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Remelisa Cullitan

"Blood and Black Roses CHPT 28, 29, 30, 31" by Remelisa Cullitan

SciFi/Fantasy text 11 out of 28 by Remelisa Cullitan.      ←Previous - Next→
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Last chapters and it is a longer read. This is the ending, this is it guys. Hope you've enjoyed my story.
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28. One of Us

          With that Casey charged at Lee, ramming her head into his stomach. Lee then punched her hard in the back causing her to retreat from her attack.

          As Casey and Lee battled each other, Tristan was by Eva’s side.

          “This will hurt for a second,” Tristan warned, popping her dislocated arm back into the shoulder socket. Eva screamed, tears streaming down her cheeks.

          “The other one,” Tristan said as he popped the other one back in. Eva then wiped her tears away and looked up at him, then past him, seeing Casey and Lee fighting.

          “Casey?” Eva asked, maybe this was another hallucination due to her missing her friend too much.

          “Yes, she’s back, whoopee. But she’s one of us,” Lee said emotionlessly, but then grinned as he punched Casey square in the face.

          Casey doubled back; blood trailing out of her nose to her upper lip. Casey then licked it off and smiled up at Lee who grinned down at her.

          “Take Eva out. Things won’t be pretty Tristan,” Casey instructed.

          Tristan nodded as he picked Eva up and walked out of the attic.

          “Now things are literally between you and me. I won’t hold back Lee. I am really pissed that you tried to kill me,” Casey said getting up.

          “I know you would have been angry. That’s why I wanted you dead so that you wouldn’t be,” Lee said pouting, then grinning.

          Casey then flew straight at him, ramming him into the ground. Casey got up and stepped right on him.

          “Hmm, getting kinky are we Casey darling?” Lee asked looking up at her with a smile. Casey smiled back as she dug her heel into Lee’s stomach with her stiletto boot.

          Lee screamed and grabbed Casey’s ankle, throwing her off balance. He then rolled on top of her pinning her to the wooden floor.

          “That really hurt,” Lee said, spitting saliva and blood into Casey’s face. “Did I miss your heart? I’m sorry, better luck next time,” Casey said with a grin as she kicked him off.

          “Casey, let me just tell you that when a female vampire and a male vampire are in a fight to the death, it is truly a beautiful thing only when it is at the right time and with the right vampires,” Lee said grinning.

          “Lee I already know the birds and the bees,” Casey said as they started to pace in a circle.

          “I just thought that I should remind you on how this fight will go like and end in a most trilling feeling ever in your short life,” Lee said still holding his smirk even though Casey had thrown a punch at his face.

          “The adrenaline rush throughout your whole body. You can feel it can’t you?” Lee asked as he jumped on top of her again, laughing hysterically.

29. Forever’s a Long Time

          Tristan carried Eva down the flight of stairs to the third floor. He kicked open a door and briefly looked around to make sure no one was in there. He then walked in and closed the door behind him, darkening the room.

          Tristan walked over to the bed and laid Eva there as he walked around to make sure nothing was under the bed, in the closet, or in the shadowed corners of the room. Not only did he not see anything or anyone, but couldn’t hear anyone except Eva’s soft breathing.

          “Tristan, what’s going to happen?” Eva asked meaning to the fight Lee and Casey are in.

          “Well in truth I hope Lee wins,” Tristan honestly answered. “Why?” Eva asked sounding a little mad in the dark. “If Casey could beat Lee in a fight then that means she’ll be the strongest vampire now. Lee and I are an unstoppable force,” he answered.

          “Don’t you sound full of yourself,” Eva spat, looking forward since she didn’t know where he was. Tristan turned to look at her. She was looking forward still unsure where he was at, but he could see her perfectly.

          She was sitting on top of the comforter. She had a pout on her lips while her eyebrows furrowed with her arms folded in front of her chest. Her once cream colored dress was dirty from the maze.

          A rose petal still stuck to her cheek telling Tristan that he was right about the maze on how she used the roses in the maze to mask her own scent from the hunt.

