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Vicky Barrett

"Lila : part two" by Vicky Barrett

SciFi/Fantasy text 16 out of 32 by Vicky Barrett.      ←Previous - Next→
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Second installment of another riveting tale...
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←- Lila: part one | Lila : part three -→

Chapter Three

"Eh hmm!" They turned round to see a male and a female dressed, in, what they would call outrageous attire, the female was dressed in a skimpy costume which was soaking wet and showed of her parts, the man was the same but his only a males underwear.

"Excuse me, your Godliness?" The Queen, who appeared from in front of them, asked Lila. As Lila stepped forward the queen fainted from seeing the couple behind.

"That's it Lila! Never again are you going to catch me off guard, I will not come again, these people are not ready for me yet, they're not even ready for him yet," the girl pulled the mans chest hair, trying to frown with a big grin rolling over her face. "And he is nowhere near as powerful as me!"

"Ow that hurt, and don't talk about me as if I wasn't here."

"I couldn't make you do anything you didn't want to do, I don't even have the power to transport John, if he wanted to come you would have to do it yourselves, so you can't go blaming that one on me."

"Darn, well I suppose I'll admit to it, maybe I did help out a little bit, but just a teeny weenie bit." She showed them with her hand as well. "Anyway it was meant to." She looked at the men, and then at Lila. "So aren't you going to introduce us to your little friends, oh sorry your her champion aren't you," She paused when the man nudged her, he was looking pointedly at her costume. "Oops, you must think we're a bit naked don't you. I mean according to John here my body is worth looking at though but I think I'll change anyway, do you think I should change body or costume? John?"

"Doesn't bother me, but I'm cold so hurry up,"

"You are? You deserve this," With that she changed him into a naked man in a giant ice cube. She changed her costume into a white toga with golden edging but when you looked at the edging you couldn't distinguish anything.

"Catriona Octavia Reamun Thoth Naxos Voleur-de-Tout, change him back he'll die if you don't,"

"Look at him he's laughing at my name now, you change him,"

"I've already tried, I can't someone is more powerful than me remember,"

"You still haven't introduced us yet, I will change him back after we have been introduced," She stared stubbornly at Lila. The men were still trying to get over the fact that this girl with the long name was more powerful than Lila and this girl was also younger and had a slight problem with being teased.

"I'm Joe, this is Philip, and this is Matthew, now will you please turn this poor man back," He asked pointing at John.

"In a minute, you lot are so impatient, Heaven above. Let me see to this poor lady, I mean look at what she is wearing that has got to go for one." She changed the expensive dress into a short mini-dress, "Nope, she hasn't got the legs for it, they'll have to change," So she changed the Queen to a prettier version of the Queen.

"What have they done now?" Lila looked at her pointedly; Catriona looked at John and changed him back, crooning to him as he felt his body coming back to life. "Look at me when I'm talking to you,"

"No, why should I?" With that she changed the Queen back and put a barrier round herself, which no one could get through.

"What have they done to her now?" Lila asked John, who looked uncomfortable.

"Excuse us but who are they?" Joe butted in. Lila looked at them absently, and dismissed the question.

"You are saved by duty, John, the Queen is waking up. The meeting will start soon, you will come with us, maybe in the meantime get Cat out of her sulk." She said dryly.

"I heard that, I'll go and muck your meeting up now and I'm not in a sulk." She went up to Joe and kissed him hard.

"Was that to make me jealous? If it was then it didn't work." John dryly asked.

"Don't be to sure of yourself, you know very well that I don't care if you're jealous, I will make love to anyone if I so please, and I know that you have been having disturbing dreams about me so there!"

"Actually I love Lila and we are getting married in two weeks time, so there! Are we not darling?" He gave Lila a piercing stare.

"Will you two stop arguing for once! Please, you are draining me, you are both miles stronger than I am, and Cat dismiss the demons, please. I never brought you to argue." She sounded annoyed.

"We are not arguing, are we John? And since when did you do anything to us that we didnít want, we can go if you want actually no we wont Ďcos we wouldnít have to in fact we could just go bumph and y-you are gone, so there." She screwed up her eyes and stuck her tongue out before blushing and turning away hurriedly burying her nose in Johns chest.

"No we are just telling each other our different opinions. Now if you excuse me I'm going for a swim, coming, erm I don't know your names, my facilities were indisposed at the time." His hand absently stroking her hair and looking at the others in an almost bored fashion, his eyes flitting lazily over there bodies lingering slightly on Lilaís legs before tilting Catís head in his hands and planting a soft kiss on her forehead.

"Thatís right you run off, take these feeble boys with you." She smiled up at him taking the heat out of her words, before kissing his palm gently staring up at him then glaring at the boys.

