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Ashley R. Wynn

SciFi & Fantasy Fiction and Stories by Ashley R. Wynn

Ashley 11/08/1979 - 04/20/2008 R.I.P.

In Deep Kelp
An Occasional Poem upon the Tenth Anniversary of the Elfwood Project
Journals of the Master Baker - Day 1
Giblet Gravy, Paparazzi Pixie
Castle Eld 1 - Stacked
Castle Eld 2 - All Along the Watchtower
Castle Eld 3 - A Pie Thief
Castle Eld 4 - In the Royal City
Genesis Vault: at Center City
Genesis Vault: at Center City (part 2)
Mushrooms & Rabbit Fur
Jenny: The Elf's Maid
Man Eater
Little Queen of Spades and the Suicide King
Zamora - 1 - The Box Supper
Zamora - 2 - Blackened Bones

24 Jan 200645 Cecily
Is it okay if I use your method of chapter-naming for Angelis Infernales? Only it's kewl and the first chapter is named after Sariel anyway...prod me to catch up with Genesis Vault, seen?

59 Ashley R. Wynn replies: "That's cool. 1 And, uh... read the new Genesis Vault chapter! LOL"
2 Mar 2006:-) Chris A Jackson
Thanks for commenting on Warmonger! Now... stop smoking! I simply must read something here, but I know not where to start... Any suggestions?
What's your favorite?

22 Ashley R. Wynn replies: "... No one's ever asked me that before. My favorite to work on is Genesis Vault. The ones I'm most proud of are the poems - Maneater, Incubus, and Jenny. They have endings. How about I suggest NOT reading Barn or the EndlessNameless stories? They've been there since high school, so they don't really fit me any more. I like to think my skills have greatly improved since then, so I leave em up as refrence. 14And tobacco is icky and nasty and should only be used for ceremonial purposes. . ."
21 Mar 200645 Shoeless
Hmm I won't debate your choice of fantasy authors some i love some I don't really enjoy but you simply must expand your horizons in Sci-Fi. I would suggest starting with David Weber (the king of sci fi in my opinion) move on to John Ringo perhaps some of elizebeth moon's all though she can be a bit spotty with her writting (try the Lt. Leary commanding series quite good) and to finish off i would suggest one of the best classics in sci fi "Three to dorsi" look it up it will bend your mind. Its a bit dry at times but it is extremily good if you can get through it. Still in all this is obviously just my opinion, and my apologies if your tates differ radically from mine.

:-) Ashley R. Wynn replies: "With the exception of Star Wars, I'm not really into the whole space opera thing. Give me a post-apocalypse survival story or some cyberpunk and I'm happy. I did go on a kick for a bit where I read a lot of Mars related stories - mostly Burroughs and Ray Bradbury stuff. "
21 Mar 200645 Anonymous
I amso soon going to write something myself. I just love your stories... and you've read anne rice! she wonderful really. Hope you do know that the a. n. roquelaure is her too?

2 Ashley R. Wynn replies: "Yes. But I've gotten to where I like Anias Nin better."
17 Apr 2006:-) Barbara J. Wickham
Thank you so much for leaving so many lovely comments at my gallery. I'm not very savvy with the mechanics of writing so I won't be able to offer much help in that area, however I do enjoy reading so I look forward to sampling your shelf and offering my humble opinion.

I'll leave comments as I go...
15 May 2006:-) Kyle 'Khet' Wolff
You have many, many good peices in this little section of the woods. Far too many to comment on individually so I'll wrap them all into one. Your works are very original in nature and your use of grammar and spelling is wonderful. Keep up the good work, hope to see more from you soon!

:-) Ashley R. Wynn replies: "There's not as many there as appears to be. I actually deleted more than a dozen of them last week, but for some reason, the links still show up and take you to a 404 Lost in Elfwood page."
28 May 2006:-) C. 'Liari' Seidel
*pokes her whiskers in and looks, then notes for future readings* Saw you on Cec's page, looked interstring, thought I'd come by. Many stories, shall come back when time permits.
12 Oct 200645 Cecily 'SLWS' Webster
Aie, I haven't been here in ages, I'm so sorry! [rebirdlook] Do you still have them?

[shoggoth has been inflicting unimaginable horrors etc. on neighbouring pages in the meanwhile]
21 Jan 200845 Mairead
I read Coldstore Cave a long time ago before it was taken down. Did you ever finish it? Wanna email a copy 1 s_e_terrell at yahoo dot com
12 Mar 201345 Anon
I was deeply saddened to see your obituary from 2008.
You once had a bright light in your eyes.
The lure of what passes for fiction by some is very strong.
I pray you turned back toward your first love. <><
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