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Wilma D. Anderson

"Darkened Hearts" by Wilma D. Anderson

SciFi/Fantasy text 1 out of 2 by Wilma D. Anderson.      ←Previous - Next→
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Hmm, hopefully people will like it. Haven't been writeing much, I hope to get back into it. This is about kingdoms at war, many twists of love, hopeless situations and conquering strength. :)

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Darkened Hearts

Chapter 1


Within the castles' walls and chambers, it seems nothing stirs at the dead of night. Maybe for the occasional mouse that has found it's way in, or the guards who fall half-asleep, but not many else find themselves awake. It has been much too long since I've snuck out to see Azell, but tonight I take my chance. At this time of night, I anxiously look at the clock candle, judging to myself that I can risk leaving my room. Slowly I open the door to peer out into the tall shadowed halls outside.

I hold in a breath as I shut the door behind me. I instantly go into alert mode, looking out for guards behind me or in front of me. Usually the guards eat leftovers and gossip for a few minutes before heading off to keep watch. I must use this time to get to my love's room, which is thankfully not too far from my own.

I stand and put my back to his door, looking up and down the halls like a runaway prisoner of war. I hear footsteps down the hall, so I slip into his room quickly. Almost silently I shut the door and sigh. I turn around and walk into a bigger room for guests. All the candles are on, and I note one that has barely suvived and needs to be changed.

Quietly I call to him. "Azell" I call, admittedly, a bit too quiet for anyone around me to hear. But somehow he does, and answers me. "Here, Faynette." His voice is weak and tired, not at all like his usual strong and fierce voice. I go to the right and walk up into his half shut door. I open the door compltetely to find him at his desk scribbling notes. I frown at how little sleep he's been getting lately. "Azell, you have to get up early tomorrow morning, couldn't you have someone else do that?" I put my arms around his shoulders and read the note he is writting, from what I can venture, it's political in nature. I grab it with two fingers and set it down on the far right of the desk. "You need to go to bed, love." I say as sweetly and sternly as I can. I know he hates it when I tell him what to do, considering he's so stubburn, but even at this rate he'll only get five hours of sleep tonight.

He sends me a withered look that I've grown to know very well, but he gives up and lays his head on the desk. A massive yawn escapes him as I watch his eyes close. "Oh no you don't Azell, this time you're sleeping in bed, not on the desk." He chuckles as I pull him out of the chair and walk him over to the bed. As he sits on the bed he runs his hands through his red hair. "Hands up." I command, and he complys lazily as I softly remove his shirt. His hands flop down to his lap after I have finished, almost as if they haven't the energy left to do anything else.

"Will you be alright tomorrow?" I ask, concerned that he won't be able to take command of his men for the march ahead. Instead, he waves his hand sleepily, yawning once more. "You don't need to worry about me, I will be fine with a few hours rest."

I smile at him, he's always been a hard worker, it's something I've grown to admire about him. However, I can't help but feel lonely, while I know he's here with me now, he won't be for long. Tomorrow he will set off to Herrom in the north-east, to an enemy who has the advantage. While we may be more skilled in fighting, they know the terrain better, and they are a savage bunch.

War is a horrid thing, many men will never come back to their loved ones. I am afraid that it will snatch my love away from me forever, leaving me here without the man I love most.

And then there is another thing that worrys me. I overheard the servants gossiping, and it seems that the newly titled King of Tifist that is to arrive tomorrow, is to be my future husband. Or at least that is what the ambassador of Tifist and my father supposedly talked about. I know that things have been tough for both our kingdoms lately, and the friendly relations we've had with them are thinning, but an arranged marriage seems a bit much. But if the romours are true, what is to happen to the love between Azell and me? Am I to be married to a man that I do not love?

I run my fingers through his hair, massaging his scalp gently to relive the tension. He lays his head on my chest, somehow finding the energy to wrap his arms around my waist bringing me closer to him. "What are you thinking about?" He asks, and for a second I falter, should I tell him about the roumors? What will he do once he finds out?

"Oh Azell, this world is cruel." I sigh, and I feel him chuckle to himself, as if to say "You've only realized that now?" He says nothing, just sighs with me grimly. I continue on with my thought. "You're going away from me for a long time, and it seems, if romours are true.... I am to be married to the King of Tifist..." My words linger in the air, and he twitches slightly, as if my words finally sink in like little daggers aimed at his heart. He looks up at me, I try to find the emotion that crosses his face, but can't place it, instead his hand slide down to my hips, staying there for only a few seconds before continuing their trail down till they hit his legs.

