letter contains the characters from one game starting with FFI and finishing with FFXII. The idea is that you can see the design progression through the series.


It's not 100% perfect. I haven't played XI so was relying solely on FFWiki. Interpreting NES sprites isn't easy and, ironically, finding decent references for some of the FFXII characters was hard. The picture had to be split to fit within the 2,000px limit at Elfwood and still be ledgible. Fortunatley the split is logical as it is between the less well known early games and much better known recent ones.

Challenge! I accidentally included a character in one of the letters which doesn't belong in that game. First person to correctly identify the character and game gets a free commision. Going through the character lists won't help, they are still included there. I've made the character lists in green so that people can play Final Fantasy I-Spy if they wish. Also see if you can spot the all the reccuring characters. They are marked with * in the List. ---- indicates a branch in the letter.


The List:

Maduin, ^Terra, ^Eseper Terra,^Kefka god mode, *Bahamut, Locke, Celes, ^Kefka, Emperor Gehstal, *Behemoth, Strago, Gogo, Relm, Ultros, *Cid, *Magicite, Gau, Cyan, Mu, Banon, Sabin, Edward, *Chobobo, Interceptor, Shaddow, *Atma Weapon/ Ultima Weapon, Setzer, *Mog, Umaru, *Cactaur, *Biggs, *Wedge.  

*Airship, Meteor, ^Safer Sephiroth, ^Sephiroth, ^Cloud, Aerith/Aeris, *White Materia, Cait Sith, *Bahamut, ---- *Cactaur, Vincent, Barett, Marlene, Jessie, *Biggs, *Wedge, *Behemoth, *Cid, Shera, Bugenhagen, Red XIII/Nanaki, ^Miss Cloud, Tifa, Yufie, Lunar Harp, *Materia, ---- JENOVA, Lucrecia, Hojo, Eleana, Tseng, Rufus, Reno, Rude, Heidiger, *Gaint Materia, Scarlet, *Omega WEAPON, *Master Tonberry, Sephiroth Clones/Copies, Zack, *Chocobo, *Moogle.

Ultimecia, Seifer, Squall, *Gilgamesh, Greiver, *Bahamut, --- Card Queen, Julia, Ellone, Raine, Laguna, ward, Kiros, Edea, *Cid, *Biggs, *Wedge, Raijin, Fujin, Moomba,---- *Balamb Garden, *Ultima Weapon, *Behemoth, Sorceress Adel--- *Ragnarok, *Lunatic Pandora, *Jumbo Cactaur, *Tonberry King, PuPu, Shumi, General Caraway, Xu, Martine, Odine, Ma Dincht, Zell, Selphie, Choco Boy, Quistis, Irvine, Rinoa, Angelo, *Chobobo, *Chicobo.

Iifa Tree, *Bahamut, Queen Brahne, Zorn, THorn, *Gilgamesh/Alleyway Jack, Necron, Terra, *Invincible, Silver Dragon, Garland, ^Trance Kuja, *Crystal, ^Kuja, Mikoto, Zidane, Dagger/Garnet, *Mog, Eiko, Fenrir, Hilda, *Cid, Dr Tot, Fratley, Freya, Ruby, Cinna, Baku, Marcus, Blank, Lani, Amarant, *Behemoth, Steiner, Beatrix, *Chocobo, *Tonberry, Black Waltz, Quina, Vivi, *Cactaur, Yan.

*Airship Fahrenheit, Sin, Seymour, Tidus, Yu Yevon, Yuna, *Bahamut, --- *Ultima Weapon, Yunalesca, Isaru, Morda, Pacce, Barthello, Dona, Belgamine, O'aka XXIII, *Bigs, *Wedge, *Behemoth, Waka, Lulu, Dolls: Pupu, Onion Knight, Moomba, Moogle, Cactuar, Cait Sith, Hypello, Maechen, Elma, Clasko, Lucil, *Chocobo, *Tonberry, *Cactuar,--- Valefor, Bahamut's Fayth, Pyreflies, Biran, Yenke, Kimahri, Rin, *Cid, Rikku, Brother, Cindy, Sandy, Mindy, Auron, Braska, Jecht, Blitzball.

Poroggo, Galka Monk, Lamia, *Gilgamesh, Mithra Whit Mage, Tarutaru Bride, Goblin, *Airship, *Omega Weapon, Zilart Eald'narshe, *Bahamut, Lilith, Promethia, *Behemoth, Tarutaru Black Mage, *Cid, *Sabotenda, Hume Paladin, Elvaan Blue Mage, *Chocobo, *Tonberry, Tarutaru Summoner, Carbuncle, *Moggle, Lion, Kuluu Graviton, Mithra Dancer, Mandgragora, Tarutaru Puppet Master and Puppet, *Seed Crystal, Cait Sith.

*The Strahl, Vaan, Penello, Basche, Ashe, Fran, Baltheir, The Undying, --- *Sky Fortress Bahamut, *Random Airship, Venat, Judge Gebranth, *Cid, Vayne, *Gilgamesh, *Omega Mark XII, *Crystal, Mateus, *Behemoth, Marquis de Onodore, Vossler, Prince Larsa, Raddas, *Montblanc, *Chocobo, Garif, *Cactoid.


7 Sep 201045 Anon.
wow this is amazing
14 Nov 201045 Anon.
That is highly impressive!

:-) Shelz Keast replies: "Thank you."
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'Final Fantasy Tribute II-B':
 • Created by: :-) Shelz Keast
 • Copyright: ©Shelz Keast. All rights reserved!

 • Keywords: 10, 11, 12, Bahamut, Catuar, Chocobo, Cloud, Epic, Fantasy, Final, Game, IX, Kuja, Sephiroth, Tidus, Tonberry, Tribute, VI, VII, VIII, Vincent, XI, XII
 • Categories: Dragons, Drakes, Wyverns, etc, Man, Men, Royalty, Kings, Princes, Princesses, etc, Warrior, Fighter, Mercenary, Knights, Paladins, Woman, Women, Fan art, Sci-Fi Monsters
 • Techniques: Black Ink, Computer-coloured Picture, Photoshop
 • Submitted: 2010-06-11 09:01:01
 • Views: 2836
 • Resolution: 1600x694

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