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Victoria Bellamy

SciFi & Fantasy Fiction and Stories by Victoria Bellamy

Victoria is in love with her dark faerie lord.

A little too long
The Battle
Dance of the Fae
Epona and Abel
Take my Hand
The Legacy of Gabriel (CH1)
The Modern Ledgend (CH1)
To Weave a Tale

30 Jan 2007:-) C. 'Cain' Brooks
Lets go capture/find/put in a little jar a muse for you then! *hands you a net, a blow gun and darts, a big stick and a safari hat* =3 XD I'm thinking of finding a new one too!

12 Victoria Bellamy replies: "Right. Got everything? Let's go! *marches into to enchanted Elfwood in search of a new muse*"
30 Jan 2007:-) C. 'Cain' Brooks
Almost a year huh? Try any drugs then? XD Really though. My muse is quite picky about the things she lets me write. Without her, I write total rubbish and most of it is just silly.

12 Victoria Bellamy replies: "lol, i hadn't thought of that.lol. I don't really have a muse, maybe i should get one......"
1 Feb 2007:-) C. 'Cain' Brooks
H-Hay! Wait for me! *dashes after*

12 Victoria Bellamy replies: "lol."
10 Mar 200745 Jigen the Comment Token
WHY DO I HAVE TO DO IT?! (Cain: Because I said so! Just get on with it!) *sigh* Whatever. I was sent here to tell you that Cain has FINALLY gotten some new chapters up. (That is to say he just put some of his old, re-worked junk up.) On his behalf, I humbly invite... Blah blah blah... I'm done. (Cain: *glares and pelts Jigen with a shoe*)

12 Victoria Bellamy replies: "Right, thank you Jigen. CAIN! Stop that (*restrains Cain from pelting Jign with shoe*) Now, i'll be right over. 2"
28 Mar 2007:-) Erin Z Wilkinson
Please forgive me for taking so long to comment on your work, I have made comments on some of the work I had not red. Some really good stuff here.

12 Victoria Bellamy replies: "Thanks. 2"
30 Apr 2007:-) Lindsay Verde
Hello Victoria! I just wanted to invite you to join the group Inkwell Artisans, of which you can see a wee bit of info on my main page about previous projects ... I'll give you directions since it seems to be a busy hive ... it's near the bottom of the blinding assortment of colored paragraphs. Basically it's a group founded by me, and I give out "projects", usually a theme, photo, or some other type of challenge, around which the project is based and we wait the required deadline time and see the different interpretations everyone has produced. If you'd like details on the latest two projects, just send me an e-mail and I'll give you the attachments. Best of luck with your writing!

12 Victoria Bellamy replies: "Let me consider it and i'll send you an email. "
29 May 2007:-) Sarah Viahh Day
Heyyy long time no talk to 8 i'd just like to, well, let you know that i'm putting a link to your page on my page, because you're not around to ask, but when you are around if you have a problem (which i hope you dont XD) i'll take it off. Where you anyways, it's getting lonely on MSN XD
See you around! And keep up the good work 2
25 Mar 2008:-) Lorna Scott
Suilaid mellon! Man tolthant i ’waew? Luna x

:-) Victoria Bellamy replies: "Mae govannen, "
27 Oct 2009:-) Michael pixiepie john
i like your poem , pursuit
can feel the emotion . .
will drop by again and read some of your stories ,
if your muse seems distant sometimes ,
that happens , but will come close again
sometimes theres a seeding time
until the harvest comes

:-) Victoria Bellamy replies: "Thank you and yes, it does seema little far away. "
30 Sep 2012:-) Faith Gerhardt
Hello! Do you like werewolves or dragons? If you do can you please look at my gallery!
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