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Sarah Cluck

SciFi & Fantasy Artwork by Sarah Cluck

Sarah has finally started uploading pictures again! Yay!

Dragon Flower Torch
Eye of the Storm
Fantasy Wedgie #1: Terra Wedgie
Fantasy Wedgie Example #1: Terra Wedgie
Fantasy Wedgie Example #2: Wedgie by Dragon
Glow of the Eclipse
Gryphon Fight-ish
Ice Phoenix
Inked Japanese Dragon
Into The Color
Light in a Dark Sea Cave
Pencil Japanese Dragon
Pigicorn Bacon
Sculpey Eastern Dragon
Sea Dragon: Seeking Guidance
Tribal Dragon: Spikey
Tribal Eastern Dragon

31 Dec 2007:-) Edith Amondra
Nice work!! And Welcome to Elfwood!
Very nice art. 2
Keep up good work!

Oh yea and *First Comment Tango* ^^

1 Sarah Cluck replies: "Thanks so much! XD"
7 Jan 2008:-) Nadine Dawn Mcbride
hey thanx for the coment on my pic a deal with the devil but i cant remember my password for my other account so i cant reply... and i like ur art work 2!! X)

:-) Sarah Cluck replies: "Thanks! XDThat's too bad you forgot your password. Hope you find it! ^_^"
26 Jan 2008:-) Seth Alejandre Matthews
Gotta love you Wedgie examples! Made me laugh! I would like to see what else you can draw. I think you’re starting to grasp the whole drawing thing Sarah. That Japanese Dragon drawing is beautiful in that brown paper (colour blind so don’t take my word when it comes to colour hehe). Keep posting more work ok. I will keep an eye on you’re progress!

:-) Sarah Cluck replies: "Wow, thank you! XD Ou, keeping an eye on me, should I be worried? ^_~ I’m so glad the Wedgies made you laugh! I was hoping someone would think they were funny ^_^ And thanks about my Japanese dragon! XD"
30 Jan 2008:-) Marika Viklund
Hi! Thanx for tagging my dragon-plushie! 2

:-) Sarah Cluck replies: "Thanks for uploading a picture for everyone to see! XD"
16 Feb 2008:-) Yasa Nihari
Shiny is good! ^___^ And now I must gift your with... AN ORANGE!!!!! [[holds it up like its the most important thing in the world... and then decides that it is]]

:-) Sarah Cluck replies: "*Stares at the orange in disbelief* For me? The most beautiful thing in the world? *Snatches the orange and hides it* YAY! Thank you!! ORANGE! XD"
20 Mar 2008:-) Celeste ´Saphira´ Rigelhof
Hia! ^_^ thanx for commenting on my art! your art is great too! keep drawing! 1

:-) Sarah Cluck replies: "Thanks! And you too! XD"
17 Apr 2008:-) Päivi Waittiz Martiskainen
Thanks for tagging my winter-phoenix pic ^^

:-) Sarah Cluck replies: "Your welcome! Thanks so much for posting it! XD"
19 Jun 2009:-) Jenna 'Kaikisuka' Linn Barton
Great art! I love your dragons. 18 It’s been ages, but I finally got updates in on my fantasy and fanart galleries, if you want to go and look!
25 Mar 2010:-) Linn Vennerholm
Like, now I’m sketching one picture (with Hughes and Elysia) that gives me great trubble! I’ve never drawn them before! I officially hate tables this week...But I like it anyway and I think it’s gonna be finished soon. And then I have two inked pictures I wanna colour! But gah, there’s school too... 8 But there’s Easter holiday next week 1DD!!!
*well, the following has to do with Pause, but gah...I leave it here:*
Yeah, I was thinking of Rizembool too 1 (I was also thinking of taking a screenshot and paste it in the frame, but I don’t think the mods will like that ;P)
lol, Mustang! I actually wrote a tiny story about Mustang, Riza and their son today! I’m not a writer, though, I was just thinking of a bunch of sketches of a guy I drew that I liked to imagine with Riza’s hair- and eyecolour, and her son was born, then my bored brain (I was waiting on my train) came up with a story, that I had to write down before I forgot it! I have an ff.net-account, but only to be able to reveiw to storys that require that you login, I never thoguht I was acctually gonna post anything...but you never know.

Thank you sooo much again for commenting!!

:-) Sarah Cluck replies: "I have so many pictures I want to work on too... stupid school - getting in the way of my art. xD

There are times when I have a hard time completing a picture too because I get bored of working on it - yay for doodles! I work on a bunch of doodles or think up a bunch of things I want to draw and then get back to the boring one that I want to finish. 18

xD Fun! Fanfic! xD I think up fanfic all the time.. but I never put it onto paper. o_O My brothers say I should but I just kinda chalk it up to practicing thinking up angles and scenes for writing. (I write, but the only things I have posted anywhere are a few poems. 10 )

That would be fun to use a break from school to work on art! xD I did that on my winter break. ^_^ I can’t wait until the next break I get!

My "fanfic" of FMA that I never put to paper usually consisted of what happened after the Conqueror of Shambala movie. Somehow Ed and Al managed to keep a way to get to both worlds open and Winry was ticked because she wanted to see all the gadgets the other world had and they wouldn’t let her go. 18"
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