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Julia Anna Rill

"After the fight" by Julia Anna Rill

SciFi/Fantasy text 1 out of 35 by Julia Anna Rill.      ←Previous - Next→
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What happens after the final battle is won? The lands are destroeyed the warriors were fighting for and all the friends killed. What are they feeling?
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After the fight


Finally the battle was over. The armies of the Chaoslord had been beaten. The united forces of the free world were victorious.


Kalen sheathed his loyal sword. His work was done. Together with his brothers in arms he had achieved what no one ever thought possible to manage. But here they stood, the last remnants of a world once so peaceful and bright. But those days were gone. Nothing was left of the country they loved. Kalen lifted his head and searched for men he knew. The few fighters he saw were all unknown to him. They stood among thousands of dead. No sound came from the battlefield. No cry for victory, not even a scream of pain. The legions of chaos killed, not wounded. And under all these dead. Kalen would find his brothers, his father, his friends and maybe even some of his sisters.


Every single person knowing how to use a weapon had answered the call to war. They all had come here to the ever green fields of Peresa to defend what they lived for. Now the fields were vast, the earth soaked with blood. No grass was left, only mud. And death.


Kalen turned around. He would not go back home to his little village and his farm. There was no home anymore. Everything had been destroyed. There was no place in this country that didn’t look like these fields. Everything was gone. Everything his heart had been beating for. And everyone. Clearly he could see the pictures in his mind how his oldest son had been falling with a black spear in his back. He had been fighting next to Kalen. And Kalen, the old warrior, had again not been able to protect the ones he loved.


But he was not the only one. Every single man still breathing looked at the ruin of their dreams. They had buried their families, now they would simply leave their friends to rot under the sun. There were way too many bodies to take care for. And it did not matter to them. They had lost too much to bother about dead flesh.


No feelings were left in Kalen when he saw into the wide opened eyes of his murdered son. He had not expected to survive himself. Against all odds he did. He had been supposed to die, the old ones, not the young ones. His son’s youth was now wasted. And he, who already had had a life, would live on.


Well, maybe for a little while. The enemy was destroyed, but there was no ground left to grow food, burned by the cruel flame of hate, and all animals were killed. The fields would not be able to bear weed for many years and there were not enough people left to plant the seeds. The rest of his kind which was not been taken by the enemy or fire would die by hunger and diseases.


This was why he could not have even the slightest feeling of relief or satisfaction. It would have been much easier to die by the foe’s hand. Now his people would have to suffer. And there was no way they could get saved. The time of his race was over. There would be no Palace of Moons anymore, no Hidden Forest, no ever green fields of Peresa and no Elves to live in these places.


Silently he started to laugh. It was a cold and heartless sound, the only thing that could be heard here in the graveyard of his race. Slowly he got louder. Somehow he was amused by the irony of their fate. “They did not overpower us in battle!”, he giggled. “And yet they won! They didn’t bring us a quick death in battle, but a slow one in hopelessness without anyone to fight against! We survived, just to realize we have to die, and we can’t do anything about it!”

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25 Jun 2005:-) Dabao Jia
Oo! A whole story! Based on this short story! Very fancy! Good idea! I support thee in thy quest for this-story based story on this story, and we, as one, shall prevail! To victory!!!!!!!!!!!

11 Julia Anna Rill replies: "ah, well, thank you, so i will contact you when i need a compannion. i bring the weapons, you the horses? 10 no, honestly, right now i am busy with another novel i am actually "not" writing (i have something like a blockade) but as soon as i get my head free i want to write at least a longer short story out of this piece. i know, a lot is missing yet... *smile*"
14 Jul 2005:-) Nicholas J. Chapman
Despite being a bit lacking depthwise i still think it makes a great stand-alone short story but if you can develop it into a bigger piece then i wish you all the luck in the world and freedom from 'writer's block'!! Look forward to reading any more that is to come!!

