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Johnny Williams

SciFi & Fantasy Fiction and Stories by Johnny Williams

Johnny finally finished the writing process in his fantasy novel. Now on to the tedious task of editing!

Evolutionarily Advanced
Old Man Winter
We Don't Need You Anymore

10 May 2011:-) Joran Hoek
its to bad we(the NAO) don’t have contact anymore.
i wonder what became of them. like Kitt.

lol, been really busy....since the weather finnaly got better.
doesn’t sound like you have been really busy for a long time.
When did the weather got better than?

:-) Johnny Williams replies: "Yeah I was snowed in for awhile there with nothing to do haha...

Hmmm, after the snow finally melted and all the rain stopped, I’d say the weather finally got better about a week ago."
23 Jul 2011:-) Shaina Couch
Hey! Just checking to see if you are alive, and proving that I am. 1 haha. I haven’t written anything in a while. I’m lacking inspiration. Oh well... I graduated! Yay! Be proud! 2

:-) Johnny Williams replies: "lol yeah I’m still alive, just super busy.

13 Aug 2011:-) Joran Hoek
Hey Johnny,

How are you doing??
Are you having a nice summer?
You also have some days off from any work?

I alteast enjoy my summer. I train quite alot for next basketball season cause i’m starting again since 2 years. 1
And i also see my friends alot, which is fun.
We had quite some rain the past few weeks. But i seem to be one of the few that doesn’t botter it.

Cheers, 1

:-) Johnny Williams replies: "Hey man,

I’m doing good, I got some flag football (American football) starting up next week hopefully. Gotta start running again and get in shape.

Summer’s been unusually hot. But it’s cooled off alot now and it’s been raining.

But great for your basketball, hope you do well in it. I don’t think I’ve picked up a basketball for a few months though.

Good hearing from you again,
15 Aug 2011:-) Joran Hoek
Hello. 2
Thanks for your fast reply.

it is that you start flag football training next week or is it a match?
Have you been on holiday?

I also am excited to start again. we can have a fun team.
I do quite well so far on the basketball court in my neighbourhood.

i think i also read your new poemes. they were great.

:-) Johnny Williams replies: "ha... I get email alerts whenever a message is posted, so I get them pretty quickly.

Next week is an actual match, if it even gets started; there aren’t alot of teams signed up right now.

Thanks for reading the poems,

20 Sep 2011:-) Morgan A Grover
Long time no see! Been a hectic year to say the least. How’s things going in your neck of the woods?

:-) Johnny Williams replies: "yeah you said it. Been crazy for me too. I’m actually a full time reporter now covering natural gas related events, which has been fun.

Tonight, for example, I had to cover an event that involved a local poet who used to write poems related the old coal industry that used to be here and is now writing natural gas related poems.

It may not sound like poetic material, but it was quite interesting. "
22 Sep 2011:-) Morgan A Grover
Excellent! I know the whole natural gas thing is really heating up around these parts. Where I live the economy is in complete disarray, and the only jobs to be found are minimum wage retail and nursing. We have a LOT of people picking up drilling jobs in PA since it is close to the border. Due to the money these people make, the cost of renting, housing, and basic goods is sky rocketing. To rent a single bedroom apt it is close to 800$. The locals are getting really upset cause they cant afford to live and are trying to get local gov to allow the drilling and fracking so they can get jobs and $$, others are fighting it...it is really starting to create a mess.

:-) Johnny Williams replies: "The housing is crazy here too. Apartments can run over $1000, and some houses are being rented for $3000.

I actually have an assignment that I’m working on that involves your area. I’m covering how businesses in the HorseHeads/Big Flats/Elmira area have been affected by the gas industry even though drilling’s not allowed yet (hotels, restaurants, etc)

Here’s the publication I write for, along with a story I wrote. (Barnett vs Marcellus) http://northeastdriller.com/"
1 Jan 2012:-) Joran Hoek
Hey Johnny,
How are you doing?
Are you also having holiday?
How was your new years night.

I had a party, which has been fun.
also with those people who had a little drink.

A Happy New Year to you.
Cya, Joran

:-) Johnny Williams replies: "Yup, it was good. Had some family over to celebrate it.

Here’s to a good 2012. Happy New Year. "
3 Jan 2012:-) Joran Hoek
Have you any new works on here?

:-) Johnny Williams replies: "Not for a while. I’ve been really busy with work and other stuff I just haven’t had much time for a few months. "
18 May 2012:-) Shaina Couch
Hi, again! Wanted to let you know, I’ve got a new poem in Other Works. 2
31 May 2013:-) Joran Hoek
Hey, Are you still out there?
It’s been a long while since (you and) I have been here.
I’ve not been posting. but i was wondering how you are doing?
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