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Max ´the world is against me´ cottam

"The Darkness Approaches: Chapter 4" by Max ´the world is against me´ cottam

SciFi/Fantasy text 8 out of 8 by Max ´the world is against me´ cottam.      ←Previous - Next→
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at last, here is the fourth chapter! hope y'all like it!its a work in progress.it ent finished yet.
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←- The Darkness Approaches: Chapter 3 | The Darkness Approaches - Chapter 5 -→

Chapter 4


A small girl ran through the village, her bare feet splashing through the mud. She laughed as one of the boys fell over on his face, but let out a cry of anger when she got a dirt clod thrown at her. She picked up dirt in both hands, and began to fling it about wildly, instigating a mud fight. They laughed until they could no longer stand, and fell about on the ground, the rain beginning to splatter down on their faces. However, the girls’ grin left her face when she saw a man and a woman coming round the corner, and she immediately got up and ran. They were her parents, and if she were caught outside the house they would surely beat her. She ran back to the small wooden building she called home, and climbed in through the whole in the back of the building that was the window for her room. She got in, and huddled up into her bed, pretending to be asleep. She heard her parents walk in through the front, and silently slide a thin crusty slice of bread with a small slice of cheese under her door. She gloomily shuffled over to the bread, and picked at it, eating only small nibbles. She hated this. Ever since her parents had discovered her unique powers when the midwife was killed by a blast of fire from her arm, they had tried to keep her apart from the rest of the village, in fear that her powers would be discovered. Their fear was not for her safety, but they knew that they would be executed too for being blasphemers. However, this did not stop her from escaping and seeing the other children. She had even made a best friend, Hanra, and his granddad. Whereas she was 10 cycles old, Hanra was actually 3 cycles older than her, but was the only true friend she had.

Her sleep that night was troubled, she kept seeing images of flames burning at the village, and kept seeing her parents’ faces, twisted in agony. She had had visions like this before, but this was more prominent than the other ones. She jumped awake, her head slick with sweat. The dim dawn light fought for control over the darkness in her room. Checking that her parents were asleep, she crept out through the window to meet Hanra on the hill like she did every morning, to see the sun rise over the green valley.

“Mestha” he said to her, his brow furrowed in thought.

“Yeah” she replied, the sun reflecting off of her dark blue eyes.

“Have you ever thought about what gave you your…powers?”

“Not really. My parents always taught me that they were sinful. I know they are not though. Every day I feel them coursing through me, like another life.” Although young, Mestha was a very thoughtful girl, and mature for her age. Maybe that’s why she had befriended Hanra, although she thought it also had something to do with his old granddad.

“Have you ever thought of leaving the village, to see if there are others like you?”

She had thought of this, repeatedly, but it pained her to think of what could happen. The freedom she could have if only she was…normal. Hanra could plainly see the pain on her face.

“I’m sorry, I didn’t mean to upset you…”

“It’s ok. I’d better head home, they’ll be coming in with my breakfast soon.”

She turned towards the village, and saw the friendly glow of the sun over the horizon. It was only after a few minuets that she realised it was dawn. Shed just been looking at the sun from the other direction. Then it hit her. The smoky smell of burning timber, and then she saw it. Her house was letting out the glow. It was on fire, as were several houses around it.

She ran as fast as she could towards the village. She stumbled on the hill, and fell head over heels down the side, until she hit the fence surrounding the village. She got up, and ran towards her house. She was about to run towards the blazing inferno when she felt a gentle but firm grip on her shoulder jerk her back.

“Stop,” said a friendly old voice. She turned around, it was Hanras’ granddad.

“But I need to find momma and poppa….” She whimpered.

“Look,” said the kindly old man. She turned around, and saw 5 huge men dressed in coal-black armour that glittered in the firelight. Her parents were dragged from the house.

“Where is the wee lass?” growled the biggest of the five. He was the leader, judging by the size of him, and the magnificent helmet he wore.

“We…we don’t know sir…. please, don’t hurt us. She is the sinner!”

Those harsh words stung like a poison dart right in Mesthas’ heart. The old man saw the hurt expression on her face.

“Don’t worry,” he said, his voice somehow comforting, like an old blanket. “They know nothing of the role you have to play.” She turned an inquisitive face to him.