1 Julia Anna Rill replies: "thanks! and by the way: it's gone! the evil block is gone!!! yippieh! The only bad thing about this is, that i am now working too much on my novel again... so i don't have that much time to post new stuff here in elfwood or even be here reading things... there always has to be a disadvatage!!!! arrgh!um, where was i? oh yeah. i know it is not really a deep going short story but i guess i just ddn't want to dwell deeper when i wrote this. it is what came into my mind and i didn't want to find out why i was thinking about a victorious war which still meant the end of all things even though the good side had won... but i still like how it came out, despite the missing depth...and yes, lately i have the odd fantasy putting this story as a story in the story into my novel! we'll see what will ome out of it!"
20 Aug 2005:-) Patricia M. D´Angelo
Sometimes it is easy to live life without looking at all the angles, to truly realize the depth of consequence. You ask that of your readers. Great Job!

:-) Julia Anna Rill replies: "thanks a lot for commenting!"
26 Aug 2005:-) Kazz Leer
Too stupified to describe the feelings this brings... I guess the shiver of the spine is good enough for me. This peice is so true it's scary. Good luck with the longer version, and if you need help I got a few ideas.

:-) Julia Anna Rill replies: "i hot about a million ideas... they are all fighting for the place in the story... i cannot decide... so i will probably never write the longer version... thats strange. had anybody ever been too inspired to write?!"
27 Aug 2005:-) Katie Collishaw
Wow, this was awesome. I do like the hysterical giggling at the end, very realistic. And he's right. They were not killed by the enemy, they were killed by the already dead. hmm.. very nice.

:-) Julia Anna Rill replies: "thanks!!!"
11 Oct 2005:-) Ryan Stringer
An interesting short story and one that addresses a topic that most glorious battle stories do not - the aftermath. I may be mirroring a lot of other commentors here, but I agree that more depth would definately benefit this piece as well a little more attention to grammar, repeat words/phrases etc.

I kind of see it as a prologue to a longer work that could either be about this great war, or about the rebuilding of society in its wake. Keep on writing 2

I am also in the midst of writing novel which I have been posting here bit by bit - come check it out sometime!

:-) Julia Anna Rill replies: "Yes, this was orriginally meant as being the prologue to a bigger story, or the end, but well, I stopped thinking and writing about it as my attention was drawn away to other things... Cool that you like the concept and thanks for the tpis! As soon as I find a bit of time I will start rewriting it after I checked out your shelf!"
9 Dec 2005:-) Jacqueline 'Jac' Tanner
This is really saddening as the above comments have already mentioned and made me sad. The funny thing is i dont think fantasy war stories have hardly ever been told out of a common soldier's point of view (not the ones i have read) but a great general or king whom will rebuild his castle or go back to it and live in wealth but forcing others to work. Very interesting and full of emotion story.

:-) Julia Anna Rill replies: "I think there are a couple of stories that are told out of te perspective of a common soldier. But there is always a future after the war, or an happy end. And I think, this is just not true. War always destroys and will never create new hope."
21 Nov 200645 Tamsin S Scholz
That is so sad.. brilliant but sad. My stomach was just... empty? If that makes sense... it makes you feel hopless... and to anyone who feels there is glory in war... that takes it away. Well done.

:-) Julia Anna Rill replies: "Thanks! And there is never glory in war! Only destruction!"
23 Nov 2006:-) Suzanne Collins
Hi Julia, I made it here at last.

This was a really moving piece, very well written! The description of the battle field was so bleak and heartfelt, which made it very realistic. You can really imagine the depth of the losses that all the soldiers felt.

:-) Julia Anna Rill replies: "I think, there is no way to describe war the way it is... I have never been in a war, thank god, but I guess, this is what most people forget when they think about war. I mean, they see the destruction and the brutality, sometimes even the glory of war, if there is any, but what happens after the war, they don't see. The destruction will never just stop to be there. Even when the weapons are back in their cases, the damage had been done and will always be there..."
30 Jan 200845 Maethoriel
Cool story! oh, and by the way, yes people can get to inspired to write. I have a thousand ideas but can’t get them to march into an understandable order. But cool story!
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'After the fight':
 • Created by: :-) Julia Anna Rill
 • Copyright: ©Julia Anna Rill. All rights reserved!

 • Keywords: Battle, Death, Destruction, Hope, Hopelesness, Killing, Warrior
 • Categories: Elf / Elves, Fights, Duels, Battles, Warrior, Fighter, Mercenary, Knights, Paladins
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