"Excuse me, are you a goddess?" The Queen had woken up.

"Suppose so, why? You fancy me or something, you know your what my people call gay." Her attention momentarily distracted her face sharpening.

"Catriona how dare you insinuate such a thing?"

"John don't be so square, you know as well as I do that she is, and your royal highness, even though I don't need to apologise, it was only made in the respect you deserve," She smiled at the queen. "Shall we go to this meeting now?" As the Queen left she grinned at the men and added so that the queen wouldn't hear, "She doesn't deserve any respect, she has been sleeping with her maid and her champion, what a hussy!" She turned round and vanished.

Chapter four

"So how do you do? And I have to tell you that even though you thought that Lila was more powerful and has eternal life, I can kill her and it would only take a minute. Although my delightful friend could kill her in a moments passion, even if all us eternal beings put our power together we would be destroyed instantly if we rubbed her up wrong. Maybe this is Lila's creation but Lila is only the creation of Catriona. The only thing that matters to Cat is that she proves herself worthy to her parents. They are famous and brilliant scientists where we come from but they treat poor Cat as if she was a bundle with no importance whatsoever. Which is entirely the opposite, everything is Cat's creation, and she doesn't know it, she destroyed an entire alien population from each dimension, for everyone is multiplied into thousands of different dimensions, it is infinite, she killed one population in all dimensions just by thinking about her parents. But you get used to it, I have been living with her family for a year now, it is her birthday tomorrow she'll be fifteen years old, or fifteen turns old, that is how young she is, I am nineteen years or turns old." He looked at their astonished faces, and then at their clothes, "This won't do, we have to change you into something suitable, like this." They looked down and saw they wearing something that he said were jeans, and T-shirts.

"What are we going to do now? And, these are comfortable but they aren't exactly suitable are they." Matthew piped up nervously.

"We are going swimming but you are going to wear some swimming trunks unless you want to go to a nudist beach, we can if you want to, they have both naked men and women there on the same beach. I prefer normal beaches, where the beach bunnies leave you lusting." He grinned wickedly.

"A slight problem how will we get there, seen as only those two can transport from dimension to dimension,"

"Don't be an idiot I can, cause I'm more powerful than Lila," He gave Joe a scornful look.

"Well sorry. Maybe I'm not used to people being more powerful than Lila; she is the only one who we knew had this eternal life. Not some squirt of a girl who holds our whole existence in her power, or some man telling us what to do when he is only the same age as us."

"Do you want to see my world or not, I can go on my own, though Cat wouldn't like it. She quite likes you lot, weird that, unless, I know she has got her little friends to come along, just don't look at them. These girls will drive you wild, and then kill you,"

"I thought-"

"Stem it," The boys found themselves on a sandy beach, where their were women and men dressed in the same kind of costume that both Catriona and John had turned up in.

"Hi boys, nice six pack mate," A girl shouted over to them, both Matthew and Philip turned red.

"What hussies, can you believe it shouting obscenities across a beach," Joe retorted with a grin, he had been eyeing up some of the girls walking past them.

"If you want to go in the water please do, but I'm going to stay here with the stuff, while I enjoy the view!" He gave an evil laugh.

"What are we going to swim in these people are wearing something, we don't have them. We'll get barred!"

"Look, right you have all the appropriate gear, talk to the girls, enjoy yourself, when you want to go we will. Go!" He sounded exhausted; he pointed in the direction of the sea.

As soon as the boys disappeared, he split himself up and visited Catriona and Lila.

"I thought you would turn up soon, seen as you and Lila are getting hitched, couldn't you keep yourself away could you? And I am going to be everyone there, watch. "In front of their eyes she split herself up into about a thousand people and a big cathedral.

"Look you know me and Lila arenít getting married, so stop it, okay. I'd rather marry you instead. "He stared at her, his hand reaching out to stroke her hair away from her eyes. She pouted and stubbornly said,

"I know, your not supposed to tell me, now I'll have to say something won't I, like yes, but in about in a couple of lifetimes though, or when I'm fifteen, they say they're marrying me off anyway. And if we give you an unimaginable amount of their lifeís essence, money they'll let you marry me. Alex will be dead pleased. He was the richest person they knew and there is no way I'm going to marry him!"

"So that's it is it, they were going to marry you off as soon as they could, that's disgusting, they have really dropped."

"Lila I wasn't talking to you, next time I'll have to sensor our talks from now on if she's here."

"Well sorry, I didn't know that you told each other private things, I'll remember next time wont I!"

"Don't start arguing please, just think now that we are getting together she wonít be going after the boy's will she?" He looked into her eyes, "Will you? "He added sternly, she grinned at him and disappeared.

