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Kayla L Stearns

SciFi & Fantasy Artwork by Kayla L Stearns

Kayla is currently out of her mind. Will be back shortly.

Am I funny?
Avatar Drawing
Bunny Maid Asleep on Statue ~Colored~
Bunny Maid Asleep On Statue ~Pencil~
Chibi.. chewing head
Demon Girl
Elven Portrait
Emy and Destiny
Evil Faerie
Faerie Swing
Futuristic Detective
Futuristic Female Person
Halloween Witch
Kings Messenger
Mouse Girl
Old unicorn Grazing
Pegusus Run
Science Experiment
Winged Girl

7 Jun 200445 Ellyn Daly
Where are the updates? Where?! *sniffle* Anyways, let me know when you update, or when you get your Wyvern's up, eh? Toodles. ^.^;;
20 Jul 2004:-) Cindy S. Grotz
I saw that you commented on one of my stories in the Library, so i thought hey i'll check this kid out...

You're quite the good little artist. You have a great gallery started here. I like your color work, but as a couple have said, you could use a little MORE color. Never be afraid to be bold 2 I haven't looked at everything yet, and i'll leave more comments later. But as for now, i'll say you're doing wonderful. I look forward to exploring your gallery a bit more 2

2 Kayla L Stearns replies: "Oooo, okay. COLOR lots of color. I've always like color, always always. I have a few really cool SUPER colored up pictures. One girl has pink hair, I think it'll be liked ^^"
17 Aug 200445 Alvessa R. Tattle
Great art! It's awesome to see another 14 year-old around Elfwood...I don't think there's quite enough of us. So you have a very funky style-keep up the good work!

22 Kayla L Stearns replies: "Funky style? First time I've heard that ^^ Thanks! *nods head*"
26 Aug 200445 *~*pRinCezz SoPhiA*~*
Omg wtf is ur problum? Ur commix is a little funny sumtimes, but it always maj0r sux0rz!!! O and y dont u hav a linx page??????? Wtf is wrong with u u stupid monkey wang!!!!!! Only 13 yr old pr0n star grlz write commix w/o a linx page. O, and y do u make the 1 about teh aminal sacrafaice?!???!!? I am a chrishtain and u offened me!!! I will h4x0r ur survur untill u post a apoligy!!!!!!!!!

And wtf is ur linx page u stupid harry monkey wang 13 yr old grl!!!!!! I will h4x0r ur survur untill u make a linx page!!!!! Ph33r my l33t n1nj4 h4x0r sk1llz!!!!?^%^@$!!!1111~~

:-) Kayla L Stearns replies: "I can safely say that I didnt understand a single word that you posted. And I can assure you that your a coward (since of course flameing someone annonymously without putting your email is) and I'll just say you were pmsing or something. AND I am not 13 I am 14 thankyou very much!"
26 Sep 2004:-) Krystie Rasmussen
I too am 14 and can't wait to get a flamer, they're amusing more than anything else...You have a really great gallery with some really great potential... You're shading needs a little work, but there aren't any great examples in my gallery at the moment either so don't feel bad....A lot of my pics are old and I really just need to do a complete redo....Anyway, I hope you update lots and let me know when you do....Have a fantastic day!
30 Nov 2004:-) Anna C. Stansfield
Um...somebody needs to cool down...And dude, there is nothing wrong with the pic! Its called getting angry feelings out...I do it too, I am christian...and that comment sounded like you were anything but, so alas, anyways! Awsome gallary! I love flamers...they make me laugh...especialy ones who can't type in proper english..they were dissing you for your age...thats pretty sad, I think somebodys just a LITTLE insecure! lol! Anyway, ignore it, laugh...I got a really bad flamer on my storys on fanfiction.net I laughed so hard. THEY WAS MAD! Anyway, I am rambling...I tend to do that. *skips off to look at piccys.*
1 Feb 200545 Ellyn Daly
Hey! It's been a long time, eh? I know I haven't updated much, but it's so amazing to see how far you've come. Wonderful work. I'm *still* plotting out stuff. It's so hard - I hate plotting, but I think it's important if I really want to commit myself to writing a novel.

Again, amazing stuff! I can't even draw like that! ^.^;
19 Nov 200545 Kayla
Cool art!....and this is very odd but my name is Kayla Stearns too. Im not joking either.
11 Dec 200645 Bec <rebeccatang@gma...com>
i've coloured another one of your pictures u have to show me how to use photoshop to colour pics properly XD i still suck...but i will be putting it on my DA account and of course credit goes to u! u ain't at school today i was gonna give u something T_T
7 Jan 2007:-) Lucy MagicWeaver Kilhullen
Hey there! Long time no see, talk, comment, or update from me. (Do you even remember me?)

Since Elfwood takes so long to update accounts I have gone to deviant art as well. You can see my gallery there at http://vegalightsmyway.deviantart.com/ (most of my stuff is in my scraps gallery, so make sure you check that out too - if you go(; )

I love your gallery - miss some of your old pictures, but love the new ones!

Kudos! See you around!
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