          “You know, if you and Lee always fought as in together then he will lose because you aren’t there,” Eva then said. “You might be right, but this fight has to be a one on one,” Tristan said with a small smile of the thought of him helping Lee fight a girl.

          He then added, “Besides Lee is stronger then I am,” Tristan said sitting at the foot of the bed. “I don’t believe that,” Eva said sincerely.

          Tristan turned to look at her. He then leaned over and gave her a gentle kiss upon her soft dry lips.

          He pulled away and looked on her face. Her eyes were closed and her lips were parted slightly.

          Eva’s eyes then fluttered open and looked dreamily into Tristan’s face as she leaned over to kiss him back.

          Tristan closed his eyes as he wrapped his arm around her waist and pulled her closer. He felt Eva’s hands rest lightly on his knee.

          As she pulled away she gasped for breath and pulled her hands away to feel her face.

          Tristan chuckled because she had touched her cheeks, but the petal was still on her cheek so he leaned over and gently pulled it off. Eva took the petal from Tristan and looked at it in the dim lighting.

          Tristan then pulled some loose strands of her black hair away from her neck. He felt a prickling sensation in his gums as his fangs elongated. He then leaned over to her inviting neck.

          “Please be mine. Forever,” Tristan whispered lovingly as his teeth sank into her flesh.

30. Surrender to Me

            Lee stopped laughing and looked down at Casey as she struggled. Her hair was a tangled mess upon her face and the floor. Fire was burning in her blue eyes.

          “What are you looking at?” Casey said trying to kick him off again.

          “I’m looking at my new queen,” Lee said with a gentle smile. “You would never be my king,” Casey said struggling harder. But that only forced Lee to tighten his grip on her wrist and the pressure against her knees.

          “Why not? We’re perfect together. Don’t most couples fight? Well why can’t we fight over life and death? It’ll make the honeymoon quite interesting if you ask for my opinion,” Lee said craning his head down to give her a strong violent kiss. Lee then pulled back and laughed as Casey struggled.

          “Surrender to me Casey darling. I make a better lover than killer, another opinion of mine,” Lee said as Casey gave a wild buck and getting free.

          Lee sat on the floor looking up at her and smiled getting up.

          “No, you surrender to me,” Casey said heaving heavily. Lee chuckled very amused by this.

          “Oh Casey, I will never surrender to anyone, even to my queen,” Lee said taking a step. The floor creaked and groaned under his weight.

          “Now bow to your king,” he declared proudly, taking another step.

          At first he heard a loud groan from the floor, but then a loud crack that startled Lee as he fell through the flooring.

31. The Rise of the New Queen

            Casey slowly made her way down the last flight of stairs down to the main floor where it had all began in the first place. The tables were still laid out with some leftover food from the party. There was a group of people gathered around the center where Casey guessed was Lee’s body and they were all silent.

          As Casey made her way towards Lee, they all made way for her almost in fear of her. Casey reached Lee’s still body lying on the stone floor.

          She knelt over his body and looked at it. His arms were bent back in an uncomfortable position. His legs were tangled and twisted together. His expression was so blank that Casey couldn’t tell if it meant he was dead or in shock from the fall. She touched his shoulder gently and he blinked which startled her.

          Lee looked up at her. His eyes were wide and his mouth was still open with that same blank expression.

          “My Queen,” he said craning his head down almost to bow to her with his head and neck.

          Casey shuddered by the way he had said it. Lee spoke to her so servile that Casey didn’t know whether he had surrendered the fight to her or was just saying ‘My Queen,’ because of what he had said earlier up in the attic.

          Casey got up and expected Lee to get up too, but instead he crawled over to her left side and slumped there untangling his legs. He then sat there waiting for something.

          “What are you trying to pull here Lee,” Casey spat down at him. He didn’t say anything and just knelt there still waiting. “What are you waiting for?” Casey asked impatiently. Lee then whimpered and crawled on all fours to her other side and sat down on her right side this time.

