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Trinton C. Garrett

Trinton C. Garrett

Trinton is an Life Coach who uses art of many kinds to help heal and who worked for three years as an amature artist. Trinton works under his tribal name TrinityHawk. His life is focused on art and healing as much as possible. His personal favorite being Spiritual Abstract art that can mean many different things to many different people. He sees this as a life’s lesson, many different things and many different people but one world.
With a flash of light a hooded individual appears among the trees and fallen leaves. Two shinning eyes glow out from under the hood at you. You notice that the other animals are comfortable and feel at home even with this hooded individual here. You watch some more, nervous as the hooded individual kneels down to pet several of the small animals that are near. After what seemed like eons the individual begins to stand and his glowing eyes land upon you. You freeze unable to move, unsure if you really should be here or not. Slowly A clawed, furry paw reaches up to remove the hood revealing the smiling face of a mixed breed halfling, part tiger, part hawk and part human. Neither male nor female yet a balance of both.

AH! I see I have a visitor! Welcome! Welcome! To my little corner of Elfwood. I am known as TrinityHawk; Or to some as T-Hawk. But, to many simply as 'T'. I am an artist and student of the spiritual belief called Shamanism. I know you must be nervous and unsure of who or what I am since I am not of the norm. But, worry not, come on in, enjoy and relax. My home here may not be like any you have ever seen before. You may even find that some of my artwork may hit you in a different way then it does someone else.

That in my opinion is the beauty of art, it is a very personal thing even when you are viewing it from either close-up or at a distance, here on the net or in person. Art is from the individual and it inspires many things from our being. I love to see my art though others by reading other's interpretation of my art! I enjoy reading your comments when they are made of an educated or friendly nature and not flaming nature so lets keep it nice and I will do my best to respond and to come visit your home in Elfwood if you have one too.

My whirling mind, trusty pencil, computer and other mediums create my art. I just go along for the ride as my hands and spirit do the work. There in my work is my spirit and love.
If you would like to see some more or own some of my art go to Trinity's Designs

If you want to check out some other very artist check out the links below:(This list of sites will be updated soon as well)

Lisa Hill : a good friend and very talented artist!

Christhian 'Angel' Serur He was my first friend on Elfwood and I love his website designing!

Sophie 'SoMK' Klesen Another Elfwood friend who I envy her web designing skills as will as her artistic skills!

Deana Marie Bishop 'Schayde' IMHO, I believe her work has alot of life to it and she is an outstanding artist.

Marietta Talberg she is a very spirital artist as well in my opinon.

Please enjoy and experience a piece of my love, my spirit and me. Bright Blessings and Peace to You! May you have many Rainbows In your day.

As you listen to the individual talk you begin to feel less nervous. Then you realize all has fallen silent. You watch as a clawed furry paw once again places the hood back upon the individuals head. Then with a tap of a staff, and a flash of light the strange individual disappears leaving behind only a sense of peace and the roaming words, 'Enjoy my Elfwood home'.

**update** is working in a local art gallery now, "Access To The Arts", as the curator and recently had two of his photographs published in two different 2007 calanders. 

Last updated: 12-26-06

Guestbook for Sherdawn

4 Jul 2004:-) Audrey S. Totire
Yea! Congratulations to you for being member of the month!!!
6 Jul 2004:-) Mart D. Chandler
Yo Trint!!! Bet you don't know who this is...lol...your right or wrong depending on the answer you gave...lol

How in the heckie who have you been?...give me a hollar on the ole email system so we can catch up on the catchups of the universe...lol


would love to hear from you...gotta go, truckdriving is so demanding...and so is my wife...lol.
18 Jul 200445 Pau Norontaus

Great gallery, you have here .)


:-) Trinton C. Garrett replies: "Thank you so very much. It is very appreciated all comments are and commlimentary ones are doubly appreciated *smile*"T""
18 Jul 2004:-) Charlie Fowler
Trint! you've got me totally hooked on the story line you've started above... when are you going to post stuff at wyvern's??? or am I just missing the link?

20 Trinton C. Garrett replies: "*chuckle* I haven't gotten anymore then that written. But, just for you I might give it a go. I have three other short stories started (Taming of the Rainbow Dragon), (Crystal Unicorn), and The other is untitled as of yet.But tell you what I have been in a writing mood lately. I will give it a go with this one how that, just for you buddy."T""
8 Aug 2004:-) Stephanie Celeste Chateau
Oiy Mate! Just droppin' by again to wish you well in the woods and to say thanks for poppin into me gallery an such and the nice comments. Some loverly concepts you got going on here, keep up the fine work mate!
25 Dec 2004:-) Anneke Hut
Merry Christmas, Trinity! 1
6 Feb 2005:-) Wendy Bittnerová
Hey Trint...I'm not sure whether you have access to the Internet or not...but we miss you in Bifrost. Be sure to come and see us as soon as you can! *hugs* Wendy

20 Trinton C. Garrett replies: "  Hey Wendy: I am back on the computer: I had a computer crash and was so busy with school didn't have much time for the computer other then school work anyway. (now doing work on computer LOL)...but tried to get into Bifrost and couldn't..it wouldn't let me in."
8 Apr 200545 Deana M Kinney 'Schayde'
Trint, you are a wonderful person, thank you so much for linking me even though I have been lost in the real world void for so long! ~Everyone!!! Trint's art is wonderful and very vivacious, his talent shines through in everything he does!~ Thanks again Trint! I'll be back more often soon I promise!!

Luvs, S&SW Deana (Schayde)

20 Trinton C. Garrett replies: "Deana, I have been lost to the world too..do to work and school. Hey got a question: can I use your testiomal you just wrote on my website that is being built? Thanks again!"
18 Jul 2005:-) Audrey S. Totire
*waves to you!* I haven't seen you around lately. I hope you are doing well!
24 Dec 2005:-) Anneke Hut
Hi Trinton, I wish you a Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year!
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Trinton C. Garrett

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