“In what?” she asked. He just smiled. She turned back to the fire; saw her parents being hit by the men in black.

“Ach, tell me man, where is the witch?” The leader roared.

“We don’t know…” her father pleaded.

“Argh, then you are of no use to us. You will be…cleansed. In the name of the elder gods!” he drew a mighty sword from his back. Mestha stood by helplessly, as her parents were decapitated in front of her. For some reason, it didn’t seem to affect her. Not after what they had said. However, when the man glanced at the bush where they were hiding, she let out a frightened whimper. The man froze and looked right at her.

“There she is!” he shouted, and ran towards her. Suddenly, as if out of nowhere, Hanra came running from behind the building, and stood in the mans path.

“You shall not have her” he cried, his voice seeming…. powerful.

“Lad, you know not what you are dealing with. I shall teach you.”

“Elrath,” whimpered Mestha to the old man. “Help him!”

The old man merely smiled.

“I think,” He said, “that the black knight is about to be taught not to underestimate the powers of the gifted.”

As the mans sword came swinging at Hanra, the boy muttered a few words under his breath, and caught the sword, effortlessly, in mid-swing. The confusion this bestowed upon the man gave Hanra enough room to strike. He twisted the sword out of the mans grip, and leaped up in front of the man, planting a punch straight in the mans face. The bridge of the mans nose went straight up, and pierced his brain, killing him instantly.

“HERETIC!” They screamed, and ran at Hanra, swords drawn. Hanra spoke, but the voice was not his. It was older, wiser, and yet…. youthful at the same time.

“Begon, followers of Al h’arath. You shall not have her!” a blue aura engulfed Hanra, Mestha and Elrath. The men, obviously scared out of their wits, turned tail and ran as if a god itself was chasing them.

Hanra fell to the ground, obviously exhausted.

“Hanra!” Mestha cried out, tears streaming down her face. “Are you ok? Please, wake up!” She sobbed. Tears fell on the young boys eyes, and he woke up.

“As long as you are ok Mestha, so am I” He whispered, before once again closing his eyes. He didn’t open them, no matter how much Mestha shook him.

“Quickly,” whispered Elrath. “We must get him out of here before the villagers find us. I know somewhere we can go that is safe, somewhere with others like us.”

“Where?” enquired the young girl.

“Angels Haven.” He said, almost happily, a small smile flickering across his thin lips.

“Now quickly, help me carry him.”

Between them, the carried the boy out of the village, where Mestha had never been, and away from all the suffering that was left behind.



The path outside of the village was rocky. Although within the village, everything had been looked after and cared for to make sure that getting about was easy, the villagers cared nothing for outside the village. The stones cut her feet, causing her to wince in pain.

“Can’t we stop, just for a moment?” she whimpered.

“No” Elrath replied. “We must keep moving. More black knights will be at the village soon, and we need to be long gone by then.”

Slowly, they stumbled along the path, carrying the unconscious boy all the way. Every day, he seemed to drift further and further away, as if, slowly, he was dying.

“What’s happening to him?” she enquired of the old man.

“His soul is losing its grip on this realm. He needs help.”

“Can we help him?”

“Yes, but we need to act now. This path has not changed much from when I last traversed it. There is a forest not far from here, at the base of the mountain. There we can find the herbs I need to help him.”

Doggedly they continued. However, as they got closer to the forest, Mestha began to feel uneasy. As if someone was watching them. Slowly, the sun began to set over the mountains, and darkness took hold of the weary travellers.

“We must rest. We cannot get any closer while darkness holds reign.” The old man said, his voice weary with walking all day.

“Why can we not enter the forest?” asked Mestha

“Because the daemons and faeries will not permit it.”

“What are they?”

“Have you never wondered why the villagers never leave? And why no one enters from the other side of the valley? And do you not wonder why no villagers know what the other side is like?”

“No…but I’ve seen it…in my dreams. Although you may think that is all they are, I know that it is more than a dream.”

“Yes, the vision is one of the powers I have witness become manifest in you. Anyway, the reason why no-one has left or entered is because the valley is protected by the daemons and faeries.”


“You shall find out soon enough. But during the night, they erect a huge barrier of pure energy to protect the valley while they sleep. So we must wait until dawn until we can enter.”

