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Jessica Ng

"The Finish Line" by Jessica Ng

SciFi/Fantasy text 5 out of 11 by Jessica Ng.      ←Previous - Next→
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Open to opinions. I'm not really satisfied with this one though, but it's up here to show that I _can_ write something other than the works you've already seen, and it stays until I can find something better.
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←- The Image of Death | Days of Jane, Prelude -→
The Finish Line.

I'm in a forest; misty and cool with trees all around, and I'm running. Running as fast as my legs would take me. I ran, but still I can't get away. My heart racing faster than my strides, my eyes wide open. Still I ran, my pursuer following.

We ran until daylight and across the morning and afternoon sun. Neither thinking nor worrying over anything else, but the chase, but the hunt.

As my legs carried me, as my feet pushed me forward, my mind embarked on another journey running another race, to another time, to another place.

I opened the door of an apartment... swinging my bag onto the sofa I close my eyes and let out a content sigh. Familiar hands grab me from behind. The smell of sweet, mild cologne fills my nostrils. Smiling I turned and kissed him.

I brushed the stray lock of hair from his face and gazed into his beautiful eyes, full of love and compassion. Finely chiseled features and a heart of gold I sometimes wonder how I came upon such a treasure. He meant the world to me.

Another time in the same apartment, I was crying on the floor before the sofa on which lay my beloved. I looked up at her, leaning against the doorframe. I glared at her evil smirk.

"You did this."

"No, my dear." The smirk never left her face. "You did."

My hands were stained deep thick red.


There was no mist here, only acres and acres of exposed land. There was no shelter to hide in, no tree to climb in which I would be safe. I had only one choice. To run, and run I did. My hunter ran after me, as I knew she would.

The sun bearing down, I broke into sweat, my lungs seemed to be on fire but still I pushed and stretched my legs, leaping and bounding across the land. Knowing that she would never tire that she would never stop. Knowing I could not stop, that there was no time. I faltered.

No! I could not stop; every moment was crucial. If I stopped now, I shudder to think of what would happen if she caught up with me. I tripped and fell. No! I pushed myself up and again, I ran.

Looking back I could see nothing but open land, no sign of wildlife. But she is out there, I know she is. With my every breath, I can feel her. She won't give up.

Storm clouds rolled in overhead, blocking the sunlight with a gray blanket. The rains poured down and lightning flashed. The ground grew muddy and uneven, slippery. I could feel the earth move under my bare feet as I ran. Several times I nearly fell, but I never stopped. I ran and continued the race. Through sun, rain, wind, or storm I knew I could not stop, she would not stop.

I fell and my leg screamed in agony, I had twisted my ankle. I opened my eyes and saw his face before me. Finely chiseled features and beautiful blue eyes down to the last heartbreaking detail. Jonathan.

I reached out to touch him but then the image was gone and there was only a puddle of water on the ground. I raised my head and saw her, standing in the rain; waiting for me.

I pushed myself upright and struck a defiant pose, ignoring the pain in my ankle, blinded by the pain of my heart and my hatred. I unsheathed my knife.

"Do you really think you can kill me?" she asked.

"Why won't you leave me alone?" I screamed at her.

"How can I? We are two persons of the same body. We are the same; we are one. Why won't you accept that?"

She walked closer, stopping a few paces away. Her face was smooth and beautiful if cruel, my face with a cruel twist.

"You caused me so much pain."

"I can bring you so much joy."

I tightened my hold on the knife and moved one step back. Her eyes narrowed, I could tell she was angry. The calm exterior she constructed about herself began to crumble. "Accept me and you accept yourself. We need each other, no one else. You need me."

"And you need me." I was surprisingly calm, I knew this was the end, the finish line was in sight. I raised my knife, and invited the pain. She ran to me and grabbed my wrist staining her hands red. An invisible knife carved a cut identical to mine on her wrist. Strength arose inside me; I grabbed her other arm and cut the vein. My other wrist bore the same cut. Her composure lost, her calm exterior gone. Her eyes were wide and afraid. Then darkness came, dark and forbidding, I welcomed it, my finish line.

←- The Image of Death | Days of Jane, Prelude -→

4 Apr 200145 Renee
Me again.... I love this story, sorta confusing but still cool..Have you ever seen fight club? it's kinda like this... watch it!
No, I haven't, but I'll look around for it 12
Nice story, i like them all so far! but i havent read the long one yet, im lazy
Eek! Someone actually likes most of my work! *looks up at the sky searchingly*
{Muse): What are you doing?
(Jess): looking for the flying purple cow. My chances aren't good enough to warrant a flying pig.
5 Apr 200145 Renee
I feel so loved now!!! Thank you!!! I got a comment back *sticks her tongue out at everyone*
lol, you're very welcome
5 Apr 200145 Lisa M. Fagan
Great Scott! You can write!! Why didn't you TELL ME YOU COULD WRITE?!?!?!
be- because I can't? *runs and hides behind the bookshelf*
5 Apr 200145 Renee
Why does it still say "No comments"...? I'm insulted, are you ASHAMED of me?
Now who told you that? I can't speak for the guestbook of course; but he's been cranky lately, I think he's having a hangover or something.
I reread this one again *coughandagain* and it's my favorite one. I would just like to say, one again: It's really cool.
Thank You 2
24 May 200145 Flying pig. WHEEEEE!!!!!
Oohh... Spycho... Good thing I get along with my 'me's', hehehe... Seeing that 50 stories can be uploaded, this one will stay for some time yet.
23 May 2006:-) Elizabeth 'Lizzard' Morrissey
Very interesting, the beginning reminds me of a movie for some reason. Kind of creepy too though ^^ Nice work
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'The Finish Line':
 • Created by: :-) Jessica Ng
 • Copyright: ©Jessica Ng. All rights reserved!

 • Keywords: Alternate-personalities, Finishline, Jonathan
 • Views: 398

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