"How do you cope? I really admire you, if you can keep her sweet then good on you, but don't, please don't fool about with another woman, not if you want everyone and thing to exist afterwards, she'll torture you and her to death. I don't think she can deal with an unstable relationship, and you should know that better than me and I can guarantee she is listening now so Catriona don't worry he'll be faithful."

"He will for a bit, that I can tell you but when he gets bored of me-". The voice trailed off reluctantly, then after a bit it started again. "I will be so mad and destroy something very dear to me, causing me eternal grief, but I can not rewrite what I know is to be. We will be married tomorrow night at my home you will all be present, nothing will go wrong, the boy's will be there to."

"Why put yourself through the misery if you know you can stop it before it starts? Isn't that just pointless, you cause everyone hurt by-"

"You will see when it happens then you will understand and thank me, for you will be grateful of the sacrifice,"

"So you mean that me and Lila will get together? That is absurd, you know where my heart lies surely? I would never cheat on you! You embarrass my integrity by accusing me of doing so, and Lila is your friend she would never do such a thing, would you?" He looked frantically at Lila who looked very worried indeed.

"I wish you hadn't told us now, I would never cheat on our friendship like that!" She tried to look stern but failed miserably.

"Never is such along time and none of you will see to the end of it. I on the other hand will keep going from one to another and in each situation you will both be there and I don't think that if you loyal followers will object too much when I finally kill you both. But that might never happen but as I said never is a very long time." She shook herself and smiled at them. "Don't worry I might not, or if I know someone else they will keep the wedding on the scrap heap!''


"So the wedding might not take place after all? That, I think would be the safest option, I don't see why we can't just live together, I mean what's to stop it not happening?" He gave her a desperate look.

"No we can't! If I do that I'll play right into his hands, but in the end one of us will win, but in the meantime we will have fun ruling these different places." She smiled and the atmosphere lifted from the room as if they had finally came from under a rain cloud.

"What do you mean, us? I thought it was me and I only brought you to see what it was like so when you really get down to your work you can do it properly."

"No I will do as I like, and I want to help rule!"

"But I'm not ruling just over seeing. You can be a Goddess if you want?" She offered as a peace offering.

"Already am. See for yourself, on the map, look to the north, see the barren plains of the Arctic, well they weren't called that until I decided they would. Well those plains are not barren any more I have just made a mystical people who have magical and immortal powers, everyone and thing is the same, like that, I mean, and guess who is their Goddess?"

"Erm, you by any chance? Oh I'm right surprise, surprise, so you have decided that you are a private Goddess, I would of thought you would be more open."

"Oh I am, I am now the goddess of dreams and magic. You proud John, seen as I made you God of War and the Hunter!" She gave him a childish grin, her hand slipping into his large one.

"I am my sweet beauty, you are clever, I would of thought that you or Lila would be Goddess of War seen as your colourful histories." His fingers stroking hers before yelping in pain as she dug her nails in hard.

"That was hateful John you knew I didn't mean it," She gave a sob.

"I was only jesting, don't take it to heart so. Look I am starting to talk like they do,"

"She is going to be a wonderful Goddess won't she John." Lila prodded him in the rib cage he gave a yelp of pain.

"You don't need to tell her that she just has to read my mind don't you? And will you two stop injuring me Iím only delicate." She scowled at him.

"I don't need to try, your mind is wide open. It's like taking candy from a baby, his mind is so uncomplicated."

"Thanks a lot, I'll know who to turn to when I'm depressed won't I," He commented sarcastically.

"Don't need to get sarcastic with me mate,"

"He wasn't Cat, don't you want to rest up for tomorrow, seen as you have to tell your parents first!"

"Don't remind me, they'll go ballistic they think I'm going to marry Alex which reminds me you better tell him, just in case he expects to marry me tomorrow." She gazed into his eyes, "Go on be an angel, I'll make it up to you tomorrow," She promised him wickedly.

"You terror, and hadn't you better go and tell your subjects what you plan to do? Or don't tell me they already know, because of your newly found link to them?"

"How did you guess?"

"I just donít know. Maybe I'm physic, or something,"

"Your just jealous and I think that John better come to, so he can tell them and collect the boys, for even though they might like it to much will be bad for them. See you later." With that they left Lila alone. In her private paradise, someone came up to her.

"Excuse me Goddess, please will you allow me to ask you a question?"

"Of course, ask away,"

"Will you please tell me if I am pregnant?"

"You aren't pregnant but you soon will be, so don't fret."

"Thank you Goddess."

"Your welcome, sweet-dreams my dear. "She smiled as the figure drifted into a non-existent shadow of the girl who had just been.