“But why would they let us enter?”

“Because I wish to pay a visit to…. an old friend.” The man smiled slightly. “Now, get some rest.”

Yet again, Mesthas’ sleep was troubled. This time, she saw images of a world of darkness. Shadows taking on human forms…and blood…so much blood. But then, she saw four figures. All of them were dressed in unfamiliar clothes. The first carried a large sword, with a sun on the hilt. He had long silver hair, and was quite tall. The other had flaming red hair, and was aiming two metal objects at the shadows. The third was a girl. She carried a large scythe. And her face…it was…. it was her! It was Mestha! The fourth character stood out more than the others. He had totally white clothes on, and held out two crystals. One black, and the other white. He mouthed words, yet no sound emerged. But she heard the words in her mind, as if by telepathy.

When the light, dark, and twilight unite, the judge will drive back the shadow. Help us. Find us. Empower us.

The four were engulfed by the shadows. Although the light was not truly extinguished.

Her eyes shot open. What was this? Her visions had never before been like this! What was happening to her? She closed her eyes, and fell back into the now cold embrace of sleep. To wait for the morning, and for answers to all her questions.



50 years later

The flames stroked her face like hands, but they did not harm her. She had not survived for 60 cycles, and aged only a hundredth of that in order to be killed by some puny fire.

“Mestha” cried a voice in desperation.

Her brow furrowed in concern. She knew that tone of voice, and whose it was.

“Hanra!!!” she shouted. She ran through the flames, and ducked and swerved to avoid falling timbers. Eventually she found the room he was trapped in. His leg was almost crushed by a large beam. She looked helplessly into his face. A face that, like hers, had only aged about a cycle in the 50 cycles that had gone past since the incident.

She grimaced as she grabbed the burning wood that blocked the doorway. Although she only had the body of an 11 year old, she was as strong as a grown man. She heaved it out the way, but more fallen stone replaced it. Tears began to well up in her eyes as she heard Hanras’ anguished cries. But almost as suddenly as they appeared, the tears stopped. Only to be replaced by a silver glow. Slowly, her whole body was engulfed by it.

“No!” she cried out. “I shall not let you die in this place!”

She put her hands on the stone, felt for its presence using not her touch but her mind as she closed her eyes. She concentrated, and slowly felt it melt away. She opened her eyes, and the path to Hanra was clear. She took one step forward, and the floor gave way beneath her, causing everything on it to fall through. She saw the look on Hanras face as he fell. A look of anguish. No…. she couldn’t die like this she wouldn’t. She tried to move, but a large block pinned her down. She was far too weak to use her powers.

“Hanra…” she whispered weakly. She tried to move but couldn’t. She took one gasp of smoky air, and fell unconscious. Her last thoughts were a few simple words.

I can’t die like this…I still have a job to do. Someone…help me.

Throughout endless space and worlds, the words met the ears of an old man. Words from someone he hadn’t heard from for a long time. He smiled. Time to get to work.

←- The Darkness Approaches: Chapter 3 | The Darkness Approaches - Chapter 5 -→

17 Mar 2004:-) Sara 'starmaiden' Hargett
*does first comment jig* wow! Awesome story! Creepy concept, but very awesome! Keep up the great work!

13 Max 'the world is against me' cottam replies: "fankooo!!! ive got a bit of writers block right now, bin under alot of stress (truble wiv gals.) but i shall add more soon!"
11 Apr 200445 Grace Parks
*does the second and third comment dance*

was just feeling left out! *grin* ^_^

3 Max 'the world is against me' cottam replies: "im glad u like the stories!!!!i will write more once i finish the story im writing now! fear not!"
11 Apr 200445 Grace Parks
oooooh!!! nice!! i like it how she has visions! hmm! it was a nice touch... again as before.... you have a great creativity for story writing! wow! i also like how there is a forest but the faerie guard it! nice! AND!...... about seeing herself in the vision.... it is nice way to tell the name of the girl... in chapter three.... the one with the metal arm.... i assume it is her.. but this way, i know it is her.. but you did not state it directly! i like that! ^_^ anyway... i hope you write more and that your gal problems get better! ^_^ im rooting fer yah! hehe... just.... please write more!!!
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'The Darkness Approaches: Chapter 4':
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