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Marika Viklund

Marika Viklund

Marika is a 30 year old girl who is crazy in dragons and elves... and other fantasy creatures. She would like to become an illustrator and writer one day and make covers for fantasy books. You wanna know more? Go and read my profile! Or check out my artpage, I keep that page more updated then this one. ... Much more updated... heehee. ^^;

Hello and welcome to my little corner in the wyverns. All right, I'm now 30yrs old and I live in Sweden and I love to draw and paint, and to sit at home making up little stories... that never seems to get written... gotta work on that! :) I have been drawing since I could hold a pencil... making up stories came later when I had learned to draw better. Then I started making up stories about the people that I drew! Nowadays it's often the other way 'round! I make up the characters first, then I draw them! Sadly I hardly ever gets the time (or have the patience) to actually write the stories, but I'm trying. Much of my inspiration comes from the music I listen to, but also from other things as pictures, movies, books, my friends and so on. In the future I hope to become a writer and illustrator... love the thought of writing fantasy books and painting my own covers. As yet I haven't written any of the 'real' stories down... but I'm working on that. :) And please, if you're interested, go see my pictures at the sci-fi/fantasy gallery. Thanks to all of you who comments! And please do tell me of any fatal errors or things that can be made better. Constructive critisism is appreciated. Thanks!
Woo... I am working on a new story now. A long one. I'll put it up eventually, but I'm afraid it'll take a while. Just wanted to tell the few who comes by to take a look here!


Time for a new update here i think. It's only been like... two years since last time. Anyway, I'm actually slowly working on a longer story and hopefully will also get a shorter story up as well soon-ish. I'll try and finish one of them (and get going with the longer one) during this summer.




07 Jan 7: Finally put up my longest (finished) story to date, 'The Shadows of Selimar Forest'. Gaaah! This is ages ago!!! Gotta update soon!

Fantasy... duh, art, animals, movies...
Favorite Fantasy/Scifi Movies and TV Shows
Anything with animals, Aliens 1-3, Predator 1-2, Dragonheart, LoTR, Matrix 1, Independence Day, Dog Soldiers, Vampire in Brooklyn, Ginger Snaps 1-2, more stuff...
Favorite Fantasy/Scifi Books
Anything of H.P.Lovecraft, Chronicles and Legends trilogies of Margret Wise and Tracy Hickman (Dragonlance), The Lord of the Rings of Tolkien, Dragonsbane of Barbara Hambly, Prey and Hunters Planet by Steve and Stephani Perry, A SOng of Ice and Fire by George Marin... many more...
Favorite Music
Metal, Heavy Metal, Rock, Death Metal, some other things sometimes...
Friends at Elfwood
Friends at Elfwood: Laura Saph Moore(Friend) .

Guestbook for Viklund3

29 Oct 2008:-) Jason Childers
okay; Yeah
Yes it was thank you

:-) Marika Viklund replies: "No problems. You’re welcome! 2"
11 Feb 2009:-) John sharp
came bacl to try and add you as a favourite user, again, and it failed again.
Which is a bot annoying, but thats life.
I got a mods choice yesterday. I was very pleased.
How are you?

:-) Marika Viklund replies: "Hi! Sorry I haven’t been to Elfwood for a while. Been busy with my math studies.
It doesn’t work? That’s strange. :/ Write to support about it. Maybe it’s a problem more people are suffering from.
That’s great! Congrats! 1
I’m ok, very busy and very tired right now though. I need a holiday!
How are you? 2"
17 Feb 2009:-) John sharp
I presume that was you that left the "Regrets" comment. Not seen that one, but it sounds good!

:-) Marika Viklund replies: "No, sorry. That was not me. I’m always logged in when I comment. I have no idea what it’s about. 2"
17 Feb 2009:-) John sharp
and thanks
19 Feb 2009:-) John sharp
Really good. Been working on a rewrite of something I did last year. It seems to be coming along nicely. Also been a bit distracted from elfwood lately, but nothing so lofty as maths study.
Relax, have a holiday, read your favourite book or whatever.

:-) Marika Viklund replies: "That’s nice! I haven’t had any time for writing at all. But today I’m finally gonna sit down and paint a little! 2
Lofty? I hate math... but I must practice a lot for the exam in a few weeks. 8 But then it’ll be quite cool again. 12
Heh, always reading! I can’t live without books! 1 I read George Martins’ A Song of Ice and Fire now. They’re very good! Have you read them?"
22 Feb 2009:-) John sharp
I loved the song of Ice and Fire. Tyrion was my favourite character, closely followed by Jon Snow. I loved the idea of the Night’s Watch, and the northern wall. That left a mark on me, and it may start to show through in some of my writing. I started reading it when I was 18, and I picked up "Clash of Kings", which looked interesting. So I bought game of thrones, read and thoroughly enjoyed and got clash of kings.
11 years later, two further books in the series have been released...
The next one has been delayed again, out later this year. A dance of dragons, it is supposedly called. There are supposed to be six altogether.
Thoroughly enjoyable

:-) Marika Viklund replies: "Me too! 1
Yes, he’s one of my fav characters too. Him and Jon and Arya. I like the little dragon princess too. But I liked her better in the beginning. But we’ll see. She just let her dragon burn some slave traders in the book and silly Sansa is now wed to Tyrion. One can truly never know what will happen next in these books! A constant joy! 11
I like the Wall and the night watch too. Somehow it’s really cool. And the undead seem pretty interesting too. I wonder what exactly they are!

He really takes his time writing those books. I hope the next will come quicker. I can’t wait 11 years for the end of the book! Such things frustrate me to no end!!

Indeed. Very good books. the best I’ve read since I read Dragonlance and the Darkelf saga by Salvatore. Some other books have touched me really deep like that, but they’re few and far between, so it’s good to have found a new one like that! 1"
11 Jul 2009:-) Caitlin Baert
Oh goodness I don’ know what to say or how to express but as I love your artwork very much and will love to add you as favorite!

:-) Marika Viklund replies: "Awww, thank you so much! I’m very happy that you like it so much! 11"
27 Jul 2009:-) Justine Lim
You have some very beautiful pieces of writing up here! I went through a couple of them, and will return to read the rest.

:-) Marika Viklund replies: "Awww, thank you very much! 1 I think you’ve read the best ones already. The other two are very short. But please do, and tell me what you think. Good or bad! 11
I’m trying to finish a new thing about a vampire that I will upload here eventually. I’ll just have to get the first chapter finished first. *lol* It’ll be the longest story I’ve got up when it’s done! 1

Anyway, thank you for your kind comments! It’s really encouraging and inspiring to me! Thank you! 2 "
28 Jul 2009:-) Justine Lim
Finished! And I really enjoyed your shelf, by the way. You mentioned a vampire story that you are planning on uploading: I will check back, but feel free to let me know when it gets posted. 2

:-) Marika Viklund replies: "*lol* I noticed! Thank you very much for reading it all! 1
I think I’ll have to let you know. I am very inspired about it right now, but my writing inspiration comes and goes in great intervals. So, writing goes slow for me and the update might not come soon. I tend to spend more time on my art. Though I really wanna write more.
Thank you for inspiring me to write on with it too! Me very happy now! 1 "
4 Jul 201045 Ellebolle
Come on, when will we see Odd again? Have he been eaten by a monster?

:-) Marika Viklund replies: "*lol* He’s slowly on the way. She’s been making a few new pages, she’ll update it again as soon as she’s got the first chapter finished. She’s just very stressed out with work right now so things are moving slowly. But don’t worry, it’s coming. 12"
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Marika Viklund

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