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Stephanie Rennolds

"The Seer´s Garden*" by Stephanie Rennolds

SciFi/Fantasy text 3 out of 5 by Stephanie Rennolds.      ←Previous - Next→
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This is a short story, magic-related. :) I like it, simple as it is. UPDATED: I have edited.
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Emma sat quietly in the middle of her garden. She watched with attentive eyes as a kingfisher dove into the clear, cool depths of the mountain spring. Somewhere, to her right and beyond the garden in the fields, a cicada thrummed and a mountain lark sang the arrival of the sun. A soft, chill breeze ruffled the young seer’s silver-blonde hair like the caress of a mother.


What Emma saw, unlike what the faeries in the garden saw, was not a diving kingfisher, not the sway of the mountain heather in the breeze, but the dancing motes of magic, the swirl of cool, blue streamlets and vibrant scarlet starburst of power. With sightless, white eyes, she could not see in the sense that she could define colors by what was there and how the sun touched it.


Emma could See, unlike any others. She could See the colors of the kingfisher as its life magic swirled in swift little eddies, the wispy purple motes of the heather, dotted lightly with the bright greens and golds of the faeries.


When the gate to the garden opened, Emma didn’t hear it. Instead, she felt the shift of the wind as the wood scraped across the moss-covered rock ground, and felt the slight tremor of the mountain as soft footsteps made their way through the garden towards her. All sounds and sights were colors to her. When the person came to a stop not five feet away from her, she saw Nothing.


If she had known the names for the colors, the spot where this person was would have been all of them and none of them at the same time. Silent but louder than a hurricane, so obviously there, and then invisible to everything, everyone but Emma.


“Why are you here?”


Emma did not hear the words. Instead, she felt the meaning. In reply, she said, “I am waiting.”


Emma’s voice was carefully practiced, practiced off the animals and fae in her garden. She would speak, and then look for the colors changing on the recipients.


“What for?”




Emma did not stand, did not move a muscle, as the figure approached. She could See a smile on his face. “Then we will go.”


The kingfisher watched with silent eyes, and then flew to Emma’s shoulder. Death looked down at the little red-breasted bird and smiled wider as it looked back up at him fearlessly. “Emma, is your little friend coming?”


The woman nodded resolutely. “Yes.”


The bird didn’t move a muscle, except for it’s crimson chest moving up and down as it breathed. “Say goodbye to the faeries, Juu.” The bird chirped and then fell silent again. Then Death gently picked up the woman and the bird. Moving through the garden, he went to the gate, and gently put the woman upon his horse. A silver-grey Nightmare by the name of Silt, gentle and old, a faithful steed.


Behind them, the garden rushed to grow. The heather rushed high and the roses matured, leaving the gate grown over in a matter of seconds. Death mounted behind Emma, and they said goodbye. The faeries waved, and then disappeared. Silt leapt into the sky, and when Death looked back the last time, all he could see was an overgrown, uninhabited garden. Ragged from use, it looked. Worn, uncared for.


“And so it shall be, till the end of time,” Death whispered softly before he directed Silt upwards, and Emma the Seer closed her eyes, sightless as they were, for the last time.

←- Blossoms of Fire * | Reflections* -→

29 Sep 2006:-) Ben C. Brannan
Hmm. I liked it. I mean, I'll admit I'm not good at picking up on subleties. If there was a huge profound meaning behind the story, I completely missed it. But that doesn't stop me from saying it's a good story![wishes all her comments hadn't left] Thanks!
1 Oct 2006:-) Rachel ´Saya´ Lamine
Wow. That was written very well. I really enjoyed that. It did't exactly have a plot, but hey, I like little blurbs that have no plot. I wrote one recently myself. XD I liked the imagery you have in here, with Death and everything. Very good job.
*hands Stephanie a cookie* Cookies are good. *nods*

Keep up the great writing!

~Rachel~[munches cookie] Thank you so much!
10 Oct 2006:-) Norma Peters
This is absolutely beautiful! The imagery, the entire concept behind the story is touching, exquisite, and thought-provoking.[beams in appreciation]
25 Oct 2006:-) Amy ´the Ames´ Perkins
I love the imagery you have here (jumped from a link on Bethie's page) especially the description of how the Seer "sees". My absolute favorite is Death, the depiction of him to Emma's eyes, sort of a void amidst the magic, a nothingness. [thrills happily]

One thing that did confuse me was when you said her voice was "practiced". I assume that means that she echoes her voice off of the other objects in the garden and can thus hear by seeing the change in the object, kind of like echolocation? It was a bit unclear. [grins] Yay!

I wonder about the purpose of having the garden become overgrown so quickly. Is it because Emma tended it and kept it the same so she could more easily see? Or is it another reason altogether? I think I mostly did that so no one would wander upon it and wonder why it was abandonded. I like YOUR idea, though.

All in all, it was a lovely piece that I truly enjoyed reading. *grin*[curtsies] Thank you very much. Very very very.
29 Oct 2006:-) Alia Jory
I like your portrayal of Death as a gentle sort of person. He (or she, possibly) gets such a bad part most of the time. It reminds me of that one song, where she meets Death on the road and tries to bargain with him... not that that means anything to anyone. ^_^ Death isn't bad. She's just doing her job.

It's also very interesting how she sees things, the way she's learned to work with the world. Did she always have to See this way? Yes.

I wrote a story involving blindness once... not that's it's up here. Never finished it. (Unsurprising, really, as I've only really finished one story) But it was interesting; I'll have to resurrect it. I love reading stories that have unusual interpretations of Death; everyone sees Her differently.

It sounds like you had a very good time writing this - ooh! Someone mentioned cookies! Cookies have a strange power over mankind. *searches for cookie* [is currently eating chocolate chip cookie dough.]

I wish I could write in this style. I tend to have a more alert approach, though, and so Robin McKinley and my sister both make me extremely jealous and I have to settle for horse deities and guerilla deer. Oh! McKinley wrote Deerskin, didn't she? [hopes she's right, otherwise she feels very stupid.]

As said above, this is a very nice piece. You should write some more![is very flattered] Thank you so much for your wonderful comment!
22 Mar 2007:-) Dave Cripps
That was not so much a sad story as a happy one. Death was very gentle. I rather liked the image of the garden getting overgrown without the owner. Um if I were clever I'd be able to know what it signified..

"JUST DOING MY JOB"...It doesn't signify anything. ^_^ I'm glad you enjoyed it.
29 May 2007:-) Heidi Hecht
That was a good story. I liked how the Seer wasn't really afraid of Death, she just knew it was her time.Thanks!
7 Apr 2012:-) Matt Ford
Simple, yet profoundly complex at the same time. Beautiful. I loved your description of how Emma was able to "See"
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'The Seer's Garden*':
 • Created by: :-) Stephanie Rennolds
 • Copyright: ©Stephanie Rennolds. All rights reserved!

 • Keywords: Blind, Death, Kingfisher, Magic, Seer
 • Categories: Faery, Fay, Faeries, Magic and Sorcery, Spells, etc., Wizards, Priests, Druids, Sorcerers...
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