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Max ´the world is against me´ cottam

"The Darkness Approaches: Chapter 3" by Max ´the world is against me´ cottam

SciFi/Fantasy text 7 out of 8 by Max ´the world is against me´ cottam.      ←Previous - Next→
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Enjoy! ^_^
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←- The Darkness Approaches: Chapters 1+2 | The Darkness Approaches: Chapter 4 -→

The Darkness Approaches: Chapter 3

Jacob’s eyes began to fail him, he could feel death’s icy grip on his heart. He believed that his last feeling would be that of his own warm blood on his hands. However, the heat got hotter and hotter, until it burned, shocking him back into consciousness. He blinked, and felt warmth, a new strength surge up his arms. He grabbed the wrist of the hand that was holding him, and twisted. The creature released its grip, and stumbled backwards, blood dripping from its jaws. Jacob looked at the wound. It was black. Then he looked at his hands. He realized that he was still holding his guns. However, when he opened his hands, what he saw made his heart skip a beat. The silver stars were shining a gentle light. He gazed into the star, as if mesmerized. He felt a warmth flow up his veins, and into the wound in his shoulder. It slowly closed, leaving nothing but a slight black mark, which eventually disappeared. He looked up at the creature, which was making another lunge at him. He lifted both guns, and let loose a volley of bullets. Although he was firing rapidly and for several minuets, the bullets never ran out. Each one was like a silver dart, and all seemed to go straight to the creature’s heart. The creature stumbled back, and fell over. Its moaning stopped, and it lay still. He walked over to the glass panel by the men, and stared at them.

“That all ya got?” he smirked.

“Far from it.” smiled the man.

He heard a groan of pain behind him.

“Oh, what now….” He sighed, and was cut short. The creature was standing again, but was twisted in convulsions. There was a cracking, and its back split open, revealing two bloodied, twisted wings. Its hands extended to talons, and its teeth seemed to grind themselves into points. Jacob let out another volley of bullets into the creature, but it didn’t even make it move an inch. He frowned.

His blood froze again. Even with this new power, whatever it is, he couldn’t beat this thing.

Suddenly, there was a smash of glass, and something fell from a skylight in the roof. It landed in the middle of the floor, between the creature and Jacob. The creature was knocked back by the falling object, and stumbled into one of the walls. Jacob moved over to the object gingerly, and just as he was about to kick it, it stood up. It was the figure he had seen outside his house. It flung off the cloak, revealing itself. She was possibly the most beautiful woman Jacob had ever seen. She was tall, and had long, black hair. Her clothing was a tight-fitting ninja outfit. She would’ve been perfect, were it not for two things. Firstly, the huge scythe she carried on her back, and secondly, the fact that her right arm was almost entirely metal. It looked human enough, but was gold and shone like it was polished. What shocked him the most was the fact that it moved as though it was a real arm. No joints, no wires, no mechanical parts at all. The arm was alive. She turned to face the creature, her face a mask of fury.

“Die, unholy fiend!” She cried, unhooking the scythe. It ran at her, with inhuman speed and fury. However, quicker than he had ever seen anyone move, she lifted her right arm in an uppercut, and sent the creature flying into the air. As it landed, she brought her scythe down in an arc, piercing the creature’s head. It let out an inhuman scream, and writhed about, trying to escape. Eventually, it lay still. It seemed to wither away, until it was nothing but dust.

She turned to face Jacob, her amber eyes locking on his.

“We must get out of here,” she said. Her voice seemed to mesmerize him. He shook his head.

“Who are you?” He asked, confusion now getting a grip on him. “What are you? What happened to me? Wh-”

“There will be time for questions later.” She said. “But for now, we must escape.”

She walked over to him, and wrapped her arm around his waist. “Hold on,” She said. She pointed her metal arm at the skylight. An arrow shot out of her palm, and latched itself onto the roof. They shot upwards. Jacob squeezed his eyes shut, certain they were going to hit the roof. He didn’t open them until he felt the cool night breeze on his face.

He looked forward, and was greeted by the woman staring at him, a look of concern on her face.