He smiles in a way that says he knew this day was coming, but didn't want to believe it. I think both of us believed that we would somehow be together. Somehow get married and live our lives in happiness the best way we can, but we knew it was a very slim, if not an impossible thing to believe.

For a few moments we are in silence, both not knowing what to say to the other. "So, you're off to marry a King, and I'm off to go to war, seems like this is fates cruel plot, Fay. We'll have to accept it. I can't do anything, I'm powerless right now." He cups his face in his palms before hesatently peering at the clock candle and squinting his eyes. "No!" I say, wholeheartedly rejecting the idea that there is nothing we can do. "Allow me to tell father that you are the man I love, not some new founded King who I've never met!" His eyes go deathly cold as he stares at me. "That is not an option. You have to realize that just getting to the rank I am now, being capton of the army of the King is a miracle of itself, when you take into account that I am of the clan of Debash... But to ask for the daughter of the King's hand is too high,..... it's just way to lofty of a thought to even be considered possible for someone like me. He would think of me suspiciously, and I cannot blame him for that. He would never allow it."

I clasp my hands around his face, feeling the tears in my eyes burn hot like fire as they rain down my face. "Isn't there something we can do? Anything? I'd do anything to stay by your side." He shakes his head gently. "There's nothing I can do Fay. Right now, there's nothing we can do. Lets see how things turn out." He laughs a little. "Maybe the King will die before you wed him..."

He tried to keep his voice still, but I could feel the pain in it as he said it. To wish or be glad of someone's death is a horrible thing, but even I understand what he means. Azell has always been a fair man, even though he commands the army. He tries his best to make sure the men of the army come back to their loved ones. I overheard a report that the king was shocked that so few people had died under Azell's command. Commander Tret was commander before Azell, and he used the men as he liked. Because of this, there had been a considerable amount of life lost under his command.

"What a wicked thing to think." He says, his face contorted in shame. "I suppose I'm jealous of him. I do hope the King makes you completely happy, Fay. I hope he treats you well." I take a step back. I'm shocked, I'm not sure what to say, but this time it's my hands that fall to my sides. It seems he's giving up too easily. But knowing him, he must have been thinking about this day, and what he would say to me to help me through this. He doesn't want me upset, and he doesn't want me to do anything drastic because of him. I know this, yet it still makes my heart ache at the thought of leaving his side for another man.

I kneel down to him, taking his boots off in silence. I don't trust my voice anymore, I feel as though I will shatter into tiny pieces if I speak. I feel his hands on my head, softly sliding down my hair, his hand stops as it rests underneath my chin. He raises my head so he can look at me. Under the light of the candle, I see his handsome face. His red hair and green eyes shimmer with the light of a dancing candle to my left.  "Stay with me tonight, but from now on, if you will be forced to wed that man, then our love must end. We must break it, .....if we continue to pursue it I may see fit to kill the King myself, if that would mean having you by my side always..... You know you've had control on me ever since day one. But that is not what either of us wish, so we must break this relationship. Please Fay, tell me it will be broken..." He looked at me with pleading eyes, slowly I got up to rest my forehead on his, softly I murmur. "It'll be broken, love. For you, it's broken." But my actions say otherwise, as I gentle kiss him. He gives in as well, not wanting me to pull away from him. His hands envelope me, pulling me tighter and tigher against him. Sadly, I tenderly pull us apart. "To bed." I say, not wanting to say anything more lest my lips tremble.


I awake to Azel sitting up in bed, he looks at me in a downtrodden way. "You'll have to leave soon." I groan and turn to look outside. While the day seems like any other day, it will be the start of many heartbreaks. I curse under my breath as I get up. I look at him yearningly, I want to just throw my arms around him and forget about everything. But that's not reality, I smile at him. "You'd think someone by now would have made a time stopper." I said, pretending to be angry at the one who was supposed to have made it. He laughs and nods in approval. "Yes Fay, they should have, think of all the ways it would make life easier." Gently he takes my hand and kisses it. "You know I'd be just as happy stopping time and staying here with you forever.... Ha, you know what? All of this time you and I have secretly held out this forbidden relationship, and I'm quite surprised that your father hasn't found us out. I always thought the reason we would be pulled apart would be the King finding out about us. I also though of some pretty visious ways the King would dispose of my body and attempt to make it look like an accident. " He chuckled, and a smile came to my lips as I move forward to run my hand down his chest. "We would've ran away before that could happen." My eyes fix upon his, and for a moment, I know in my heart both of us are wondering why we couldn't just run away right now and be done with the kingdom with it's rules and laws. But his eyes shoot away, as if ashamed that he would even consider the possibility when the country and his army need him most.

