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Stephanie Krutsick

Stephanie Krutsick

Stephanie is waiting to eat your children.

I've been hanging around Elfwood since the year of its creation, but joined up in late 1999. Most (read almost ALL) of my pictures are from '99 to '01, though I'm beginning to draw again. I haven't exactly strayed from fantasy art, but I've found myself rather busy for the past couple of years. This means that except in actual art class (of which I've only had a couple), I haven't been drawing much in general.

Guestbook for Stephbite

9 Apr 200445 The FullcircleFool
Thank you for sharing of your art, and of yourself. Your candor is humbling, and touching; and any student of history is deserving of respect! May you enjoy success in whatever you do.
11 Apr 200445 Blandina
Your art really captures the uniqueness of an individual. Everything is in proportion and pefectly colored and shaded. Excellent work.
9 Sep 200445 Bad Randolph
damn! i love your art, and you 12
don't get this wrong, but you aren't right, you're an incredible interesting person.
some kind of intellectual, funny, happy person with great interest in history, the same things like me, by the way, but i like the medieval, too. you're german right?! the name, the titles of the pics are german, if it's so:

Ich hoffe das du mich wirklich nicht falsch verstehst, aber du bist einfach nur unglaublich, entschuldige falls ich abschweife.

keep drawing . and please don't start smoking or something else, would be so sad by a so wonderfull young women like you.

ps: what games are you playin'?
21 Apr 200545 Charli_Jedi Elf
wow Stefanie! your gallery is fabulous!
GLad to know there are more Monty Python fans out there (SPAM!)Keep drawing, you have an amazing talent that cannot be let go!!!! LOL
Dont worry, you're not boring, I am exactly the same. I love to read, watch movies, listen to music and draw rather than go out and get stoned/drunk/whatever. Always remember you are unique and one day you shall rise up and take over the world with the Knights of NI!
Sorry, had to be silly there! ^_^
Have fun with your art!!
15 Aug 200545 Petar Fire
Hi Stephanie,
It was great that I came upon your corner at SF&F Art, since your pictures are really nice. What you draw is interesting, as well as the way you draw it. Believe me or not, but your picture "Waiting" is very much alike a picture I drew a year ago ("Waiting on the Shore") and I think that, though the scene is different, the feelings and the idea are one and the same.
I like your style of both drawing and living. Don't you dare to think you are boring - and if you are, it would simply mean that we both are boring, but only in the thoughts of people whose oppinion shouldn't be of any importance to us.
It would be great to have some chat with you so if you like you can email me at rebel_raven8@yahoo.com

12 Oct 200545 Chicano
U really are stunning... Love tha pose... You're perfect like an Angel... Smile and all will smile 4 u.
22 Oct 200545 James Carl McKnight, gallery 766
Good stuff, girl!!
12 Sep 200645 Bob J.
You have some darn good artwork (I like how your Earth elemental is more of a plant than just made of rock or dirt). Wish we could meet, you sound like just the kind of person I like (yeah Firefly!).
P.S. why did you go back to CA? Vermont can be....nice...kind of 2
8 May 200745 Anonymous <anjali@anj..
Stephanie -- I'm an author (see web site) and would love to ask you something. Could you email me privately at the address I've entered? Thanks. Anjali
13 Jul 2008:-) Christina brinkley
I love your art work!
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Stephanie Krutsick

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