          The fall, Casey suddenly thought. Lee must have hit his head hard on the ground, and now he’s acting weird due to brain damage or something, Casey thought kneeling to pull a strand of hair behind Lee’s ear.

          Without thinking, her hand went in front of Lee’s face and he licked her hand with his unusual thin pink tongue. Lee then weaved his long tongue through her fingers and pulled back as she moved her fingers nervously.

          “What would you like your Queen to call you by?” Casey then asked softly, looking down at him. “Slave,” Lee said bowing his head again.

          “My slave it is. Now come up stairs with your Queen and please her, my slave,” Casey said with a bitter laugh that echoed throughout the whole room.

          The new Queen of the Vampires then walked up the stairs, followed by her loyal and forever faithful servant.


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19 Oct 2006:-) Sarah E. Spencer
Very nice. To tell the truth, in chapter 17/18, I thought Casey was gone for good (silly me). To have her make such a comeback was really cool. Great story.

:-) Remelisa Cullitan replies: "WOAH, you read fast! I turn my back for just... (lost track of time) a minute and you are done! O.O!!! lol well I do love to kill off characters, but some characters need a comeback. Well thanks for reading my story."
23 Oct 200645 Anonymous
Haha lee! Ya tard! Great ending!!!!

:-) Remelisa Cullitan replies: "Thanks for your comment. I'm glad that you've enjoyed my story. (I just secretly wish I knew who you were anonymous one)"
15 Jan 200745 Camreon
Its finished? Nnnnnnnnnnnnoooooooooooooo!!!!!!!
I want more plz. *sob*

:-) Remelisa Cullitan replies: "lol yeah, it's over for now.... mwahaha... I really want to get back on track with this story and continue with it... I just haven't been able to get around to do it -_-.... But thanks for readin, I really appreciate feedback and I an glad you liked it."
17 May 2007:-) Taylor R Brown
“Please be mine. Forever,” Tristan whispered lovingly as his teeth sank into her flesh.. . . I totally love that line! It is sooo romantic in a very vampire way. So I guess they are going to be together forever. . . And the whole casey thing! Wow I did not see that coming! That was great! Very intresting and very good. Nice story. . .but I’m sad now that it’s over. . . But you did a great job. I love how much it changed from the beginning to the end.

:-) Remelisa Cullitan replies: "Thanks ^.^ I love that line also. I'm a silly romantic at heart. Well thanks for your feedback and reading my story. I'm glad you enjoyed my story and hopefully when I get off my lazy butt, there will be more stories... maybe... dunno... school has been killing me lately."
14 Jul 200745 Icefire
THIS IS SOOOOO GOOD!!!! I really thot casey died thank goodness she did'ent that really had my deprest this story is so good you sould really publlish it!

:-) Remelisa Cullitan replies: "Thank you for your thoughts. I am glad you enjoyed it. I would love to publish my works. Problem is that I don't know where to start or go in order to publish... But thanks again for your comment. I really appreciate other's input on my work."
17 Apr 2008:-) Twyla Aidylasia McKee
hmm..now, how did I figure that Casey wouldn’t die but become a vamp? now, the whole queen then and lee’s fall and everything? yeah...I didn’t see that one coming.
I did see Eva and Tristan...um, can we know more about them??

:-) Remelisa Cullitan replies: "I’m in the process of re-doing this story, and I am definitely putting more focus onto Eva and Tristan"
5 Oct 200845 Nightfall
I LOVE how Tristan turns Eva into a vampire. So romantic. *sighs* Great job on the story, loved the whole thing!!

:-) Remelisa Cullitan replies: "Thanks! I’m glad you like it. ^.^"
5 May 2010:-) Tilly HellKitten Hill
WHOOO GO CASEY ! loves this very muchly <3
19 Aug 2010:-) Neen Iqbal
no it cant b finished. I luv tristin, hes awsome. I loved it gr8 work.
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'Blood and Black Roses CHPT 28, 29, 30, 31':
 • Created by: :-) Remelisa Cullitan
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