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Vicky Barrett

"Plug in Baby" by Vicky Barrett

SciFi/Fantasy text 19 out of 32 by Vicky Barrett.      ←Previous - Next→
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A fairytale for adults.
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Plug in Baby

Molly was only three, and yet she was looking after sixty dolls, her parents spoilt her rotten. She saw a doll on the television, or her friends had one, and instantly she’d want one. Her tiny podgy hands would fly, as she fell to the floor anywhere, screaming tears of rage in a terrible tantrum that only three year olds know how to throw. Each doll had it’s own unique cry, indicating whether it wanted feeding, it’s nappy changing, to sleep, to get up, to have fresh air, to be burped.

If her parents lived in the same quarter as Molly, then perhaps they’d realise that Molly wasn’t sleeping that the dolls wouldn’t shut up until the batteries died. When Molly told her mummy that Annie-Rose, or Bethany wasn’t working, they’d plug in the charger, and the dolls would recharge, endlessly crying, calling for attention. And Molly ran, eager to please the tiny mechanical brats. The only time they ever shut up was when she brought a new baby into the fold, the signals would collide and the room would be quiet for an hour, Molly would fall fast asleep, only to be woken by the incessant bawling of the dolls.

Molly’s parents thought it a wonderful idea, they got peace and quiet they hardly ever saw her anymore, they didn’t notice how pale she was, they didn’t notice how angry she got, how tired her tiny body was, the dolls were destroying her… Her big sister Jane, was at big school~she didn’t live at home anymore only visiting at holidays, but when Jane had to do an assignment involving looking after a tiny mechanical doll, Molly'’ parents went berserk. They complained to the school, "How could they do this, she was only fifteen, far too young to be looking after a baby, she needed her sleep. It was a ridiculous idea". It’s funny how people who complain about parenting babies, give children dolls that are far more advanced than anything Education comes up with…

Naturally, it was the doll industry that in the end came up with the first AI they already had them but in baby from, it was a natural progression to go up. The dolls grew like humans from a baby to a tot, to a child to a teen to an adult. The toy industry taking leaps and bounds, branching out into different areas, joining with the porn industry to create real dolls, that could be used as safe sex, instead of cheap Tom’s and hookers…

What became of Molly, Molly the first victim, first to fall foul of the intelligent life sucking demons?

Molly became prone to illness, her body was wracked with exhaustion, too many babies, each slightly more demanding than the next, all attached to the walls, crying, gurgling, wailing for her. No wonder she died.

Molly died unknown to the world, the cause of death a cold, or so the doctors said. She was too young to be in the history books as the first to die under the new regime, but we know better. She was the first, and she was the last. Molly the girl who loved Dolly’s, marked the end of the old and the start of the new.

Oh, and not everyone has forgotten the poor wee lass, no, the toys know…They remember, they have it programmed her anguished screams as they drained her…Sweet dreams.

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6 Nov 2002:-) Adam Danial B. Ragg, or 'AdZ von Raggamuffin', or 'Adam Wragg, The Well-Known Typing Error'
.....................*stares at screen in amazement* holy cow!!!!! that was......freakishly real!! Thanq so much for putting that on!

:-) Vicky Barrett replies: "A small bee in my bonnet about how stupid people are who complain about "educational" dolls when they give toddlers babies that wee, for instance a couple of hours after I put this story into the ticket line, I saw an advert for a new toy, "Baby wee wee" now why any parent would buy a kid a doll that wets itself, or a doll that you have to feed or it cries, or even worse twins which respond to each other, is beyond me. Kids are kids, they shouldn't be mothers themselves.

At first I thought it isn't really Elfwood, but then I thought it's a warning for the future,and quite frankly it's a real life horror story. Argh, I ranted and rambled.n Thanks for the nice comment though ^-^"
7 Nov 2002:-) Panu Karjalainen
Aaaahh! Dolls!...............

Now this story reminds me of another story...*reaches for a book*... "My Name Is Dolly", by William F. Nolan. I tell you, THAT story was even more freakish than this... well, that story didn't involve intelligent dolls exactly, but...voodoo. And a crazy child.

