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Vicky Barrett

"Victory : part one" by Vicky Barrett

SciFi/Fantasy text 31 out of 32 by Vicky Barrett.      ←Previous - Next→
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This is another reasonably drawn out dream of mine, however, when I wrote it I wrote it a fancy font, so to read it, the size was 16. Which is why some of the chapters are so short and can fit onto one page.
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←- Victory : the conclusion | Woman -→

~ Chapter one ~

The day they took my family away from me, and left me in a different time zone and on a strange planet with everything except people, was the first day of the planetís history. It also happened to be my 19th birthday. Victory though was formed four hours before my arrival, and with no other life forms on the surface except for my animals and mine.

The animals that came with me are; unicorns, winged horses, lizards of each breed, rats, mice, cats, snakes, sheep, hens, cattle, doves, pigeons, spiders, frogs, and fish. There are twenty of each breed and sex, as I am relying on them to provide companionship for me.

I am an immortal with a difference, this is because I have been sent away unlike anyone else in the history of my home planet. The worse thing that had happened before was Tharion, being imprisoned in Maithines, where he imprisons the dammed for a period of a thousand years. I hadnít been conceived by then, but Tharion made sure that I knew, he told me a couple of million times, give or take a few thousand but whoís counting.

The only thing I have done wrong was to be born a female, which breaks all rules from the dawn of time as everyone knows that no immortal is female, as they are so weak and emotional. I was also conceived and born which also contradicts the law of nature, as the immortals have been around since the dawn of time, and will be there until the end of it. Exactly the same number, no more no less, never changing, never growing expanding learning no just remaining the same. And who am I to argue with what is known to be true? Me a mere girl. A prophet declared that "the most powerful immortal will be born a-", unfortunately she died during her speech, so because I have been born, they consider me a threat, especially being a woman, there is only so much a male, let alone an immortal can take. Anyway, the immortals can finish off sentences and quite rightly guessed, but unfortunately didnít approve, I mean if and if they donít approve well it canít be right obviously.

When I was born, they tried to kill me in numerous ways, but I was a resilient baby, and came back even stronger, they had tried to kill me before birth but somehow hadnít been able to stomach the killing of a pregnant woman and her unborn child. They had to suckle me as my birth killed my mother and none would suckle me for fear of offending the immortals, so they would transform into a woman to do so. I didnít need milk, I would drink their power and it would merge with mine, so I became even stronger still, they were most glad that I grew up rather quickly. Almost being the operative word due to the lack of control over a grown immortal.

The men have only just replenished their power to former glory, while I have no limit and can go on draining power from things. The only thing that I canít do is make life and escape from this place. So they sent me here to preserve themselves, the o so honourable immortals that they are. So here I am, I have named the planet Victory in tribute to mine, and this is now my home for eternity.


~ Chapter two ~

I had contact with a mortal today, a male and then later six more couples and fourteen children on a different planet.

It is a whole year since I have been here, the animals are getting restless because they have nothing to do, so I decided to see if the those people would like to come here and live here. So on seeing the original male talking to a small bird, I sneaked into it and talked to him, I told him all about Victory and how it would be perfect for him and his people. I gave him directions, and fourteen days later he and his colony arrived on Victory.

The unicorns directed them to my little valley, and they settled here, they started to shoot the animals. Now Iím not allowed to tell them of my presence, so the unicorns did, the change was remarkable, no screaming, shouting, shooting, or laughing. The male, to whom I had talked to, brought two fifteen-year-old girls up the craggy mountain, to my cave where I was meditating. The unicorns had told them that an immortal here, so they decided that I was male, I am an enigma among my people, so why not with these. It is amazing how gender orientated life forms are always believing one is better than the other, one is more dominant how each has their own role not shared by the other and how those roles apply in different places separate from others. The girls were supposed to be an offering to me, as everyone knows immortals adore young women, evidently it applied here also. So I turned myself into a new born, as it was clear that both girls had given birth earlier on in the week, as they were glistening with power, and I hadnít had any for such a long time. So I suckled, as they picked me up and fussed me and offered a drink, so I had to, it was most enjoyable, to be given it without grudge. I watched the man in the meantime, he was quite attractive and only twenty-three, and he was suspicious as they girls turned grey and fainted. I changed back to put him out of his misery, he was very powerful, dripping with power, much to my disgust, and I have to touch him to get it.

Donít get me wrong, Iím not a vampire feeding off other peopleís power, I just need the power to get home, and if I use theirs, then they canít get rid of me. Simple, I want to get off the planet, they will not want me here so to get off I need power. To get back home I need power but I need to build a reserve of power or else they will throw me off and I will be left floating with nothing to work with. The girls Ilea and Deana were slowly coming round, turning pink or red, whatever theyíre natural colour is. The man I couldnít touch, as they have to invite me to touch them like the girls did, I canít force it. I now ignore both of the girls as they are of no more use to me, but the man, the man I am strangely fascinated by.