“Are you all right?” she asked, her voice as smooth as silk. “I saw you fight that thing. I'm amazed you lasted that long. Where did it bite you?”

Speechless, Jacob pointed to where the creature had bit him. There was no longer any mark there at all.

“There’s no mark….. I wonder….” She trailed off. “No, it’s impossible.” She shook her head. “You need sleep.”

“How the hell do you expect me to sleep!” Cried Jacob, his voice rising to a shout. “How can I sleep, on a rooftop of a warehouse, with an obviously dangerous person, after what has just happened?”

“Trust me,” she smiled, “you will.” She muttered a few words, and waved her hand over his eyes. Slowly, against his will, his eyes shut. No! He had to fight it! How could he sleep? Who was she? What happened?

The last words he heard were a few more that he couldn’t understand, and her voice saying to him “You’re stronger than you look.” Eventually, he began to lose consciousness. All he could think of now was sleep. Sleep, and that face. The face of the man who had let loose the creature on him. He could almost recognise him from somewhere, but where? Sleep’s warm arms embraced him, and he drifted off.

The woman picked him up, almost effortlessly.

“Yes. Sleep.” She smiled, in an almost song-like voice. “Sleep, for you have a long journey ahead of you.”

←- The Darkness Approaches: Chapters 1+2 | The Darkness Approaches: Chapter 4 -→

22 Dec 2003:-) Meg Rachor
I like it...a lot. It's a bit confusing, but I like it. I'll leave the editing to Mif, I'm not much good at that, but I do get the first comment dance...*does a first comment dance and falls off your site*

1 Max 'the world is against me' cottam replies: "Im glad ya like it! im starting to write some more of it now, so it shouldn't be long before i have more up!"
23 Dec 2003:-) Alice Muffin Girl Smith
Muffin: ^_^ Coolies. Berry coolies. I’m likin’ the new girl immensely. Now let’s just get her together with the cool first guy whose name I’m not remembering, (something with a “V”? Or not...) and forget all about that borin’ old second guy... but, ah, give his guns to the cool gun. Dem guns are spiff-tacular. Pan-y, one could even say. (You lost him.) (I know. Oh, but I couldn’t resist!)

Entirely Random Axe-Murderer: Has it occurred to you that you shouldn’t be playing favorites with the characters this early on?

Muffin’s Conscience: See, that’s what I keep telling her.

Muffin: *lare* Quiet, the both of you. *turns her attention back to you* In any case, good continuation, and a decidedly evil place to leave off. ^_~ In other words, keep writing, for I want to see where this is going to.

(Typo e-mail is on its merry way to your inbox) (Or it will be, just as soon as I submit this, and log in to my e-mail... yeah...) (I should just stop talking, shouldn’t I?) (.....Yeah. Yeah, I should.)

:-) Max 'the world is against me' cottam replies: "ahh more typos...*hangs head in shame* i shall correct them!"
11 Apr 200445 Grace Parks
awwww!!! this was so short... and again so good! -_- no fair!!! haha. ok. well..... im no good at correcting either... the only thing i really noticed was that you had some (erm.. a lot?!) of small typos... like spelling how into hwo or find into fidn... just small things like that. you left such a cliff hanger... it is not even funny!!! *glare* nice touch with the guns, i thought he was a goner ^_^ and the chick! wow! like some sci fi. this is getting better! ^_^ *running off to find more* OOH! almost forgot! *hands you a piece of toast w/ blueberry jam* Those are the absolute best!!!
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'The Darkness Approaches: Chapter 3':
 • Created by: :-) Max ´the world is against me´ cottam
 • Copyright: ©Max ´the world is against me´ cottam. All rights reserved!

 • Keywords: Darkness, Jacob, Magic, Max
 • Categories: Fights, Duels, Battles, Magic and Sorcery, Spells, etc., Robots, Androids, Humanoid Warmachines, Techno, Cyber, Technological, Vampires, Zombies, Undeads, Dark, Gothic, Warrior, Fighter, Mercenary, Knights, Paladins
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