"Don't know why your smiling, I've just been told that if he doesn't prove he has money I can't marry him so stop smiling! And Alex went ballistic cause he lost the bet, or thought he did. He didn't but it what he doesn't know won't hurt him. He also said that it was terribly inconvenient that I had changed grooms seen as he had everything sorted out as well as the honeymoon, on the moon!" She scowled at Lila.

"Don't scowl it doesn't suit you, well it does know you changed yourself but that isn't a very pretty you is it?'' She commented and then added, "Did you bring the boy's back with you? They won't be used to your world where everything is so much harder to do than any other, you have to admit that don't you." She gave her a questioning look.

"So it teaches you to stick up for yourself better though doesn't it, I mean your worlds need a Goddess in them or more than one, my world doesn't have one it has none and millions, everyone has their own or not," She shrugged her shoulders and switched bodies again.

"Your own body is the nicest you have to admit."

"No I don't!" She scowled again.

"Didn't I just tell you that you shouldn't scowl. Your sexy fiancée wouldn't be turned on by it would he?"

"Just because you'll get him after I marry him does not mean that I'll be upset and it also mean's you get used goods, and I hate you for stealing my husband!" She disappeared before Lila could hear her crying.

"So it is worrying her, I thought as much, she needs a stable life not to know that soon her husband will run off with her best friend, though I doubt you will be much longer. She is probably going to make another friend, one who is just right for her, she won't need to seen as she has the boy's now." He told her with a twang jealously and also remorse. He didn't like to be told that he was going to ruin his true and only loves heart by running off with both her and his best friend. Although he had been told that no matter what he or any of them did to stop it happening. He had this from reliable sources, himself, Cat, the other Lila and the other lads; they had got it from the same sources, him self before him, but the only person who wasn't different was Cat. She stayed the same person while the others all died, just as he would and as she wouldn't; he saw this every time he looked in her eyes.

"But they are my friends and my protectors!" Lila protested.

" Makes no difference. So they will be her friends and they'll look after her like the whole world needed to. I'll tell you something else as well; they will sacrifice themselves for her in the end. They will live with her, they will follow me and make sure that we don't get together, whether she likes it or not so watch it." He warned her.


"No buts, they will, just watch it, remember, hell hath no mercy like Catriona scorned!" And he really didn't want to upset his new to be bride; he loved her so much he thought he would die from the exquisite pain.

"She is hell though so-" She just realised the danger she was in. John suddenly felt this hatred for her, his bride might have hell inside her, it was only natural, but she was perfection and she was his! No one could say things like that about her.

"The only problem is that she kept going on about someone else against the wedding it sounded that this person was very powerful, might even be as powerful as Cat." Lila gave a small gasp.

"But that's impossible, she is the creator and destroyer, she is all powerful!"

"She might of just created this someone to threaten her existence, to prove that she can be destroyed, like a tycoon gives someone power over them, just to prove they are worthy, they can gain control when threatened, this is just something that she feels she has to have. If you think like that, we will live forever, forever will run out and we will be glad of it, but that is just us. Time runs out and Catriona makes it again, I can't really explain it, but once you get the gist of it terrifies you. For every fraction of a second, or even less, somewhere time is running out, she just puts it back to the start, a bit like winding up a clockwork mouse!" He smiled finally understanding what Cat had to do. "Time is as short as a day, for her, except for the zones she is in and her parents zone then it is an eternal curse, because there are infinite and more of us, but only one of her. Do you understand now, Lila?"

"Not really but maybe I will. Does she grow older?"

"No really because she has no time to grow old in. But if this reassures you she will never cease to exist, if she did everything would and nobody can imagine nothing, because there isn't anything remotely like nothing, there is always something, whether you like it or not!"

"So will she have to live with the knowledge of being the only person who will live alone!" He nodded at her. "Oh my life, so are we the first ones she will know?" She asked gingerly.

"No I have already met myself, she took me with her to explain the time thing. He told me he had already met the one before; she has already met millions of us. But she is only fifteen tomorrow and that is by our standards, she hasn't even married anyone yet, she is still a virgin!"

"So we haven't done it and they have lived their lives peacefully."

"No all of the past John's have wanted to marry her and let her bare their children but she wouldn't let them! They have been tormented unintentionally by having someone they love deny them. She is just a girl who everyone of me loves with all our hearts, and she is worth dying for!"

←- Lila: part one | Lila : part three -→

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'Lila : part two':
 • Created by: :-) Vicky Barrett
 • Copyright: ©Vicky Barrett. All rights reserved!

 • Keywords: God, Insult, Land, Men, Power, Strength, Women
 • Categories: Extrateresstial, Alien Life Forms, Magic and Sorcery, Spells, etc.
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