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Vicki "Kiddalee" Nemeth

SciFi & Fantasy Fiction and Stories by Vicki "Kiddalee" Nemeth

Vicki is not dead, but asleep!

The Doctor's Orders
Exploding Embrace
Alchemical Haiku
The Hat
Unicorn's Origin

3 Jan 2003:-) Michael A LaFlamme
Greetings. I have just finished scanning through your library and I must say I am very impressed. You have an abundance of raw talent here. There seems to be a unique voice and passion to your words that is missing from some more experienced writers.
If you are looking for inspiration, I can give you this advice: look to your own words. You have a lot to say. Your writing, in fact, is bubbling over with ideas. Don't lose that edge. The first short story I ever wrote was two pages long. That idea has now blown up into a few hundred page novel in the works.
Writing is about ideas. You have that in spades. If you ever think you are coming up dry for inspiration, go back to your stories and poems. Take one theme or idea from that and just run with it.
This is great stuff. Keep on keeping on.

:-) Vicki "Kiddalee" Nemeth replies: "Thank you is the only thing I know how to say to that."
19 Jan 2003:-) Jessie.'Jsi-Spitz'Young
VICKI!!!!!!! I'm a writer person now too! If you see the stuff at my page...just laugh at my stupid mistakes...okay?...

:-) Vicki "Kiddalee" Nemeth replies: "You are??? GOODY!!!!!!!! I'm coming!"
25 Feb 2003:-) Sean 'iono' Cavanagh
OOOHH!!! I've stumbled upon another writer person!!! *rushes off to read your stories*
20 Mar 2003:-) Kate "Silverfish" Jennings
Some lovely poems: you have the confidence to use language well and simply. I liked "For those who weep diamonds" and its oblique message.

:-) Vicki "Kiddalee" Nemeth replies: "A funny thing happened to me the day I wrote that. I felt pleased at myself."
19 May 2003:-) Andrew R WynnWilliams
Vicki Sue ... i enjoyed the one story. You did a good job (as you can tell by my lengthy commentary on the piece itself). I will forbear from commenting on the poetry ... I do such a terrible job of poetry myself it would be presumtuous in the extreme to comment on someone elses (besides i have never really liked poetry). As to the stream of consciousness style piece at the end. That is so different from my usual fare that I don't really feel qualified to comment on that either. It was interesting though.

thanks for your excellent commnents on my work.

:-) Vicki "Kiddalee" Nemeth replies: "Well, thank you for your comments. You don't like poetry? Oops... I told you I'd mail you when my new story got past the mods...well... most of the dialogue is poetry! Still, I'll email you, but with a warning."
17 Sep 2003:-) Faith D. Doerr aka Lerune
Hello there -- saw that you are a fellow member of the Writer's Forum and I try to get around to people's works from there. At the current moment, I have a ton of Herald stuff to proof, but I wanted you to know that I have bookmarked your page so that I may come back and read your work. You have my word that I will be returning to comment as soon as my time allows me to give your pieces the undivided attentions they deserve. =0)

3 Vicki "Kiddalee" Nemeth replies: "EEEEEEEEEEEEEE!~was my response. Yep. That's awesome... But I'm not ready! I have to proofread everything!"
21 Dec 200445 Ashley D. Lange
Thank you very much for commenting on my FARP article! I guess the use of classic fantasy animals is a manner of opinion (if it were up to me, I'd do away with them completely) but, if exectuted correctly, it's possible (by a very talented writer) to breathe life into them. My negative feelings radiate from too many novice stories about a girl that fights dragons from the back of her pegasus while the prince battles kappas and redcaps with the help of his wise centuar friend and his pet griffon. Usually, instead of imagining something new, people write in the word "griffon" and go from there. (i. e., griffons are noble, proud, fierce, loyal. Therefore, my griffon character is noble, proud, fierce, and loyal.) As for my spelling mistake, d'oh! Thanks for pointing that out. Also, the aurora (or lack of it) wouldn't effect animals much - but the midnight sun could! Thank you so much for your input (people like you inspire me!), and now I'll read your works and leave comments on them. If you want to say anything else on the article, please tell me!
AD Lange

:-) Vicki "Kiddalee" Nemeth replies: "Whee~! Thanks a lot."
8 Jul 2005:-) Chelsa L. Dagley
hey! You left some awesome comments on my story and I was just stopping by to look at yours, when I suddenly realized I already had but had forgotten! Again I'd like to say I loved your stories and you must tell me when you update! And thank you once more for the insightful and intelligent comments ^_^

:-) Vicki "Kiddalee" Nemeth replies: "Thanks. I'll try to remember that. Maybe I should create a mailing list of people who might like to know when I update... Hmmm..."
10 Apr 2009:-) Vicki "Kiddalee" Nemeth
I’m commenting on my own page just for fun.

:-) Vicki "Kiddalee" Nemeth replies: "Well isn’t that just a grand thing, isn’t it?"
18 Aug 2010:-) Chelsea L Pennelly
Hey, thanks for your thought on my Forum poll for my story. My story will not have vampires at all and I my werecreature will be things other than werewolves. I’ve found vampire and werewolves a bit overdone myself.
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