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Dave Cripps

"Innocent?" by Dave Cripps

SciFi/Fantasy Picture 25 out of 70 by Dave Cripps.      ←Previous - Next→
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Item censored due to its Parental Rating level (#4 of 4), as set by the artist...
SciFi and Fantasy Art Innocent? by Dave Cripps
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'...when the factory was all but rubble we discovered the bunker complex underneath. This was how they were putting up such a spirited defence. It was at this point that the robots were ordered in.
We heard them approach as we crouched in the trench the ground heaved with shells, shrapnel flying everywhere in a shower of death. But this did not even bother the things. Red hot shards pinging off their bodies they crossed our line and stomped off into no mans land. A lucky RPG round reduced one to a cloud of parts if it were a man his comrades would have ducked. No such regard from these things they were already at the bunker's doors. We could hear them smashing their way in the grind of steel on steel, concrete being peeled away like parts of a soft fruit. There was a brief fusillade of shots from the defenders followed by sporadic small arms fire. But we knew that it would all be over in minutes. We had seen the robots at work before. They are programmed to force a surrender by grabbing hold of the enemy and holding on until friendly troops turned up to take them prisoner. Usually this is most efficient.

All was quiet, as long as you don't count the barrage which had now moved and was landing on our rear position. It was then that the screaming started. From across no man's land the terrified howls of someone in immense pain was magnified ten fold into a symphony of pain. Sergeant Fosse looked over to us and ordered us over the top, she feared that some of the injured were screaming in pain and needed medical help immediately.

We slipped over the parapet and made for the bunker as quickly as we could all the while the screaming continued. As we reached the shattered door the screaming stopped. The silence was eerie to say the least. Inside we picked our way through the rooms here were signs of battle but no robots and no prisoners. They must have taken them deeper into the bunker system and we followed the trail of spent cartridges and blood into a deep room lit by a flickering lamp. Here we found them.

The robots were squatting around the walls awaiting orders. But the first thing we noticed was the coppery smell of warm blood mixed with faeces. It was the Sergeant who first saw what had happened she was using her IR goggles to check for snipers. With a chocked cry she emptied her stomach onto the floor and had to withdraw.

In the gloom we saw bodies lying about, no not bodies but parts of bodies. The metal monsters had, it seemed, gleefully butchered their prisoners. They were covered in gore it was running down the walls it pooled in obscene lakes making our boots stick as it cooled. And the robots just sat there in all innocence looking up at us. Their programming and our IFF chips keeping them off us. We  had seen many things in this war I for one would have to admit that I also threw up.

The talk amongst the medics was all about 'War Crimes'. When the robot commander heard this he went crazy and ran off into no mans land. Funny really, we didn't find much of him either.'

18 Mar 2008:-) John R Farley Jr
Congratulations on another Mod’s Choice! I like the story that goes with this too. The robot is a good design, less human-looking, a nice departure.

12 Dave Cripps replies: "I thought the robot was a little too human looking. Not big and shooty enough for some people. Not enough like a crazy Godzilla -type (Man in a suit really) robot."
27 Mar 200845 Inquisitor
I leave you alone for a few minutes and you start getting Mods Choices. Don’t let the power get to your head.
And don’t think I didn’t notice the smileys where people have put emoticons 10 etc... ^^ et al.

45 Dave Cripps replies: "It’ll give Chris something to mess with. (Smiley with hat on)"
1 Apr 2008:-) Aly Elliab

12 Dave Cripps replies: "Exactly what I thought when the yellow star appeared. Thanks."
12 Apr 200845 JJJ
Not superb, but not all that bad either. the feet are too round and long, and I thought it was a soldier at first. But with a little bit of brainstorming, and a few more tries, I think you’ll come up with a great robot...eventually...

45 Dave Cripps replies: "Yes I agree with the feet thing. They were meant to be articulated slightly.
As for the other part... I s’pose you’re thinking great big gung-ho manga bot with missiles and looking like an extra from a Godzilla movie? Or a metal Gear kind of thing? Either way... nah... that seems to be the thinking of all war bots. What would you be scared more of a big hulking thing that can be destroyed by a chain-smoking geezer with a bandanna or an almost friendly almost human bot that has no real soul? If you’d be scared of the big one (and who wouldn’t be) then stick to manga. The future is way too strange. Look at ASIMO and even the most disturbing one tagged Posy. here: http://www.androidworld.com goto Entertainment Androids.....
All following Asimov’s 3 laws of robotics no doubt."
15 Apr 200845 Chris.H [wondering what html dissaster awaits...]
That comment made me think of...

http://http://i6.photobucket.com/albums/y244/bene25/comics/8tsh--2hzhw3wv978yvrof.jpgMissing [/URL]![/URL]

