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Magnus Vinther Lund

"Dark Druid" by Magnus Vinther Lund

SciFi/Fantasy Picture 2 out of 19 by Magnus Vinther Lund.      ←Previous - Next→
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SciFi and Fantasy Art Dark Druid by Magnus Vinther Lund
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well needless to say this pic. isn't finished yet...I hope it will some day....well it's somekind of druid or something in that class...

19 May 200145 Anon.
more than makes up for the lack of neked women 12 *mentely undresses her* mmmmhm jelly roles.. few nice pictures 'ere lol..you need some glasses...what you are looking at is a real nasty bald-headed MAN...but heck! each person has different taste 2
31 May 2001:-) Banu Andaru Adhimuka
"Hmmmmm.....I got two heads, I will put one into the soup and another one for tomorrow. I wonder if garlic will do for these heads..." Hehehehe......Hey, i'm just kidding! Nice pic! he don't worry...I liked you comment...perhaps I'll make a little competetion; "what do you think, this guy thinks?"...that would be nice 12..thanks for your comment!
1 Jun 200145 Joseph Chang
nice heads. that bald guy is all like "hmmmm I don't remember ordering these... aww I'll take 'em anyway" lol! keep 'em rolling...thanks!
26 Aug 200145 Christiaan, A.Iken
Ur really good at drawing pepole, his expression is perfect. And i love his hand.Finish this, whips the whip *gets sexually aroused(can't spell) uhm...I mean starts to finish drawing...
13 Nov 200145 Tobias 'Lostreality' Wright
A dark minded northman draws a dark druid, yes he's real dark, I like the skulls in his hands their dead is not long ago isn't it? I think he is thinking about whats to do with the skulls, on which ritual they burn in the eternal flames of death!!! *ggg* my faforite drawing of your gallery (I can't say: 'please finish it!' 'cause none of mine drawings are realy finished)

:-) Magnus Vinther Lund replies: "oh yes please bug me about getting it finished perhaps then someday I will....I don't know if I'm dark minded...I don't eat children at breakfast and worship satan or any such stuff....I'm just plain weird at times"
2 Feb 200245 A fan``
YOU ARE MY GOD! *kisses you passionately with no apologies*
*..but does blink in surprise..*

but anyway! i`ve seen all your work and you have serious potential!
my con.criticism for this one is to make the index finger longer...

*blows a kiss wink wink* leaves struttin`her stuff

:-) Magnus Vinther Lund replies: "weeee OMG I've got a fan!!!! hmmm your God? hmmm I dunno that's maybe taking it a little too far...anyways thanks for teh comment...and for that index finger it looks short because the tip part is supposed to be turned inwards...but I have this thing with hands so I used my ereaser alot so it's probably to snuffy to see exactly what I was trying to do...I'll see if I can make that a little more obvious"
6 Feb 200245 Researcher
I think that the picture is very good. I hope it is done someday, too. Im doing a report on the druids and I wonder if that is really how they looked. I hope you become a very famous artist one day. You seem to have much talent.