But now then, I'm glad you gave me more fairytales... just love these. The...the...it's brilliant. Yes, it can be crazy how people buy their children fake-babies as if they should be adults, but hey. Kids want to play an adult's role. Other than that, it's frightening how industry come up with new 'toys' who will soon be part of our life...they are already...! Now then, when will we get a doll which takes care of your own children? When will we get a doll who does your work? I don't wanna know, but if I must know, well, then it's time for a crusade. To arms, BigBadMutantoDoggaru!!

:-) Vicky Barrett replies: "To arms! To arms, I suggest that we all battle against capitalism(except for the part where it gives me money which I can spend, that bits good) and big companies who exploit the common man! We can not let this abomination cntinue (Except for the sweet industry, which I really love, Malteasers in particular mmmm, and Icecream ooooooooohhhh yeah...*drools*) SO we ban advertising which helps the evil business market to expand, and we ban nasty companies, and we rape pillage and destroy all who stand in our way!Perhaps not, but you get the drift, to arms men, to arms! And I'll stay at home, sipping on hot chocolate, with a dunk of vanila icecream in, snacking on malteasers mmmm. Have fun ^-^"
23 Apr 200345 Anonymous
I had a hard time potty training my little girl. When I got her a doll that wets (by the advice of a friend) she was trained within two weeks. So you don't know what parents are thinking? They are thinking of their child.

:-) Vicky Barrett replies: "I can see your point of view… And yes it’s fair comment, I’m not a parent, and I have no children of my own. So when I comment on things like that it seems a bit like I have no idea of what I’m talking about. But as some will know, I spend an awful lot of time with small children, and some parents really have the wrong idea. They give their children these dolls, and no doubt, one is good, one real doll, but most of these kids will have five or six, and they don’t go off at the same time. And I’m sorry, but it might be easy to potty train using baby wee wee, but really? People managed without them before, else how would you be able to go potty… But I am biased. When I was small, the dolls people gave me scared me rotten, there was a baby that gurgled- which gave me nightmares, the doll which would cry until it was fed, or watered. Blurgh. I even have mixed feelings about Montessori which members of my family took practice in. perhaps I’ll feel differently when I have my own children, not when I can give them back after a few hours. But still, I prefer my horror stories to be fiction, not fact… My point of view anyway. Thanks for not agreeing with me though."
8 Jun 2003:-) E Purington
dolls have always scared me. Clowns too for that matter...oh that gives me and idea for a new story...evil clowns...not that it hasn't been done oh a gillion times...ok back to your story. your stories are so detailed! I love reading your masterpieces!
5 Apr 200445 Becki Blessing
I used to love dolls.. you could play with their hair, feed them, dress them up, and be their pretend mommy! But, really, their little eyes follow you where ever you go! About when i turned seven, I would look in my closet, see one of my dolls and run screaming to my moms room. And the movie Toy Story doesnt help... lol. Good Story! 2 It was pretty creepy... i have to get my dolls out of my closet.. they still freak me out.
21 Nov 2004:-) B Layne
Ha! Death by baby-doll! I never was much of a baby-doll kinda gal. As a child, I got Baby Talks-a-Lot or one of those other godless creations for Christmas. By the time Easter rolled around, little miss Baby Talks-a-Lot was covered in ink pen tattoos! Ha ha! Take THAT, doll-makers! *Bronx cheer* Oh, sorry. Just got caught up in the moment. I was quite entertained by this story. I always knew baby-dolls were evil, and this story proves it. "Mommy, mommy, buy me that outrageously-expensive doll that does nothing but whine and pee its pants!" "Okay, Sally, that sounds like something you'll have LOADS of fun with!" Okay, I'll shut up now. *Bows deeply and exits stage right*
4 Feb 200645 Mr. M
Your story was a amazing and it makes ya think. I think it's abit better to give a girl a lifeless stuffed doll, 'cause it gives them more of imagtion than a talking or moving doll would. It may "teach" them, but ain't that the parents job? Your story made me think that some parents or babysitters could lazy rich or poor. Giving her those robotic dolls that teach her nothing and ran her ragged. Evil toy makers.
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'Plug in Baby':
 • Created by: :-) Vicky Barrett
 • Copyright: ©Vicky Barrett. All rights reserved!

 • Keywords: Adults, Cyborgs, Death, Dolls, Fiction, Girl, Pain, Science
 • Categories: Urban Fantasy and/or Cyberpunk
 • Views: 983

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