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G H  Trace Webster III

G H Trace Webster III

G H wanders, but is not lost.

My name is George Henderson Webster III, but I have gone by 'Trace' since I was born. I am an Old Schooler (Nine-Seven REPRESENT!), and so I can be all snobby, and say I was in the 'Wood when it was green. I served 8 long years in the MO Army National Guard as a 12B Combat Engineer (to any other military, or ex-military, artists out there...HOO-AH!), and am now employed at a healthcare software company.
I am married to the best girl ever. I am largely self-taught, as none of my art teachers (except in high school) encouraged me in the slightest.  I actually quit taking art classes.  PLEASE leave comments.  I get all giddy when I get a new one.  If you like it, comment on it!  

Showcased here will be my Sci Fi and Fantasy art (Nothing like stating the obvious, huh?).  I just recently got into ACTION! Cartooning & FANTASY! Cartooning by Ben Caldwell (best drawing books I've ever bought, check 'em out on amazon or something), and have been rewoking my style.  I actually moderate his forum now (as the_batcomputer) I have always liked fantasy, I read J.R.R. Tolkien, J.K. Rowling, R.A. Salvatore, H.P. Lovecraft (Hmmm... all my favorite authors go by initials. Weird), lots of comics (SANDMAN!), and play RPG's.  Most of my drawings that I have up here are old RPG characters I have played.
You should go check my fanquarter stuff out. Most of my newer (read: good) stuff is over there.

Drawing, Reading, RPG's
Favorite Fantasy/Scifi Movies and TV Shows
Star Trek Enterprise, Conan The Barbarian, Firefly
Favorite Fantasy/Scifi Books
Lord of the Rings. The Dresden Files.
Favorite Music
Too weird to list.

Guestbook for Webster

11 Jan 2004:-) Jessica "Fyrefli" Perry
It's strange to me why none of your previouse teachers encouraged you, I really like your style. It's very detailed, yet simple. But with lots of color, so it's great on all levels!
17 Feb 200445 Richard Patterson <dude102@hot...com>
Greetings oh great artist!
I wish i could get to know you, because it sounds like you and I would get along.
It's awsome that with your space marine you did something more original and didn't follow the normal *Blizzard* star craft/ Warhammer 40k design.
Strongsoul just rocks..i mean...the mustache..the armor..i'd say he could hold his own against any soldier, modern or ancient.
email me back if you want!
could use a little conversation out in the lonely world
27 Aug 200445 Jason
Hello. I've been searching like hell to find a picture or an artist good enough to draw it for me. I RolePlay, so I'm sure you know where I'm coming from when I say I CAN'T FIND A PIC THAT SUITS MY CHARA!! Please, PLEASE, help me. Your art is awesome, some of the best I've seen... Your artwork is the closest I've found to my character... If you do request work, then please take this one request, I would be eternally grateful. You can reach me Via e-mail, or on AIM: XxBladeofDeathxX or on Yahoo: blade_jinja_kumo Even if u don't take request work... I'de still like to talk to you... Again, Awesome work. And by the way... 'C130 comin' down the strip, Airborne daddy gunna take a little trip..." Airborne! HUAH!
21 Jan 2005:-) Maja Arian Carter
well.. I can't say I am as Enthusiatic about the Army as you seem.. or pretend to be .. honestly.. if I were in your position.. I would hate my life.

I am getting out in 3 lovely months and I can't wait to have a life again. Maybe it's just my unit.. but these 4 years have been hell for me.

Anyway, glad to see someone takes an interest in my art... as few seem to do.. but yeah thanks for the message.. I'll be sure to browse your stuff.. ( once I get off.. )

:-) G H Trace Webster III replies: "Don't get me wrong... I am extremely disappointed with the Army. They lied to me about student loan repayment (defaulting on a loan), recalled me after I was out, and the hit me with the backdoor draft. I hate it and advise anyone who is considering it to join the Air Force. But, I am a guardsman, so it is just part time. When drill rolls around, I am impossible to live with, but for the most part, I try not to let those bastards ruin my life. Email me if you ever want to bitch about the Army, I will understand."
2 Feb 200545 Yomamma
Trace, you are a wealth of talent on and off paper. I look at this art and wonder how something this FANTASTIC could come from my gene pool. You do yourself proud! You guys should read some of his stories! OK, I know, "remember who you DM is." Keep up the good work! I would disregard comments from that 007 dude. He's never around anyway!
1 Aug 2005:-) Kevin G Hansen
Love your style and your line work is very well done... I like the way that you mix a lot of humor in with the more seriuos stuff ...
11 Aug 2007:-) Katrina Lynn Williams
Wow! Your gallery has so many pictures. And let me just say this, they are all really really good! Excellent really. You rock! Keep up the great work
16 Sep 2009:-) MT Starkey
Awesome gallery. Your style rocks.
19 Mar 2013:-) Trace race
I’m trying to find you home page. I would like to buy one of your pieces, or trade for it.
19 Mar 2013:-) Trace race
I can’t seem to find you email on this site.
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G H Trace Webster III

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