:-) Magnus Vinther Lund replies: "thanks for your comment, I really hope that I'll finish it someday myself...although I think too much time has passed now....and if I finish it it will be obvious where I started and stopped...since you can't help your style changing a little bit over such a long period of time. as for that report...I would strongly advice you not to use this as factual(?) design...since it's made from pure fantasy without any refference whatsoever...and I doubt that the real druids had skulls on stakes/staffs."
5 Apr 2002:-) Michael R. H. Nason
okay,critisisem is a hard thing to do constructivly because i din't know what u'r personal standards are in terms of what u whant to achieve for u'r art.so i will make assumtions as to what they might be.but first there ar some retorik questions that need to be asked(retorik only in a hinesight kind of a way...?).for ex:u said that u might like to do some free lance work(thats actualy a good standard to "judge" u'r work by-in terms of publishable work).the questions:what kind of personal artistic style do u have in mind for u'r FINISHED art work,pencil,blak&white pen work,computer colored,painted?if u don't finish u'r picturs then these questions can not be answerd-not even by u!...Q221tylisticly speacking,to what level of realisum do u aspire to with u'r drawings?photo realistic( years of study),standard fantasy realism(yeah,right,like there is such a thing!),comic book "realism"(3 meters tall and nothing but muscle...)?well,without making a consius desision u'r art will probably remaine as is for some time to come.that's not a bad thing,but it would be nice to stand out in a croud.okay,enough with the philosophy,lets have a look at the dark druid...
pictures, as we all know, are about telling stories.here we have a nasty looking guy holding some even nastier looking heads.but why? if this was one in a series of pics then this would be cool but it isn't(is it?)so where is the visual que that lets us understand the meaning of this pic? even the druid looks confused!maybe thats the point...or maybe u just wanted to draw a realy mean looking druid holding meaner looking heads...and u didn't think beyond that.
something that all artists need to be aware of is consistansy in their chosen drawing style. the hand and arm are not as well drawn as the sculls and the druids face,there are probably many reasons for this but the bottum line is that it will detract from the overal impresion/impresiveness of the pic when it is done(personal note:if i do not know how to draw something from memory i will use photo referances even if the finished drawing is not in a photorealistic style,this safe guards against inconsistansys in the quality of the drawing).it's also not agood idea to crop the picture so close to the edge of the drawing,the drawing needs to "breath" a bit in terms of the space around it.but maybe this was done when u prepared the pic for the scanner or to reduce the file size,i don't know of course,i'm only guessing!
conclusion:clarety is very important to the story telling of a picture,this includes the artwork and them of the picture...but this pic isn't realy finished so it's a bit harsh to make clear cute critesisums.okay,those are my thoughts on this pic.tomorow(or the day after that i will give my(probably unwelkom) rambling thoghts on u'r next pic-dragon head.
ps21orry about the spelling,i dont have time to correct itnow because my houre is up! later,dude...CHEERS!
pss:i hope i make some sence...;P

:-) Magnus Vinther Lund replies: "this comment isn't unwelcome rambling at all! if only everybody would leave as long and meaningfull comments I would be a very happy person...your reply makes very much sense...but I ahve to disagree/argue with you at some points...as for which style I would like to use...I'm not totally clear on that myself...I haven't really found THE style yet...but yes I would like to stand out in the crowd...which means that I'll try to find my own unique style...although it will hardly be Unique since most art styles have already been explored and used(like fashion...with all the retro-things...just changed a little bit) other than that I don't really see it as a flaw if you can do all of those styles you mentioned, but rather as a merrit(realistic,cartoonic etc.) as for my personal standards and what I want to achive with my art...you can just look at my gallery...that which doesn't meet my own standards neevr get this far(atleast not without myself commenting that it's either just a sketch or that I know it sucks) now for your comments on the druid: I most disagree with you that every picture needs a story for people to understand them. maybe pictures that have a deliberate message or some obscuriies needs a story...but not this pic. it's a druid with skulls that's it...the way you explained it- then when you do a picture of any character with any accesories, you'd have to do a story telling where they got their pants/accesories from....we don't care where they got their pants from...aswell you shouldn't care about any story explaining where he got the skulls from or for what purpose...he's a "dark Druid"- an evil druid he probably killed someone took their heads and stuck 'em on his staff...every pic. don't need a story as such... ont if they don't have any "real" message to the viewer.(posing pics. seldom have)as for the consistancy...it's sketchy that's the reason...I neevr really finished his arm...nor the rest of the pic. and as for the cropping of the pic. = file size and elfwoods damn 100kb limitation."
4 Sep 200345 Anonymous
Draw some lesbians12

7 Magnus Vinther Lund replies: "  I would...but elfwood doesn't alow that sort of thing I think...also couldn't you just get your dead grandmother to draw them since she draws better than me?"
4 Sep 200345 Anonymous
this is the f****** worst picture I have ever seen. my dead grandma can draw better than you!

22 Magnus Vinther Lund replies: "wow she must be very talented then..."
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'Dark Druid':
 • Created by: :-) Magnus Vinther Lund
 • Copyright: ©Magnus Vinther Lund. All rights reserved!

 • Keywords: Druid, Pencil, Skulls
 • Categories: Elf / Elves, Man, Men
 • Techniques: Pencil/Graphite Pen
 • Views: 2206
 • Resolution: 531x700

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