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Rebekah Zpan_Sven Spake

SciFi & Fantasy Fanart by Rebekah Zpan_Sven Spake

Rebekah Inspired by everything from Dragonlance to Mortal Kombat to Dragonball Z and all that is in between.

A Night in Raccoon City
AC . Rahman al-Taysir
AC . Rami al-Taysir
AC . Zahara al-Taysir
Amy Carter-Ooshala
AST . Venom andTorrent
Avice Brox
Carmen Belmont
Carrie Fernandez
Catri Brox
Chaplain of Cobra
Chaplain of Cobra
Chaplain of Cobra
Chaplain of Cobra
Darth Nemesis
IA . Am I under Arrest, Sheriff?
IA . Amy
IA . Rafe and Amy
IA . Sunbathing
Kari, Chunin of Konoha
Mother Dove
Musei, Third Seat of Squad Ten
Ox and Dove
Queen of Cobra
Shadow & Obsidian
Snow Queen
Varian Wyrnn
Warrior and Priest

28 Jul 2002:-) Mandy R Scott

^^ I just checked out your gallery and one thing I noticed ish da backgrounds yew use...meh ish horrible at using those things well...wanted to say hey to mai new neighbor and i am looking forward to seeing more trunks piccus here *grabs trunks and runs off with him* ...*sweat-drops and puts him back* ^^; hehe...

c-ya, Mandy-Chan
28 Jul 2002:-) Rachel Robo Jing YOURMOM
In a good way...0_0
28 Jul 2002:-) Rachel Robo Jing YOURMOM
5 Dec 200245 Constructive critism
Your 20 years old....And u have lots of time???
Ok...Then you can improve on your drawings a bit...When your drawing angles view faces (slightly turned to right or left) you must not draw eye all the way to the edge of the face.. Another thing is...To make sure your neck isnt too thick and start off making pencil sketches...Then you can fix it later if you notice something wrong with it
4 Jan 200345 Anonymous
(To "Constructive Critism)

Ah well, she might be 20 years old and full of free time, and sure your comment might have helped her improve, but seeing how you were rather rude all in all I just decided I'd get back at you for her. Your age and time was not revealed, yet I'm sure you can work a bit on improving your typing skills, eh? Seeing how you even missed "Criticism" in your own name... Plus, I'm pretty sure she's a better artist than you are. *waves*

P.S. Try clicking the "Check Spelling" button next time you comment! ^.^

To the artist: Great work, though of course you can always improve in time, isn't that natural. I enjoy your drawings.

:-) Rebekah Zpan_Sven Spake replies: "  Wow, thanks for defending me! ^_^ Thank you for the encouragement although I wonder where people get the idea I have much free time! If I'm not in school or at work, I'm doing homework, chores or sleeping! Only time I have time to really draw and write nowadays is in the slow periods at work and on the weekends after my chores. Thanks agian for your support and defense of me! "
10 Apr 200545 Horribly ashamed (of u)
(DO NOT AKE THE FOLLOWING TOO PERSONALLY, ACTUALLY PLEASE DO) if u wanna be acomic aritst, u gotta LOOOOOONG way to go. first of all u gotta get ur proportions rite. ur feet n hands r soooo annoyingly big its not even funny. the way u draw ur faces can gets sum work too: ladies lips arent that huge, n heads arent so small. (i kno its partially anime) legs don gotta be so long n ams not that short. think about it. ur colouring needs sum improvment as wall. i suggest u use the same technique that u do for your hair, for the rest of the body colouring. its a lil awkward with visible pencil stokes and smooth, flowing photoshop lines. last thing, i kno not all ppl r gud drawers, but for a 22 yr ols who wants to be a comic artist professionaly, o gotta tweak up alot of ur skills. im 13 n (no offence..a lil, but u get it.....rite?) my bodily proportions are a lil (way) better than urs even wen im cartooning. (even tho i dont have a gallery on elfwood to have more proof, i kno its true.) srry if i sound brattish, cocky, biatchy, know - it - all-ish, but u gotta have a lil more constructed critism. email me if ya wanna rant

have a nice day! *insert smiley face*

:-) Rebekah Zpan_Sven Spake replies: "Alright you little pissant, due to studying for FInal Exams, I'm to tird to deal with you, so I'll let my bestfriend Lish handle you. She saw your post and oooh did she get riled. And that's never a pretty thing. Trust me.

Alright, to the 13 year old. Listen, you little ba@st@rd, you start off your rant "don't take it too personally" well dude! You didn't ONCE offer any sort of aid. Your rant was just blowing smoke out your arse! The point to constructive criticisms is to offer advice to an artists work to help them improve. You don't just piss around saying 'i don't like your stuff'! You could offer techniques, you could refer them to the site of an artist with a similar style. You do NOT, however, blast sed artist out of the water with insults! I don't even know what you're trying to prove! God knows it's not to make yourself appear to be a better artist! You don't even have a g*ddamn gallery, kid! Now, yeah she's got the proportions right for anime, long legs less length on the torso. Beka's come a long way in her art. She keeps improving at the rate she is, she'll be working for Devilsdue in no time! Which is more than can be said for a kid that just goes on chirping other people's art; too afraid of other little pricks like yourself pissing on your work! Go hide behind your mothers g*ddamn skirt, you lilly-a$$ed pissant."
12 Apr 200545 Rebekah Wicks
Awesome name! LOL! Not many people spell it like we do. Way cool! Cool pics too!
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