They start to ask mundane questions like who am I and where am I from, hardly original. Then they asked if I wanted men or boys to quench by burning lust instead of girls, or do I want both, then when to pray to me, how to pray, do I want any food. The man was still not speaking; he was too wrapped up in thought and concentration. I realised what he was trying to do, he was trying to read my mind, and it was quite pleasant, as Tharion was the last to try, it would send me to sleep as he was calm and cool, like a sea breeze running through my mind. The man eventually broke off as he realised he couldnít do it and shouted at the girls to go and get some boys, and arrange some accommodation for me in the new village. It was amusing to see him lose his cool, as it was obvious he usually got his own way. Instead I slipped into his mind and got a picture of his true love, I sent him to sleep and shape shifted. I woke him up screaming and he embraced me as I knew he would and drained him, I felt slightly ashamed, as I had drained him almost completely. But then as he realised what I had done he threw me the most pitying look, so I threw his power back at him with more added on, I collapsed, I was knocked out for a couple of days, because I could feel the difference.

~ Chapter three ~

They were very kind and when I awoke the man, Larne, gave me or let me, tap my power and let me take some of his power to help me recover. Itís funny how the most powerful being in all of the time zones can not use their own power to heal themselves; I need someone else to tap into. Luckily, I now have Larne to tap into as he doesnít feel the difference and he returns to his energy levels straight away.

I still hadnít spoken, so they were beginning to think I was dumb, until I woke them all up at half past three to do some intense training. I taught them to run, shoot, riding unicorns and winged horses, sword fighting and map reading.

Only Larne and Rikon knew most of those but even they couldnít ride, the poor animals were tense afterwards. Then I took them cross country running going up steep hills, through boggy land, over muddy plains, through to forests, back up the hill and down again, the two were worn out, cold and wet by the end of it. It had rained throughout and they were carrying huge bags full of stones and water. I was relaxed, warm, and happy, laughing as they complained. By the end of the first week, I had developed friendships with all of them, and they could quite adequately do everything I had taught them to. They then wanted to learn to meditate, but this took them far longer to learn.

I still live in the wild and when I shape shifted into a hawk, Larne, captured me and put me into a cage for two weeks, he didnít notice until I nearly died, and the others were looking for me. Even then, it was Rikon, who realised where I was, and because I had been entrapped in a cage Larne had made by magic, I couldnít change or escape.

Rikon ended up looking after me as a hawk, up in my cave, where he nursed me back to previous health, which took a very long time in the shape I was in. I wouldnít let Larne anywhere near me, and although I was weak I could still do magic, and telepathy. I travelled into his mind and placed my experience in him, I raked up things from his past to haunt him. I made his life hell by burning his hut, sending devils after him, turning the animals on him, once or twice I pushed him out of his body and broke a couple of bones. I gave him diseases, fleas and nits, I lit fires under his bed, I stole three quarters of his power and turned Rikon his brother and best friend against him, I attacked his woman scum, Jade with the unicorns help. I made him pay, as if you are weak you can not change back, and you canít intake power in an animal form, so I have to deal with all illness in animal form. There is always a chance that you could either die immortal or not, or never change back. I am and was justified to plague him.

When I finally changed back, everyone bar Rikon was scared of naturally scared of me, so I gave them reason to be scared of me. I killed Jade, Ilea, and Deana along with all of their offspring. The things that I decided I needed and two thirds of the animals, and transported it all to a separate part of the planet, far, far away. I left them my mountain and everything that went with it, I also left a curse on Larne, and placed protection spells on all remaining animals, just to make things difficult for them.

I was quite pleased and my anger was now nearly spent for Larne. Rikon who had came with me, to look after me, asked me to release the curse on Larne, so he could at least have someone near. Rikon had appointed himself my big brother/father/guardian angel and then gave me all the love that I have been denied, the love that you get from family, so I lifted the curse. Larne now could spend eternity with Rikon who was to look after me for eternity because someone needed to.

So Larne was transported to our part, and after much consideration, I finally decided that my anger was finally spent, so I was very nice to both of them. Larne was very wary of this as he should be, and he was very bad at concealing his hatred for me, but I expected it, as it would far longer to forget some of the vile things I had put him through.

Eventually the village people died, everyone had by the time of my sixteenth, and as I had begun to master the art of creating life, I had made Rikon a wife, and Larne had forgiven me. He forgave me after I allowed him to enter my mind, only once and he nearly killed me once more by making me let loose some of my power. Then he realised he was an immortal, which he loves, unlike Rikon who doesnít like the fact that everyone else dies. His wife will die tomorrow, so his is even more upset, he will mope for ages, and I am still weak from turning into a unicorn so soon after the loss of power. I keep making Rikon more wives, but they all die and I make more mortals to feast upon their power so I can return, but it isnít enough. I have a huge craving for home, because this place is just not home, I just have to discover how to skip time and Space, which is impossible because you need to find the right one to skip.

Larne is very considerate, and has given me directions on where to find new power, which would be mine for the taking if I slept with the locals on a certain planet. And because the men are both immortals made from the same fruit as me now, they can collect some power for me as well, meaning I donít have to tire myself as much and it will be a lot quicker. We set off tomorrow after the funeral, it might cheer Rikon up, doubt it but it might.

←- Victory : the conclusion | Woman -→

24 Nov 2002:-) Logan Pickup
I got first comment! *grabs Vicky and does a first comment dance with her, (entirely inappropriate content deleted)* *grins*

The style of writing for this is very detached, it's like everythingf is very distant, only jumnping in at odd points here and there for some detail.
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'Victory : part one':
 • Created by: :-) Vicky Barrett
 • Copyright: ©Vicky Barrett. All rights reserved!

 • Keywords: Anguish, Betrayal, Death, Destruction, Girl, Man, Pain, Space, Unicorn
 • Categories: Extrateresstial, Alien Life Forms, Magic and Sorcery, Spells, etc.
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