45 Dave Cripps replies: "Unlike your good self to kill a link Chris...."
15 Apr 200845 Chris.H [wondering what html dissaster awaits...]
18 I see its edited the file name thus buggering up the link. 3

filename is 8tsh2hzhw3wv978yvrof.jpg

21 Dave Cripps replies: "http://i6.photobucket.com/albums/y244/bene25/comics/8tsh2hzhw- - 3wv978yvrof.jpg

Edited for comic effect I presume. Argh! There’s no ’-’ in the address but it persists in putting one in. "
21 Apr 2008:-) Thomas Berndhäuser
Blood... more blood... and even more blood... i knew there was some darkness in your soul, but that much? Welcome to the infernum, Dave 2

The title opens an interesting question... can anything be guilty if it is just doing what is supposed to do? Might the one who constructed it be guilty in some way? Or does innocence matter? I have to think about it...

Anyway, interesting story to a great picture. What is that... whatsoever the robot is carrying on its back?

45 Dave Cripps replies: "Welcome to the Inferium? Does this mean I have to start listening to Lordi and Dimu Borgir? I am not wearing cheese graters as shin guards!

The robots would be an instrument like a knife. A knife can be used for many purposes: as a piece of cutlery as a woodworking tool or a surgeon using a scalpel. But a knife can be a weapon. The robot is being used as a weapon though it was only meant to defend itself and capture prisoners. Is the programmer guilty or the controller?

And that on its back is just power packs guidance computer and whatever else sounds cool. LOL

Also a great big rifle with bayonet. (For defensive purposes only)"
27 Aug 2008:-) Rory .... mclean
that cool but odd
but thats wat makes it cool

45 Dave Cripps replies: "Odd! LOL I like that. Yeah I recon the robots will be more aesthetic than war-like and bulky."
11 Nov 2008:-) Helle Jorgensen
A lot of thought goes into your pictures, I must say! One detail makes me wonder, though: A robot with a knife? That’s a surprisingly human and, well: low-tech weapon in the context, isn’t it?

20 Dave Cripps replies: "Now that’s a bit of deep thinking. Perhaps there is a little too much human in these robots? Yet then again any weapon is still a weapon no matter how old you might consider it. If it got its hands on a flint axe it could still use it...."
28 Mar 2009:-) Kim Schoonover (Darth Maul´s scary sister)
...this isn’t even an art website anymore is it? If it were, I’d expect, oh, I don’t know, web designers that could design asthetically appealing pages and not ruin the art in the process by sticking stuff on it and make it so that one can actually full-size to see all the blood and comment without the full-size going away, and...

Because I just discovered that apparently, I was wrong. The cramped, needless, inefficient layout is not a result of my low resolution.

That’s just how it is.

And I suppose mod’s choices are being dicontinued as well... since all this has is the star in the one spot, now, and that seems to be the extent of it anywhere...

I’m starting to see a certain appeal to Bunto’s kamikazi approach... insulting a moderator in a succession of perverse sexual manners is not really my style, and besides, this doesn’t seem to have much to do with them anyhow, but the method of getting kicked out for being an asrehole in general is holding an amount of... allure, at this point.

You know, I actually did have something quite nice about the picture written out as well, but the deplorable layout of the site has caused me to lose it in a rather stupid manner, namely, trying to click on a link that turned out to be the wrong kind and have a great deal of lag... clicking did not, subsequently, have the intended effect.

Something about how your wonderfully ironic description gets lost shoved there at the bottom...

And something about what the blazes evil even is...

And something about, of course, the blood.

:-) Dave Cripps replies: "We can only hope that the artistic designer in the web Johnnie overrides the need to squeeze every last penny out of the ads and makes them re-design the picture/description part. Ads are fine if you need the money but they do have a nasty habbit of cluttering up the screen and sapping your CPU’s strength (Kinda like Kryptonite).

Who’s Bunto? and did I miss a nice juicy argument? You could always cut yourself out like Cecily and dissapear into the mists of time never to be seen again....

There’s blood on this? I can’t see it it’s so fiddlingly small.

Oh there is a big red Microsoft close box on the base of the enlarges picture.

Be thankful a paperclip doesn’t appear and ask if you need any help. Or the little doggie with the waggley tail.

It’s the ’More by:... ’ and the thumbnails that seem like a little bit of overkill. You can navigate with the arrows on the picture or go back to the main gallery page. I noticed the same picture that you are looking at sometimes appears here too....."
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 • Created by: :-) Dave Cripps
 • Copyright: ©Dave Cripps. All rights reserved!

 • Keywords: Acrylic, Blood, Blood guts and indeed gore, Bodies, Bunker, Dripping blood, Future war, Guts, Knife, Robot
 • Categories: Fights, Duels, Battles, Robots, Androids, Humanoid Warmachines, Techno, Cyber, Technological
 • Techniques: Acrylics
 • Inspirations: Other Author, Other Artist
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 • Submitted: 2008-03-08 18:48:53
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