I sigh and roll out of bed to slip on my slippers. I walk to the door and blow a kiss to him, I am about to tell him goodbye when a hard knock hits his door. Azell looks to the door and then  our eyes lock. My eyes fly open and I suddenly find myself paralized by something akin to fear. The knock sounds again, and Azell gets up, grabs my hand and stuffs me in his closet. "Hide here and for God's sake, don't make a sound." With that he leaves me and shuts the door.

I hear the door open, people talking and people walking in his bedroom. I slowly place my ear on the wall in hopes to overhear what they are saying, and who it is that came. I shouldn't think it very supprising, considering today is their departure. Still though, does it have to be so early in the morning? Couldn't it wait?

But now is not the time to be thinking, they are talking and I want to hear what they have to say. "---and that's why the horses were actin' so strangly past few days. To think the poor babies contacted that White Blight Illness. Why, you won't be able to ride them, sir. They'll be down for quite a few days, maybe weeks once the illness gets bad enough." The voice is obviously one of the stable masters, either Kaissin or Jayffet. My bet is on Kaissen, he has been known to sypathize with the horses, his "poor babies" as he calls them. He's a rather obbsessed person when it comes to his animals. His twin brother, Jeyffet, is just as obbsessed, but is better at hideing it. Still though, if the horses are in such a bad way, Jeyffet might let his obbsession slip a little.

"The White Blight Illness in horses is extreme, sir. The horses will show signs of tirdness, and sleeplessness. Then white patches start to cover the horse's bodies, if not treated, it will start to eat away at the horse's flesh, until it dies. The treatment isn't that hard to get ahold of, but it takes the horses awhile to get over it." Kaissen said, panic takeing hold of his voice.

Considering the timing, it must be the work of Herrom's general. He has the power of disease. That's basicly the reason why we are at war with him. The neighbering Kingdom asked for our assistance in ridding the General because of the horrendous illnesses he has spread in their land, in attempts to take over it. But to be able to carry it all the way to our kingdom.... How could he do that?

I hear anxious footsteps in a pacing pattern that I know all too well. The footsteps of my father. He takes exactly four footsteps, pauses, then four more. I hear him sigh rather angrily. "The White Blight Illness hasn't shown it's face in something like over a hundred years, do you think it's a possiblility that this is Herrom's doing?" There is a pause. Azell answers my father. "Sir." I'm assumeing Azell bows to my Father in the slight pause that follows. "Well, it could be, but don't you think our kingdom is too far away? Surely his power can't have that kind of a reach..." Azell pauses a little more before continueing. "But maybe... do you think he's useing the winds as an agent to carry the illness? We have been getting severe winds storms lately, but that would mean..." Ah yes, I see where he is going, that would mean that the Kingdom of Tifist would be the cause of the wind, unless it's all just a coinsidence.

The King of Tifist has power over the air, just like the General of Herrom has power over Poisons and disease. The royal bloodline of Tifist has been extremely concentrated though, since they marry into their own family line. Because of that, it is rumoured that the King has trouble controlling his power. But while it may be that he has trouble controlling it, his reach has increased. Azell's suspision could be true. But Tifist and Herrom working together? I can't believe it. 

←- The Demon I know | The Demon I know -→

26 Feb 2012:-) Lynn K Hollander
Within the castles’ walls and chambers, it seems nothing stirs at the dead of night. Maybe for the occasional mouse that has found it’s way in ~~Watch the possessive. How many castles are there? A single castle? Castle’s walls. Two or more castles? Castles’ walls. ~~Its/it’s. ’It’s’ is a contraction of it is, with the apostrophe marking the omitted letter. ’Its’ is the possessive. It’s(it is) true the mouse lost its home.

  ~~what does this symbol mean?

"You need to go to bed, love." I say... Azell answers my father. "Sir." Try: "You need to go to bed, love,(COMMA)," I say... Azell answers my father(COMMA), "Sir." ~~The comma is necessary to tie what is said and who says it together. The periods chop the who said it part off to dangle alone as a sentence fragment.

’...as I gentle kiss him.’ ~~here, kiss is a verb. You could try: I give him a gentle kiss OR I gently kiss him. Nouns get adjectives, here, ’gentle’; and verbs get adverbs, gently.
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'Darkened Hearts':
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